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Ranking The Royal Wedding Dresses From Worst To First

Ranking The Royal Wedding Dresses From Worst To First

When Prince Harry announced his marriage to
Meghan Markle, there was a ton of speculation about just what kind of wedding dress her
royal highness-to-be would choose. Would she opt for an elegant Alexander McQueen
gown, like Kate Middleton? Or might she choose a piece that paid homage
to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana? Others wondered if she’d go a completely different
route and choose something totally untraditional to celebrate the spirit of her union. In the end, she seemed to find a happy medium
between classic and contemporary with her choice of a stunning Givenchy gown. Like many of her bridal predecessors, Markle’s
wedding attire was meant to be remembered in the context of royal history, so let’s
take a look back at all the recent regal wedding gowns, starting with the worst and working
our way back up to the best. Epic proportions Princess Diana, the people’s princess, was
a fashion icon who used her love of color to signal her approachability and ditched
the stuffy gloves so she could hold other people’s hands. As the budding bride of Charles, the heir
apparent, her wedding was of immense interest to the entire world, which meant her dress
had to be a sight worth tuning in for. As David Emanuel, designer of the famous dress,
told Entertainment Tonight: “This dress had to be young and sweet, but
it also had to be glam because she was going to be a royal princess. She couldn’t do a quiet-looking, low-key little
gown” Her gown featured a record-breaking 25-foot-long
train, which was embroidered by hand with pearls and sequins. While the dress certainly made a statement,
it hasn’t exactly held up by most modern fashion standards, which makes it no surprise that
her daughters-in-law didn’t opt to emulate that sprawling design with their own nuptial
gowns. All that fabric still gets lugged around a
lot, though, because it makes for a popular museum attraction! Royal blue Whether you’re the most ardent Anglophile
or just a casual fan of Netflix’s The Crown, chances are you’ve heard of King Edward VIII’s
abdication of the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. Their star-crossed love story was practically
made for television. The couple reportedly met while she was married
and he was still a prince, and the two entered into a relationship shortly before Edward
became king. But being king meant he wouldn’t be able to
marry Simpson, the American socialite who was a two-time divorcee. So, less than a year after taking the throne,
Edward stepped away from his royal responsibilities in order to marry her. Although this didn’t exactly sit well with
the Windsor family, Edward was given a new title as the Duke of Windsor and spent the
rest of his life with the woman he loved, after marrying her in a private ceremony in
France in 1937. The black and white photos of the day make
Simpson’s dress appear white or cream, but her dress was actually a simple silk Mainbocher
gown made of a custom color that would later be called “Wallis Blue.” Considering it was her third trip down the
aisle, Simpson opted for a very low-key and unfussy ensemble that made it very clear this
was not the typical royal wedding ceremony. Not that there was any confusion about that,
of course. Over sized Although Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson’s name became
synonymous with scandal back in the late 2000s, her royal wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986
was a pretty blissful affair. “That is incredible because it doesn’t seem
that long ago.” “It is. Look at my face. Looong.” Though Ferguson was feisty even then, her
wedding dress was somewhat typical of the late ’80s. Lindka Cierach, an African-born British fashion
designer, created the dress made of ivory satin with large shoulder pads and incorporated
a ton of beading work. Ferguson’s dress was basically a scrapbook
of embroidery documenting her relationship with Andrew, from the heart shapes that signified
their love, to the anchors and waves, which represented Andrew’s naval career. Plus there were beaded bumblebees and thistles
to represent Ferguson’s family crest and the train, which was 17 feet long and featured
the couple’s initials on top of everything else. That’s a lot of dress for an already large
personality. Part turtleneck The ’70s was a weird era for fashion, so Princess
Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter, could chalk up her wedding dress choice to
the zany time period when she married Captain Mark Phillips. Even by that standard, though, Anne’s gown
was still pretty peculiar. The princess chose a design by Maureen Baker,
who, at the time, was the head designer for the brand Susan Small. The Tudor-style gown featured piping on the
bodice and a high neckline, which basically made it look like an oversized turtleneck
sweater. On top of that, the ballooned Medieval sleeves
tapered at the wrists were another interesting choice. Despite its oddities, however, the dress still
somehow managed to be quite flattering to the princess. Flight attendant Princess Anne’s first marriage to Captain
Mark Phillips started to dissolve in 1989 and the two were divorced by 1992. Later that same year, the princess married
Commander Timothy Laurence. Although Anne’s wedding dress this time was
