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Reynolds Proposes to Evie – New Amsterdam (Episode Highlight)

– Your mom is drop-dead gorgeous. I hope I look half
as good at her age. Now is when you say, “You’ll look gorgeous
at any age, babe.” – I’m, uh–I’m sorry.
I just… – What’s up?
You haven’t said more than two words
since we left. Couldn’t have
been that bad. I couldn’t have been
that bad. – You know,
my whole life I, uh, imagined what my future
would look like, what my family
would look like. I had a plan. And to be honest… you don’t fit
into it. [dramatic music] So I, uh…
[sighs] I don’t know
what to do. [sniffles]
For the first time… [grunts] I, uh… I don’t know
what’s next, and I don’t care. As long as
you’re there, as long as you’re right
there with me, I don’t need a plan. ♪ Look, I don’t have
your family’s blessing, and I don’t have mine. I don’t have a ring,
I don’t–I don’t have anything. ♪ Will you please, please say you’ll spend
your life with me… Make a family with me… you’ll marry me? ♪ – Yes. [breathing shakily] Yes. ♪ [laughing] ♪

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