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Rustic wedding sign – DIY

Rustic wedding sign – DIY

Today, we give you help
When you need it the most Scattered around the farm
We have these lovely planks That have been standing outside
For years and years And through rain and shine They have gotten this lovely grey patina Hildas sister asked if I could make a sign To help guide their guests during their wedding And these planks fitted their style perfectly I cut out the base pieces for the sign
Using a miter saw and our handy stop block The invitation card was handwritten
By the bride herself And I wanted to make something
That reminded of it My own handwriting isn’t the best though So I made a template in Illustrator
By rebuilding a classic typeface To match the original handwritten one The first student to tell me which typeface
I’ve bastardized Earns ten points for his or her house I didn’t have the possibility
To print large enough But I fixed that with some guide lines and
masking tape The bridal couple are big fans of anime And some characters from
“My neighbour Totoro” Had sneaked in on the invitation cards They were admittedly quite cute So I let one of them tag along on the sign to I used blue carbon paper and a ballpoint pen
To transfer the design to the boards The sign was supposed to stand outside
No matter the weather So I picked an outdoor paint
That we usually use for windows To fill in the letters I screwed together two pieces of wood
To be able to work on both at the same time These are going to be the posts for the sign With these done
We have all the parts we need Thanks for watching! If you want to make sure
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  1. Ledsen att jag är väldigt sen med att titta på klippet! Tack för den fantastiska skylten 🙂
    Både jag och Klara är evigt tacksamma för den <3

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