much simpler than the medieval Maureen Baker creation, it was still a turtleneck, seriously. Anne wore the very modest suit, which stopped
at the knee, with a matching white jacket and black shoes, making her look a bit like
a flight attendant. Cap feather When Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
finally wed in 2005, Bowles picked an appropriate outfit for the occasion: a white chiffon gown
paired with a light blue and gold damask dress coat. The coat, made by Robinson Valentine, featured
a tasteful amount of gold embroidery throughout, including a design around the collar which
matched her gold feather headdress. While Bowles undoubtedly looked lovely, the
dramatic headdress was a little on the distracting side. A veil would not have made sense with her
ensemble, of course, but perhaps a smaller headpiece would’ve been a more fitting accompaniment
to her big day look. Of course, it wouldn’t be the last time her
taste in hats would distract from an otherwise fine wedding day ensemble. Simply ’90s When Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son,
wed Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999, their vows were exchanged in front of 200 million TV
viewers. And although her dress was very indicative
of the ’90s thanks to those shoulder pads, her v-neck gown could easily be refashioned
for today. From far away, Rhys-Jones’ gown seems pretty
minimalist, other than the long veil, but there is a lot more to this ensemble than
meets the eye. Part of the gown was made of hand-dyed silk
organza and it was also embellished with a whopping 325,000 pearls and crystal beads,
which meant this wedding gown was definitely fit for Rhys-Jones’ new title as the Countess
of Wessex. Timeless elegance Ahead of Meghan Markle’s big day, there was
a lot of speculation about which designer the former Suits actress would wear, and in
the end, Markle opted for a gleaming white silk A-line gown with three-quarter-sleeves
and a delicate off-the-shoulder neckline. The classic piece was paired with a 16-foot
silk veil with hand-embroidered flowers from each of the 53 Commonwealth countries, and
she also donned a tiara belonging to Queen Mary. While some royal wedding viewers thought Markle’s
bridal gown was a bit understated, others were impressed by the new Duchess’ decision
to keep it simple, and only time will tell how the look holds up for future generations
of royal watchers. Lace up These days, Queen Elizabeth is known for her
brightly colored outfits. Whether she’s donning pink or a lime green
suit, she certainly doesn’t shy away from making bold fashion statements. Although her use of color has evolved over
time, the Queen seems to have always had an eye for style, and her own wedding dress selection
was no exception. Although it’s probably not a dress you’d say
yes to today, it’s still pretty amazing, especially for having been made in 1947. Designed by Norman Hartnell and inspired by
Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera, the then-princess’ ivory-colored satin dress was embroidered
in a floral pattern with silver thread. The dress was also embellished with white
seed pearls imported from the United States and had a long silk tulle train attached at
the shoulders. Maybe her look was a bit extra, but what else
could one expect from the budding Queen of the commonwealth? Keeping classy Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister,
married fashion photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. Their big day was the first royal wedding
ever broadcast on television and it pulled in about 300 million viewers. And while she may have been hoping to say
“I do” to Peter Townsend before their engagement was doused by royal tradition, Margaret didn’t
disappoint. Norman Hartnell, the same designer who created
Queen Elizabeth’s stunning gown, created Margaret’s. Although the princess’ dress incorporated
silk organza much like the Queen’s, it was much simpler overall but still looked like
the quintessential princess dress. The full skirt alone required over 30 meters
of fabric, and even more phenomenal was Margaret’s dramatic tiara. Designed for Lady Poltimore in the 1870s,
it looked more like it was made for her. True self Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding
was the event of the decade, since he’s second in line to assume the throne and has been
popular since his childhood, so the expectation for the Duchess of Cambridge to impress was
very high. Luckily, her decadent gown ended up being
a fashion victory. The bodice was inspired by Victorian-era corsets,
and the silk bottom of her gown was made to resemble a blooming flower, a detail that
could only be seen when the 9-foot-long train was lifted. Middleton’s lace sleeves were also a great
touch and followed the tradition of some of the royal brides before her. If Kate hadn’t already stolen everyone’s hearts
before marrying her Prince, she certainly won the world over as the picture perfect,
modern princess bride. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. I'm going with the dress itself (design and flow) and not the person who wore it. An exception should be given to the time period. worn. It's not fair to compare a 1980's dress to a from the 2000's. I thought Diana's and Sarah's dressed were over puffed even back then. Camilla's dress is perfect for an older divorced or widowed bride. Aside from the poor fitting, I liked the simplicity of Meghan's dress and loved the design of Kate's. If I were to pick one, I would select Meghan with less neck showing and a better fit.

