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Still Marry me, 1회 EP01 #04

Still Marry me, 1회 EP01 #04

I hate to say this, but I feel
as if something bad may happen. Wow, are you going to go
to a special ceremony? You look really pretty. Thanks. When do you have the first
birthday for your baby? Next month. I will invite you to my baby’s
first birthday for sure. Hey, I hear a hot guy proposed to you! I only hang out with hot guys. That’s a relief. I thought you
wouldn’t be able to get married. I’ll go to your wedding. I’ll come to your baby’s first
birthday with my boyfriend. Have a good day. Oh, I forgot! I think someone’s
come to the coffee shop downstairs wanting to see you. They kept on calling the office, too. Who? A guy? No, a woman. Thanks. Over here. Looks like you don’t recognize me. No! No! No! Oh! Oh! Oppa, hurry up and jump! Are you…? Yes. I was the one who
was with oppa that night. What’s your business here? Oppa said to return the ring. I’d like you to give it me. Oh, you’re not wearing it… You must not be wearing it
because you’re angry… Well, it’s better that way. When are you going to return it? Tell the owner to come
and fetch it himself. What are you going to
do when you meet him? Oppa is never going to leave me. He told me that he loves me. He said that he was more
comfortable with me. I think you calling him
“uncle” will suit better. Unni, please, you should wake up. How come you are so
naive despite your age? Did you believe a hot guy like him
would love someone as old as he is? Are you going to leave, or
do I have to hurt you first? That’s why he feels overwhelmed by you. He said you’re smart and
wouldn’t make a bad wife, but that you make him
feel uncomfortable. If you’re done can you leave? You are going to return the ring, right? Call this number, and I’ll come get it. Do your parents know about
you going to motels? What is this? This is so tacky. Next time, ask him to bring you to a
luxury hotel instead of cheap motel. Better yet, ask oppa if you
can sleep over at his place. Other guys say that they do
that for girls that they love. Call me, okay? If you don’t, I’m going
to press charges. You’re the 3rd party, you should
file a report, not lay charges. There’s something I’ve
been wanting to ask you… What’s it like being unmarried and
without a boyfriend at your age? I’m very curious. It’s worth living. Oh, I see. It’s been already 14
years since I graduated. Back then I dreamed of
being a broadcaster. Well, fortunately I came back
after making my dream come true. Please don’t give up on the
dream you have in your heart. Hello, my dear juniors. I’m Jung Da-Jung. I’m working as a translator. I really love my work and
I am also proud of it. I didn’t know she went to our school. That’s probably because she
was in the German group. -In the next ten years… Honestly her face has changed a lot
since she last attended school. -Aim high. Be ambitious. You all
have infinite potential. Our family’s poor. I’m too
short. My grades aren’t good. Don’t underestimate yourself. Why? Because you’re worth it! Say that to yourself in
the mirror every day. I’m worth it! Hello. 34 years living as a single
and being the very summit of loneliness, I’m Jung Da-Jung. For a long time, without knowing the
cause, I have lived as a single. Me…who is sincere and has beauty. I’d like to give you 3
tips for a great future… Workout, read more and
study foreign languages. Men just look for beauty and big boobs. Forget being civilized and smart.
…Botox, dieting, and silicon implants are your friends. Sunbae (meaning senior),
you’re so pretty. Eat a lot. Shin-Young! Hello. What’s with the formal speech? It’s…I just don’t
remember you from school. We took the same Movie English
class together, freshman year. I had silver reel glasses
and tied my hair. We even acted together
as Harry and Sally too. Then that Jung Da-Jung is you? I’m a fan of yours. You even got a Exclusive
(news) Award right? I also saw you a few days
ago at the press interview. Then you should have told me. I didn’t even know we were alumni. Truthfully, I’m not feeling good
but I purposely came to see you. Do you want to have beer later? You have a fine wine collection
but your menu is lacking. Either get rid of such fine wine, or change your menu. The tableware is top grade
but there is no consistency. Ignorant overnight millionaires
set their tables like this when they have a house-warming party. There is no concept here. From the menu to the interior they
are all inconsistent and are lacking. It’s no wonder there are problems. If we leave it to you then we
can become great too, right? However, my consulting
fee is expensive…very. I’m working right now at
ChungDamDong and GwangHwaMun so remember that I can only start working by next month. Another bottle here, please. You said you’re coming down
with the flu, will you be okay? It’s okay. How did you catch a cold? Ahh…the night before yesterday
I suddenly got wet in the rain. It didn’t rain the
night before yesterday. Ahhh…Ohhh…It did rain in the East. That day I was in Tokyo. Park Hee-Chan!! Cheers to us. By the way I wanted to meet you
to gather some information. Soon I’ll ask you for an interview. Shin-Young, you meet a lot
of people everyday right… Are there any good guys? That was the reason why
you wanted to meet me. To introduce you to a guy. No…just that I think you would
have a larger networking pool. For me it’s just seniors
or foreign visitors. If you know any good guys,
introduce them to me. You really don’t have a boyfriend? I don’t. It’s been a while since I broke
up with my boyfriend of 5 years. Is that person by any
chance Park Hee-Chul? Doesn’t he live at the
SungBookDong Villa? How do you know that? Are you…dating Hee-Chul? No! Then, how do you know? Is Hee-Chul’s new girlfriend you? Right? I said no! Then how do you know! You were splashed with water that
day, not wet from the rain in Tokyo! Excuse me…
Vodka straight. No, just bring the whole bottle. Hey, hey. No…I wasn’t trying to
make you mad…just… Hey, slow down. I’m going to the emergency
room, can you take me? Oh dear, are you okay? Are you in really bad pain? Omo… Can you tell me what the problem is? I’ve got a heart problem. Please call the heart
doctor Kim Dong-Chan. I know he’s on duty tonight. Let me first… I said call him. My heart’s on fire because of him. Hurry get him! Yes. Hey! Where you going? Shut up! Turn back, right now! Hurry up! Park Hee-Chul, and today it’s Kim
Dong-Chan! You have a lot of men! Hey, hey, slow down. I’m scared!! Arghhh�

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  1. Ammm ya la vi en viki com pero esta buena pero no se les nota pasion a los protas :-/ esta bonita la pareja pero no hay quimica supongo

  2. Esa traductora, la periodista y la amiga sofisticada son chicas exitosas y con dignidad, por eso la mayoría de los hombres les temen y no tienen el carácter para tener una pareja así como ellas.

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