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Secrets of a Happy Marriage by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Secrets of a Happy Marriage by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

[Music] what is the secret to making a marriage work I think you’re asking a wrong person you know there was a gentleman here from Germany and a lady from Italy here and both of them had married several times before they both came here said Guruji we wonder blessing this marriage at least should work and I asked the gentleman do you know Italian he said no and I asked her do you know German say no they both didn’t know English I said then don’t learn each other’s language it will work there is a proverb in Canada it says Metheny Megan Nadia martini mega value martini service impossible okay Mata Monica serve again that means it’s only by words conflicts begin and it only through words people have fun and through words only people gain wealth also so word should be used sparingly you know usually people when they have some misunderstanding we say let’s talk it out right let’s stick sit and talk it out but the talk it out doesn’t work at all so we should never talk it out now what do you do and just move on that’s it don’t sit and discuss the past don’t ask any explanation about the past you know when a mistake happens happen and that’s it we forget we should move on just imagine yourself in a position suppose you do a mistake and someone keeps asking an explanation about your mistake it is such a burden to explain somebody or to justify oneself right never make other person feel guilty this is very important anyone whom you make feel guilty they cease to be your friend somewhere deep inside that friendship tie bond gets loosened so there is a skill in making a person aware of his mistake without making him feel guilty but normal tendency in human beings is to make someone feel guilty and feel happy about it receiver and saying this is a normal tendency we have to raise above this normal tendency and not make someone feel guilty then your relationship is long-standing yeah thank you there is one secret for women and one secret for men I can tell you maybe this will work you can think about it a lady should never step on the ego of a man of her men you got it a lady should never step on the ego of her man if you the whole world may say to a gentleman he has no brains but the wife should never say she should always say you are the most intelligent person on the planet just the fact that you don’t use your brain doesn’t mean you don’t have it she should always pompous ego this is very much essential if she if a lady starts saying them telling him and you are good for nothing you are a vegetable and he will really become one in a one secret for man man should never step on the emotion of Everman she may complain to you about her brother or mother or family but you should not join the bandwagon the moment you start nodding with her complaint she will turn around all 180 degrees sheerest instead of you know dwelling on her complaint she will complain about you say why do you say how dare you could say such thing about my father what do you know she will start turning the velar off and if she wants to go for some religious programs yatra maybe or a movie or shopping you should just simply agreeing give her the credit car so don’t step on the emotion of a women then everything will be fine and for both of you don’t X don’t ask proof or others love for you you know don’t ask mean ask them do you really love me now why you don’t allow me the sort of completion never say that never give the burden to someone to may prove their love for you this emergency hmm if you find a love for you is less you should say why do you love me so much instead of asking you don’t love me bla bla bla see if this works [Music] you

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