  2. I agree kates was the best. Its a perfect wedding dress for a princess. She looked soo beautiful. And she is a natural beauty

  3. I didn't like Meghan's gown at all! It was boring! Her hair was hanging on the side! A huge disappointment!

  4. The BEST English royal bride was easily Catherine Worsley. The duchess of Kent. She was the epitome of the perfect bride. Elegant, demure, a bit apprehensive. And that dress and veil was fantastic. Princess Anne's dress was the worst ever. The damned thing looked like body Armor. And those sleeves. Bloody awful. The flat clunky shoes finished off that disaster. From the neck up? Fantastic. Beautiful. Perfect.

  5. Kate’s dress was a classic that will always be in style. The dress fit her beautiful face and incredible athletic body. Perfect dress for her! Megan’s dress was boring. I thought Eugenie’s dress was really pretty. IMO, Diana did need a huge dress not only to fill the church but to point out her status as the future queen. I think what went wrong is that Diana got so painfully thin before the wedding that it was just way too much dress for her. It was beautiful and I would love to see it in person.

  6. Princess Catherine you will always be prinsseces if you are in the Royal or not I did Crowns you a prinsseces a Queens Catherine Middleton that for ever if Williams didn’t Las with you he is not going to last with eny one for the first time I'm going to say it he is Double Charles he's father's truth will never melt down I know all the stories. .? Love mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  7. Everybody is praising Kate's dress, but it wasn't that great. It is the best because the others dresses are worse. Kate's dress is pretty, but with that high a budget, and such expert designers, it could've been much better. Especially since she'll be the future queen, and all eyes were on her.

  8. I am not a fan of Meghan Markle’s personality, but her fashion style is impressive! Her wedding dress was minimalistic, but very elegant and beautiful. Her’s and the Queen’s wedding dress 👗 are my favourite.

  9. Whoever made this video has little perspective and limited knowledge of the history of wedding fashion, especially royal wedding fashion.
    Diana's dress was more stunning for her time than any one else's mentioned. While Kate surprised the world with her homage to Princess Grace's wedding gown, it was by no means, the best. In my opinion it's design was terribly unflattering to her chest. A woman's breasts are not cone shaped. Her dress looked like she was wearing a tiny cone-cup bra under her dress. It was hideously distracting. Her dress was no busier than Fergie's and Diana's dresses with all those layers of lace. Honestly, for her time period, Princess Elizabeth's gown was much prettier. (She saved up war ration coupons for clothes to buy her own dress.)
    I think Meghan's and Princess Eugenie's dresses were more elegant and sophisticated, like Princess Margaret's who clearly was the most timeless.
    Worst: The two turtleneck gowns of Princess Anne and the Camilla who looked like she wore a wizard's costume witg a witch's broom on her head.

