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Showcase on Community Engagement at Concordia

Showcase on Community Engagement at Concordia

We find ourselves at Concordia right in
the middle of the city we sit on top of the Guy-Concordia Metro station and the
city moves underneath us and I think Concordia is very much a place that sees
itself as having emerged out of the city what you see in the university is
attentiveness to being connected to community being accessible and
approachable being meaningfully engaged in projects seeing community partners as
partners and not as subject one of the great things about Concordia I feel from
the moment I got here was that you know the work that we were doing in the
community for something that was adds value that our publication record or
exhibition record or something like that so that’s really important to work from
a context that has that kind of support because you don’t have to make a lot of
basic arguments for people in other places have to make about why this is
something that faculty members should be doing the experience of working with
community partners it’s incredibly important for our students what they get
from working with community partners is they get real-world experience that they
can’t get from just working with textbooks concepts or ideas that they
found on the Internet so bringing community partners into the equation
becomes a place where they can actually have encounters that challenge what what
it is that they’re reading I was able to kind of break down some barriers between
what a Concordia student would have with community partners that may not have
ever had interactions with the university or university students so it
was very exciting very scary and very exciting when we talk about a
next-generation university at Concordia I think what we’re talking about is a
vision of ourselves with the kind of porous place that is open that is
accessible that is welcoming and that’s part of the core values of the
University from from its beginning we have found that you know in order to
really get people to commit to working with us is we have to really commit to
them we should find ways of using our resources
they’re human financial or physical to help people in the community do what
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it’s a testing ground for you to see what you’re able to do how many people
you can work with and and how your outreach can can make a difference if it
does sometimes the students are our best ambassadors because they’re the ones you
can’t stop them going out right they’re going to do it so in some ways the
university just has to hold on and try and support them to do what they’re
going to do anyway the university is not just a place that people could speak
education to for employment but also to enrich themselves and to enrich the
communities that they’re part of as well.

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