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Sparkle dresses the wedding dress, play with surprise eggs & open toys, for slime

Sparkle dresses the wedding dress, play with surprise eggs & open toys, for slime

– [Announcer] Whizaroo. – Thank you all for coming
to my wedding party. – From one princess to
another, you are stunning. – Hey where’s the groom? – I was wondering the same thing. – I must ask, did we miss the wedding? – Oh no, honey. I decided to skip that part. – [Announcer] Wow. What? – So what are we going to do? – Let’s make slime. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Announcer] What? – The bride always wins. Remember that. – The bride always wins, got it. – Okay Sparkle, what’s
the first ingredient? – The first ingredient, clear glue. (pouring) Your turn Flash, choose a surprise egg. – Let’s see what’s inside. (gentle music) (bells jingling) Wedding bells, that’s fitting. – Round two. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Announcer] Hey! – Remember what I told you honey! – I know, I know, the bride always wins. – I think I’ll choose a surprise toy! – I’ll help you open it. (plastic crinkling) (upbeat music) (bang) – [Announcer] Wow. – I love wedding presents! – Me too. – Let’s do this again next week. What’s inside, what’s inside? (plastic crinkling) A golden (mumbling) toy! – Are you going to put that in your slime? – No way, honey. This is coming home with me. – What a wonderful wedding gift. Now for my surprise today. (rattling) I wonder what surprise awaits me. Sequins. (upbeat music) – What a beautiful wedding slime. – [All] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Captain America beats the Flash. (crying) I choose this egg. Stars! – What did I miss? – That slime is pretty, but
it doesn’t have anything on your dress. – What, this old thing? – My turn! Hearts. – I love wedding slime! (plop) (squishing) – I love that slime. – Hey guys, guess where we’re at? – The store? – Are we gonna by toys? – Please say yes, please say yes. – Yes! (upbeat music) – Daddy, there’s one thing
I really really want! – What would you like my little princess? – I would like a princess
carriage please please please! – Sparkle Whizzaroo,
I’ll see what I can do. – (upbeat music) – [Announcer] What? – I think Sparkle has magical powers. – Daddy, how bout one more thing? Princess clothes for your princess? – Um, of course, I found your carriage. (grunting) – Thank you daddy! How about a puppy? Every princess has a puppy. (upbeat music) – The princess needs a puppy. (jingling) I think we have enough
stuff, let’s get out of here. (upbeat music) – Sparkle, do you think
you have enough stuff? – Nah. – Sparkle, no more toys, we have to go. – Okay daddy. – C’mon puppy! Let’s find our car. A princess carriage made for a princess! (sparkly tinkling) (upbeat music) (bubbly scrambling) I wonder if this princess
carriage can take me to fun place! (bubbly scrambling) (magical chime) (magical chime) (screech) Giant inflatable place! This is gonna be so much fun! (jingling) (upbeat music) Inflatables! – Wow. – This is awesome. – This is amazing. – Best day ever. – Let’s go play! – [All] Yay! – Hi guys, today we are at
an inflatable play place, let’s have some fun! (laughing) – Wow, wow. Wow, that was fun. – Hey daddy how did you get here? – We were trying to go to a fun place so we drove here. How did you get here? – I drove my princess carriage. Let’s go have some fun! – Sure thing! Wee! Wow. That was awesome! – I love the inflatable slides! Was that fun? – Yeah! – Is everybody here? – Absolutely, let’s go find them. – It’s a maze! (banging) I’m okay. – Woo! That was fun! – Woo! (upbeat music) – I think it out boxed me. – Here you go daddy. – Wow! Wow, what just happened? (upbeat music) Not again. – Releasing a ball! Woo! (upbeat music) – Wee. – Can we go again? – I’m going to construct something cool. (upbeat music) – Let’s go. (bouncy scrambling) (magical chime) (upbeat music) For more awesome videos hit subscribe. Bye friends!

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