  10. I loved the classic and utterly timeless design of Meghan’s wedding dress and the veil was sheer perfection!

  11. MM's dress was classic and will stand the test of time. Yes it was definitely plain but she looked beautiful

  12. You can say whatever you want about Diana's wedding dress, but she looked heavenly on her wedding day. No one can top her on this, even with that dress you consider the worst, opinion that I do not share.

  13. Megan's dress was the best, it's very simple but very beautiful, also loved the tiara she was wearing, she looked Gorgeous😍😍😍

  14. Kate and Margaret are the best in my view – true princess elegance. Meghan was stunning too. Diana's dress was hideous, the only ugly one here.

  15. I was unimpressed with Megan Markel's gown. Diana's was a bit over the top, but it suited her body type and romantic nature. Queen Elizabeth's gown was flawless and majestic. Princess Grace of Monaco looked stunning in her gown.

  16. Diana's was gorgeous for the 80s. Every 80s girl wanted to get married in that dress and I daughter just got married and looked horrified when I asked if she wanted to wear my wedding dress

  17. But kate copied from grace Kelly tho!like y'all love kissing her thin pale ass so much and she won't be queen regent but queen consort! She's y'all pale and stale fav tho so I guess

  18. No no no. I would have to say in terms of memory, Markle had the 'worst' dress. Not Diana. Markle's dress was frankly quite boring, there were no clear references or anything dynamic about it. It was a white cocktail dress that they tacked an a-line skirt onto. Diana's wedding dress was iconic, suited the decade perfectly, and was even referenced by Disney in The Little Mermaid by serving as the design template for Princess Ariel's wedding dress. Diana did not have the worst dress.

  19. Wait a minute………………
    David Emanuel designed a dress for royalty!!?? THE David Emanuel! Omg! Hes so lucky!

  20. Kate dress was nice but it was NOT the best dress she looked very PRETTY and SWEET… Dianna dress was NICE for the 80s but it was s lot but she was a LOT to people and for that the dress was SO SPECIAL just as she was !!!!! I LOVE Prince Edward wife dress was beautiful and sexy to me she looked AWESOME… Meagan dress was FANTASTIC to me she looked AMAZING !!! Her dress was simply WONDERFUL and she didn’t need to do much because she is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Less is MORE to me beauty speaks for its self!!! But they ALL looked AMAZING just because it was their own SPECIAL DAY!!! Let’s STOP rating women and who wore it best OK!!!! They were ALL WINNERS!!!! JUST SAYING!!!

  21. Princess Diana's dress was beautiful in the 1980's. Princess Kate's dress was also beautiful. Meghan's dress was not pretty.

  22. Megan’s outfit should be ahead of the queen and her daughter and tie with the queens sister. Diana’s dress should not be the worst and def should be ahead of the horrible 70s dress

  23. Meghan's dress was the best!simple and elegant like all her appearance!not even to much make up!she shows confidence as a bride!just perfect!

  24. Another American blog that didn't bother doing any research
    Meghan would not be given the royal highness title ,that was made clear before they married.

  25. Diana’s dress was what a little girl would have wanted – it was too flouncy!
    The Windsor’s wedding was NOT a royal wedding, and should not be included!

  26. Diana is the best… Her dress was the best in the 80's… She was a fashionista in the 80's… Everyone adore her personality and fashion sense… Though it is not fashionable in 2019… I love her… She wore amazing dresses…

  27. Forget Wallis Simpsons and her dress.
    Moving on, the dress worn by Diana was fitting for the pure sweet girl she was, and she looked beautiful! Kate also was beautiful, elegant, befitting a bride for a future king. Meghan (I still don't like her) also looked elegant and beautiful and I loved the wedding. Why she had to change into the Nutmeg lord knows. As for the others, they looked tasteful, and all looked lovely. Best for me….can't say.

  28. To be honest, I did not care for Kate or mm wedding dress. Iowa's looking for The Factor moment. But that's what they loved and that is what matters. That was their day, not ours.

