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  1. Love your videos guys. I opened YouTube for some other video but saw this and clicked immediately. Keep making these videos.

  2. great job dan. if you get enough refferals you can cut open your current tesla before the solar flare of 2190

  3. Loving San Diego and La Jolla is even more fun. You should have walked across the street from the wedding by the museum is some of the craziest art stone age structures. "Just Create" you're changing the world.

  4. Weddings are always awesome I hope your family is very happy God bless you and thank you for the great videos and thank you for sharing your life with the world can’t wait for the next one

  5. how Linc is trying to get us out there. hrhr

    but the violin music is such so good. Keep on doing that.
    Hopefully everyone was happy and for Kenzi and Hans: Have a great and happy life together, no matter what could happened. Congratulation to your Marriage!

  6. Loved the vid,but I gotta ask what's up with the random guys stoned outta there mind,munchies…perhaps…✌👍

  7. Congratulations to your friends on their wedding, hope they have a spiritual married happy life together 🙂

  8. Lincoln says go to bed
    First time I watch this I’m in bed
    Ready to go to sleep
    Watching what’s inside family

  9. Wow. Nice work recovering that 21st century SD card. Wow, I had to brush up on my "Ancient English." Haven't used it since college.

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