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Still Marry me, 2회 EP02 #06

Still Marry me, 2회 EP02 #06

Hey, there’s a lot of
good guys that come here. You know a lot of that
kind of information. Jung Da-Jung, you need
to change your major. That’s why I dressed up today. How do I look? Hey, let’s have brunch every
weekend at places like these where there’s a lot of good guys. If I get a boyfriend, I
can leave the group right? When are you getting one? I heard there’s this really
accurate fortune teller, do you want to get our fortune told? They specialize in love and marriage. Forget it. I have decided something. What? I decided not to get married. Why have you decided on
something like that? If there’s a good guy,
you get married and if there isn’t then you don’t. Meeting a good guy who’d
make my life complete … doesn’t depend on how
much effort I put in. This month I’ll read 10 books, in a 3 months I’ll lose 2 kgs. It’s different from things like that. It doesn’t depend on how much effort
I put in. It needs heavenly aid. I know that only too well, that’s why my mind is troubled. It won’t work out through my effort,
so I don’t want to waste my life clinging on to that idea. Then, you’re really not going to
go on blind dates from now on? No. If you get any good blind
date offers, give them to me. You’re so annoying when
you act like that. It’s being logical. So watch what you say. Now on I’m going to see victory
and defeat through my work. Just watch you guys. I’ll show you exactly what victory is. Coffee refill please. You’re so cool. Shin-Young, you must succeed. Why? So that I can keep living with you. Coffee, coffee… How long are you planning
on living with me? Until I find a boyfriend… Lee Shin-Young! Shin-Young, please
help me with my class. Please stand in for me and take
the classes for 3 weeks. A business trip’s just come up. Find someone else. You’re the only one who has time. It’s not like you have
specific working hours. I wish I had them… Those
oh-so-great specific working hours. All you have to do is run it
like a workshop and just discuss the ideas the students propose. You never know, you may
get a good idea out of it. Oh…that tip about the fake
food stamps came from them. I’ll tell the Director you’re interested
in working in the Business Section. We’re going golfing
together this weekend. It’s just for 3 weeks, right? Reporter Kim Ho-Shik had to go on an
important business trip so for a while you’ll be having workshops with me. Looks like fate has brought us together,
so I hope we can have a fun class. help me remember names
I’ll take the attendance. Lee Sung-Jin. Nice to meet you. Kim Eun-Chae. Ah, you’re name is so pretty. Park Min-Seung. Yes!! Ha Min-Jae. Ha Min-Jae? How do you know my name? I have some occult powers. Please don’t be late next time. You need to see it from the
viewer’s point of view. What should I tell them? It’s
not about what I should show but rather what I’m curious about. What am I feeling right now? You all just need to bring
something you want to figure out about from your point of view. Does anyone have any questions? Go ahead. Is there no break time? Don’t you owe me an apology? You didn’t do anything good either. I was going to go to the broadcasting
station but decided not to. You should have come find me. I had the money ready
for the guitar cable. I didn’t want to put you
in an awkward position. It seemed like you didn’t get a lot
of news coverage nor respect at work. Are you always so ill-mannered? After all you’re an older returning
student, so you should know better. Is that why you cut the guitar cable? About the guitar, I’m sorry. I just need to buy a replacement, right? Ahh…this is why I
don’t like reporters. They think they’re some
great and privileged person. It’s not like I can say,
“Bring your parents”. It’s not like I can say,
“Bring your Report Director”. How old are you that
you’re so ill-mannered? What about my age? At this rate, you’ll
even ask for my number. Listen, you. Don’t come to my classes. Hey, you need to separate
personal problems from work. Why are you like that when you’re so pretty? Break time is over, let’s go back in. Aigoo. In the residences, there really
are people who steal underwear. I want to catch that person and
see the psychology behind it. Arresting them isn’t the end
but rather the real beginning. To find out what made them that way… That’s interesting. Base
your project on that. Who will present next? You there. The student looking off into the
distance, what idea do you have? You’ve been sitting there foolishly all
this time. Don’t you have any ideas? Well…I do have something
I’d like to report. Tell us. It’s something I experienced myself.
So I would like to report it to a more capable and experienced reporter. Besides that, nothing comes to mind. Next week don’t come to class. I’ll mark you down as attending. Next week is the College Founding
anniversary, so there are no classes. So, for the week after next please
all prepare a proposal for a news item you’d like to investigate. Then we’ll discuss it further. You all worked hard. Are you really mad? Shut up and get out. I’ll tell you and then I’ll get lost. On the internet it said they
were selling used cameras so we met up in front of the school. He said that he was in a
photography club and needed to change equipment frequently. Seeing the cameras he brought, they were
all top-notch, latest edition, and new. But he didn’t know how
to use them at all. Considering that he said he was a
photographer, it seemed suspicious. They seemed like stolen goods. Out of curiosity I checked
the IP address and under different names he was selling GPS navigators, laptops,
and designer-label bags. He was lying for sure that he
was in the photography business. You even checked his IP? I called up a friend who’s good
with computers and did it together. Spent two nights searching all
the used merchandise sites we caught him. You have a persistent streak. If I’m into something I’ll see
it till the end. Aren’t I cool? I’m not too sure of that,
but could I meet that guy? Well, since I told him that I’d call
him back, sure, you can meet him. Then let me go with you. Then come along dressed like a young
person. Looking like a student. Oh, Shin-Young! This is my friend and
she needs a camera. Hello. Friend? Yea, she repeated school three
times but we decided to be friends. Let us see your camera. This is great, really great. It’s really good. Looks like new one. I like this, and this. I want to buy it all. Hey, if you buy all of this then how
are you going to afford the bag? Is there a good place that sells
brand-name used merchandise… Then I’d be able to buy everything. You need a bag? You sell bags, too? How about watches? Look at the bags first… They might get suspicious. What kind of student looks at jewelry? Pretend you’re looking at the
laptops, I have to find something. I think they might find out that
there are cops waiting outside. Min-Jae, did you finish
looking at the laptops? Yeah, this laptop is the best. You also need to pick a camera. Oh. Hurry up and get them! Don’t move! Hey you guys come here! Okay, we’re going to start. Cue. The police have caught the widespread
sellers of stolen goods… This is the ring? I am sure this is the ring! Wow, you got this kind of ring from him. Just forgive the man. It’s a payment on delivery and
it’ll be better if you also give him a slap when you deliver it�

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