  29. I liked Meghan's dress. Perfectly understated. I hated Kate's TBH. I preferred Pippa's bridal gown. I kinda warmed up to Kate later. I liked the reference to Grace Kelly's which was perfection. Otherwise too much.

  30. Come on…..Diana’s dress…….we all loved it. It was the 80’s. We still love it. Princess Anne’s……looks like she’s on her way to chopping block.
    Kate……PERFECT. She’s going to be Queen. The dress was perfect…. Meghan. Couldn’t have been more perfect……….
    Sarah F. Horrible…tacky…cheap looking….dress. Headpiece ridiculous and inappropriate. Sorry.

  31. Not shown but I believe the worst was the Queen Mother's wedding gown. Pretty awful and the veil made it so much worse. Wish they had shown it. Look it up.

  32. Kate's dress was designed by a girl who attended the same school as me, not in my year, but still I feel proud, as it was lovely!

  33. Actually really liked P Anne’s dress – I was mid teens, I suppose – and think it would still be wearable. I don’t think it screamed 1970s.
    I’m probably showing my age, and whilst I love watching “Say yes to the dress” I dislike the look of about 80% of the wedding dresses on it. So many of the dresses seem to overtake the bride, rather than the bride wearing the dress.

  34. Actually I love Camilla’s outfit. I think she wears some slightly more interesting clothes than the Duchesses’s generally rather bland outfits.

  35. Kate is overrated. I have never understood the hype, if you saw her down locals Tesco's in normal clothes nobody would notice her. In my opinion very bland and people are putting her on a pedestal above meghan just because… Meghan can't do anything right, just like Dianna never could.

  36. Everybody r saying Diana's dress was too over the top but in those time it was lit in the same way we say Kate's dress was amazing but the future the perspective of people will again change

  37. Diana's dress was spectacular. I'd love to see an updated version of it, made of the very same material, with the very same skirt, slightly different bodice and sleeves. The Duchess of Cambridge was stunning of course, and her dress was exquisite.

  38. Meghan is happy and will always be, it isn't about gown what matters is the everlasting love that will forever conquer the hate comments. People will die of jealousy 😂

  39. Meghan is happy and will always be, it isn't about gown what matters is the everlasting love that will forever conquer the hate comments. People will die of jealousy 😂

  40. Did you really put Meghan’s dress over Diana. Diana’s dress was beautiful, elegant and complicated. Meghan’s in my opinion was just to simple for a Royal.

  41. I hated Diana's dress at the time if her marriage, even for the 80s it was too much. Diana herself was beautiful. I like Meghan's dress.

  42. I did notice that Megs hair was a mess, she should have had someone do it that was more expert, but nowadays it seems like she has it under control, perhaps she had some pieces that were layered too short for the updo, grow long enough to get it firmly tied up.

  43. The most beautiful royal wedding dress isn't any of these I think. If you want to see a really lovely wedding dress, look at the one Mary Donaldson wore when she married Prince Frederik of Denmark. It's breathtaking and will still look amazing in a hundred years.

  44. I loved Meghan’s dress and Eugenie’s dress ( not featured ). Both elegant and simple. They will stand the test of time. Diana’s dress was horrible. Love Diana hate her dress. Kate and Margaret’s dresses were good too.

  45. This video is kinda rude because even though you might not find some dresses as nice looking as others, does not give you the right to criticize them. A woman's wedding is one of the most important days of her life and her wedding dress plays a big role in that so criticizing someone's wedding dress is really offensive.

  46. Meghan Markle had the worst 'royal wedding' ever – this was more like a GHETTO circus wedding with screaming and shouting by a group of dubious ghetto singers and an idiot 'pastor' babbling nonsense for over double the allotted time – basically sad and pathetic

  47. The Duchess of Cambridge’s gown was partly inspired by another iconic royal wedding dress, the one worn by HSH Princess Grace of Monaco.

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