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Rockstarptries on Snog, Marry Avoid!

Rockstarptries on Snog, Marry Avoid!

You can tell everything about her but it is not
gray mouse! Hi! I am patricia aka rockstarptries and I’m a scene queen on the Internet. a
scene queen is someone with a lot of color, with many friends on the social media. the
is a scene you a lot of attention from everyone get, you are a kind of queen in the
bees crowd. and then you become so scene queen mentioned. I describe my appearance as a
little punk rock of the past with a lot color. as many accessories, earrings,
piercings … it does not matter! I find it nice to dress up as their own.
it is remarkable, people look at you on the street. What is that? and then they run counter
lamppost on … then I have my day! also with makeup I am very colorful. the
rainbow sitting on my eyes, sitting on my nails. there must be something with matchend
my colors. I also only aan.het my piercings all runs … one big rainbow
from head to toe. when I started began to develop this style
especially with her ,. I did it one more time paints, and to chose one or the other way
I give the brightest and most extreme. has since it was a lot of red and pink. then thought
I like red and pink can why not blue and green?
it mean that my hair paint 2 once a month, ….. and sometimes more. especially her
Dyeing is really an addiction. I especially like her I painted I feel good and strong,
beam me back strength. have on Youtube I mn own channel. I once went to film
I especially hair dye because a few people had requested. here, for example, a slide
with photos show how to make your hair as paint. and that many people have viewed! I have
had people from America do to me earlier , You will especially hair dyes?
and besides that I mn her paint, I use also extentions! Because of its paints are best
death, and I shall make a little weather alive.
My biggest inspiration for clothing and mn it is surely Kim-lian.
She radiated in one way or the other pit and power and I was really looking forward to it!
I was bullied and stuff. So I had to make myself great while I actually
am small. I held a kind created by distance
the people around me. Thus I made it a kind of safe for myself.
To say Kim-Lian a real friend I think it is crazy but it’s true. I can
mn egg at her lost and stuff. They also helped me to become who I
am. My family is pretty … they oudbollig find it be fun and creative but love
they are not there. What have you done with your hair yet again?
Well .. see you anyway … my hair dyed. Whom she has it, I do not know but they
love it. We sometimes make a joke: no associated
not with us! She has to go looking for work.
I graduated as a manager within recreation and animation but I can not
find work. Sometimes they look at you ,, .. get what the hell
we going again! If she rears her dr she seems older ..
I can work better when Pipo the Clown, or in a madhouse … where no matter the
how you look. Dear Patricia, when I see you I think of
a K3 girl beaten completely hollow is kind of fly with me to the rainbow
but then explodes. Tell something about your clothes. Colorful T-shirt …
with glitter. Colorful. Your favorite word is colorful. My tights are about 2
each other so that it is colorful. Well you can say what you want, but it’s colorful!
Hahahaha And chains … and what are those? Colorful!
Hahahaha And your nails? Uhhu … colorful! Mwoeghahahahaha !!
Where does this mean from? I was never really on. I was bullied, so
I thought if I do a spicier appearance make, then they will still be gone.
How did that? Kim-lian her. .rood, that was for the
beginning quite spicy. So it’s really all the fault of
Kim-Lian! Yes .. Kim! … Just so you know! Comes all
by you … hahahha Kim is a musical star .. I do not like you
a standard musical lover. (Abba song)
Patricia expire the high notes … Patty leaves only go here.
Are you so happy? Yes I am happy but not quite … because if you can not
grow old … well not so old but clothes you know?
Not as colorful but with pizzazz? Yes!
I’m Iris, who are you? I’m Patricia, 22 years old and come from Maassluis.
You have something too often to My little Pony looked at. How often do you dye your hair?
Average 1x every 2 weeks and sometimes more Patricia, all that dyeing your hair is dead.
It looks fake? This is also a wig.
Are you sure it’s not dirty doormat? No! Gadverdamme.
Iris think you’re a natural beauty, you do not need this weird look.
Now we ask the public what they can find.
Lust, because it’s kinky, maybe cute? But I think they let me walk.
Run, all those colors is too much, not my type anyway.
Everyone has zn opinion right? Run! She is dressed weird.
All colors must return to the verfwinkel..en you have to turn into a real woman
Now you can do everything. Who eyelashes stick … must suffer pain.
Woow .. what fun! I seem immediately much longer … yes! I find it
fun! It is really neat.
What do you do with time
that you’re not dye your hair?
Find work! My new look is very mature
I am this?

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  1. jo michelle ik weet niet maar 62 in 24 uur is al heel wat hoor ik weet niet maar zal wel aan mij liggen ptries echt sweety ik heb zitten kijken en echt geweldig heb je nog contact met else greetz dennis

  2. heb het wel lang gehouden maar het A symetrische kapsel bezorgde me letterlijk hoofdpijn. dus het heb kort laten knippen. eerst donker en ben nu al weer eventjes blond. nog wel naturel xD

  3. rockstarpies  did you struggle with self harm in the past? I swear I saw scars on your thighs..not judging just concerned

  4. Het vorige was leuker wat een kut programma laat mensrn hun eigen steil houden das veel cooler er zijn al zo veel mense het selfde

  5. This Dutch version is horrible, why would we ever have to copy the UK Pod. They could have gotten the UK version here, make the kids brush up their English a bit. Also Why is Patricia presenting this? She consists of some fake stuff as well…

  6. Society sucks.
    I can't believe a fake body, fake personality like Kim Kardashian is considered "attractive", but a cute, creative girl expressing herself like the one in this video is considered ugly.

  7. What the he'll is wrong with these subtitles on YouTube?! They're just a bunch of nonsense!!!?!! ugh! the struggle of being deaf- Anyways, I admire and respect those who are notarial to stand out of from the crowd- and the more colourful, the better!

    Sorry, I don't know what her story is as I can't hear and the subtitles are jumbled, but all the best for the future. 😊

  8. I really don't see anything wrong with her look at all but, IF she's trying to find work, then she needs to tone it down a bit otherwise she'll never find employment in her field of choice.
    She's extremely pretty and love her look, it's original and unique.

  9. This made me cry for some reason. To anyone reading this don't let society boss you around! Look however you want!

  10. she looked fcking better before, this show is ignorant, dont change how u look for someone else, there is no point

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