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Reason the Queen Delayed Princess Beatrice’s Engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Reason the Queen Delayed Princess Beatrice’s Engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

The Reason the Queen Delayed Princess Beatrice’s Engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Rumours of an impending engagement between Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Edoardo ‘Edo’ Mapelli Mozzi have been circulating for months. The couple, who have been dating since September 2018 and went public with their relationship in March this year, have attended numerous royal engagements together, including the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor in May. They are also said to now be living together, with Edo thought to have moved into Bea’s apartment in St James’s Palace earlier this year. But the smitten pair are unable to make things official, with the announcement of their own big day stalled, as it is held up by Queen Elizabeth II. According to a royal expert, the delay is being caused by the Queen’s hectic schedule. Of course, Beatrice would want her grandmother to attend her wedding, but as the British Monarch, the Queen has a busy schedule of royal engagements and duties to perform. Beatrice’s wedding date will depend on when her grandmother the Queen is free to attend, royal commentator and editor in chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward told Hello! “They have to find a gap in her diary before they name the day,” she explained to the publication. Talk is rife that Beatrice and Edoardo will tie the knot in a royal wedding next year. And bookies are so certain that their engagement is set to be announced that they have suspended betting. And Ingrid Seward, backed up the rumours, telling Hello!: “They’re going to get married – I was told by a member of the family. “I think a wedding as early as next spring or summer is likely.” Beatrice and Eugenie’s heartbreaking words for Sarah Ferguson. The words that broke Fergie. Even though everyone’s playing happy families now, there was once a time where Sarah Ferguson was cast out from the Royal Family following her dramatic divorce from the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew. After filing for a divorce, Sarah Ferguson – affectionately known as ‘Fergie’ – made the decision to write a tell-all autobiography about her experiences within the walls of Buckingham Palace, a move that infuriated Prince Philip and Her Majesty, as well as causing tension between Fergie and Princess Diana. Following ‘My Story’s’ release, Fergie was treated as a pariah, a shift that deeply affected her two daughters – Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. According to journalist Rosie Boycott, by the time the now infamous ‘toe-sucking- incident had hit the front pages in 1992, Fergie was well and truly frozen out of the Royal Family. Ms Boycott explained: “By Christmas, the Big Freeze had begun.” “Sarah found herself denied access to the big house at Sandringham,” Ms Boycott continued. “Determined to be close to the children, she elected to stay at the gate house. “Cars were sent for Eugenie and Beatrice early in the morning. “Andrew entertained his daughters, leaving his wife alone like a dog in quarantine.” Ms Boycott later went on to describe the heartbreaking comment made by Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie on Christmas Day in 1996: “She reminisced about the nightmare Sandringham Christmas and the children enquiring: ‘Why is mummy not allowed in the big house any more?'” Despite Fergie being banished from the family home at Sandringham, Ms Boycott reveals Queen Elizabeth remained a tentative supporter of her former daughter-in-law. “The Queen remained astonishingly tolerant,” Ms Boycott wrote. “Despite the appalling publicity her daughter-in-law had brought on them all, she turned up in the afternoon for a few private seasonal whiskies. “Everyone else in Sarah’s life might have been throwing her to the wolves, but her mother-in-law offered kindness and support – as she still does.”

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  1. I think that at 93 she should be remembered as a good loving grandmother and not so much as the Queen that was cold to her family. Cross the date out and tell the people you’re attending your granddaughter’s wedding and if they don’t like it so what!!!!

  2. No ..not Queely engagements my opinion The Queen is waiting for Andrew's sinful pedo activities to die down some, before he comes to light again with his daughter's wedding..I have said it before..will say it again..Shame on you Andrew for shaming/hurting your Beloved daughters! ..Remain strong Princess Beatrice 💕 .. moi, canada 🇨🇦

  3. the queen appears to have a very nasty side.  forever pointing at someone in her family.  did you realize that a pointed finger can be considered an assault.

  4. "Take the heat of my son Andrew, please!" The Queen is a paedophile denier! Her own son is an abuser. Who us paying for this Wedding? 🤔 The tax payers SHOULD NOT pay a penny for that family. They can do it themselves! Her fiance is rich so he can do the bulk. STOP asking the British people to keep covering for this joke of a family! Andrew is an utter disgrace! He knew very well what Epstein was yet he tries to cover his tracks by lying! Just go and live your lives. Stop asking poor British people to fund your lifestyle! It's wrong, and the majority of people have better things to do with their money. Like helping real people in trouble. Fund your own wedding.

  5. I think the queen should learn even at this late stage that her family should come first. There is no country left to put first.
    CONGRATS Beatrice. Be happy.

  6. Her dad needs to be properly investigated regarding his connections with Epstein, and no charming engagement or wedding plans should distract from that.

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