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Rhodium Plating Kit – white gold plating

With our rhodium tank plating kit all you
have to do is set up our equipment and our rhodium plating solution will quickly deposit
a super bright layer of pure rhodium in minutes. We’ve streamlined the process so all the plating
settings are programmed in to the equipment before you start plating so all you have to
do is clean and plate your item. Once you’ve set up your equipment, turn on your plating
rectifier and make sure the output switch is off. Adjust the volts to within a range
of 3-3.4 Attach the red lead to the plating arm which will……Turn on the output switch
and adjust the current to the required level, in this case 0.09 Turn off the output switch,
reattach red lead to the mesh and adjust the voltage on the small rectifier for the cleaner
to 4.5 Preparing the surface for plating is very
straightforward, just dip your work in our cleaner for about 30 seconds and pass it through
2 rinse baths of ordinary water and you’re ready to rhodium plate. No need for dangerous
acid baths, activation or extra layers of nickel. Once your work is in the rhodium solution
turn on the output switch and plate for three minutes. Finish with a rins in the 2 water
baths. And of course with our solutions, you can plate straight onto sterling silver or
yellow gold without having to pre-plate any other layer. For a step-by-step guide on working
out plating times and setting up our rhodium kit, please see our tank plating section at
the back of our manual.

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