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Straight Talk: Marry for Love or Money? || STEVE HARVEY

Straight Talk: Marry for Love or Money? || STEVE HARVEY

– Is it wise to pick
financial security over love when it comes to settling
down with someone? – Absolutely. – Yes. – Yes? – It’s wise, but I haven’t
ever been able to do it. It’s wise! – I learned a long time ago, – Over love? – Wait, I learned a long time
ago, stay loyal to the bag because at the end of the day, the bag is gonna attract love. Love, if you got a whole
lot of love and you aint got not bag you will
be, you’ll be homeless. – Money does not buy happiness, or love, – [Man] Exactly! – Money does not buy– – Invites misery. – You’d literally be in a
prison, marrying someone for that I know many women who have and they are absolutely miserable! – But love comes in many
different sizes, 5,000, 20,000, 100,000. Money gives you comfort
and gives you stability. All this ” We need to
struggle together” no we’re not doing that. – I’ve been with my husband
for 10 years, I was 22 when I met him and he was 31. He was broke, I was broke, Thank God I won Big Brothers
so that helped, whenever we moved out here. But now, since I brought
home the paycheck, you know I brought stability to us when we were younger. Now we have two kids. He’s older, he better bring home the bacon now, cause I’m doing my job with the kids. That’s my full-time job. – I know many women who married for money, who were unhappy and
continue to be unhappy. – Miserably speaking is
something you don’t even hear in Europe. – You don’t hear that in Europe? – No, of course not, your moms, your families
teach you, first of all how to respect and love someone. I’m only married for 21 years now. I have a 20 year old kid. – You said “Only” that’s a long time! – Actually no wait, it’s better than ever, and I got to tell you,
it’s because love was there at first, and it never left. – Absolutely! – But you guys are the
passionate, you’re about love, and in America, this
country is about money baby. So you were talking about
an archaic way that getting the women out of the bar. That’s very millennial, like
” your man better be able “to buy you labels, you
better get that bag” – No I’m not saying labels,
I just don’t understand this concept of “Let’s struggle together” – Nobody’s saying let’s struggle together! – I love, I love my struggle, sorry I had to learn English,
I came with 400 bucks and with my wife. I love that struggle! Because of that struggle I am who I am! – And you’re wife is with
you not for money, because she loves you! – I’m going to say this right here. You can get married if you want for money, if the basis and foundation
of your marriage is not love. It can not survive. It can not survive. You have to be in love for
it to work realistically, cause marriage is hard man, it’s hard. – It’s the only thing we want in life. – It’s the most important
thing in life to have is love. Now look, we wonder do men
or women do this more often. I think it’s really interesting,
kids are now being taught “Go for the man with money” – My daughter actually
said something to me like two years ago about
well ” I don’t want to work” and I was like ” I’m sorry, you what?” My daughter, and like my
eyes rolled back in my head I had to take a second, take
a breath, and I was like ” I’m sorry baby, how do you
think you’re going to support yourself”, ” Well I’m going
to marry prince charming.” and I was like ” (grunts) you
know I literally was like, ” not only are you going
to work, you’re going to start working tomorrow!” She’s older now and I’m like
baby this is about freedom, money is freedom it’s not happiness. But it does buy you freedom. – Think about all the fairy
tales we’ve been conditioned. – Yeah that’s exactly what it
was, it’s the Disney movies. – I’m not saying you have
to marry the person so you can go get Prada,
Channel, we aint wear Gucci, but anything other than that. There are a lot of people, who
work who stay at home, who’s partner is a provider. – In my marriage right
now, Marjorie does not work outside the home. Do you know what her job title is? – What I can’t wait? – She’s queen, – I love it! – And that’s what she calls
herself, that’s it man, that’s you know. Hey we got more straight
talk right after the break, this is a really really good panel. I like it, keep it right here.

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  1. I get into a relationship for love money doesn't last but love does yes it's good to have financial stability in a relationship but if you struggle with someone and you love that person you guys can get through anything together

  2. Stop it!! Marjories love comes from Steve's ability to make money. Let that money become funny. Steve's love is unconditional. Marjories love is not. Men act emotional when it comes to women and relationships. Women act logical when dealing with men and relationships. Women have WAY more game

  3. I will marry FOR love but I'm not marrying WITHOUT money. That doesn't mean he has to be rich, but he has to be financially stable and financially responsible with the capability of supporting us. If not, we can press pause on the wedding until a bag is secured. Of course, I'd need to have my finances in order as well.

  4. Jason (dude in the black) sounds like somebody whose has had his heart broken many times. The audience was not with that opinion my dude lol

  5. Love is an emotion that people go in and out of on the daily. It’s such an unstable emotion, and I certainly would not want to base my marriage on an unstable emotion. On the other hand, I’d rather base my marriage on financial stability. I just feel like money will help you get through the emotional roller coaster of marriage.

  6. Women like to talk that romantic fairy tail speech but most of them will choose money over love. That's why there are so many divorces these days.

  7. Marry for love, just dont marry a lazy and stupid person. The bar is NOT that high, just have good worth ethic and use your money well.

  8. This was my reply to another comment, but I want to just put this out there:

    Love, the feeling, isn't enough. Love, the action, is. People (here in America, at least) have this tendency to fall in love when times are good, financially, and they marry while still in their honeymoon phase in 1-2 years, and then they don't know how to struggle together when life happens and the butterflies and excitement are gone. I believe that you need to marry someone who is financially competent*, meaning, they know how to manage money, be it a little or a lot, because money comes and goes, while also marrying them because they know *how to love them, even when it doesn't feel all warm and fuzzy, by keeping the communication high, the bed warm, and the support as an equal partner a priority. People get these things all twisted and confused because they haven't been taught any differently.

  9. When a woman marries for money, she earns every penny of it.

    and society thinks men don't care about love and emotions only sex. That's not true at all. Men do need an emotional connection. No marriage will last without love.

  10. Listen I want to be like Marjorie, and be Queen. Like have the option to work but not have to. I don't mind starting up some kind of business or something but just owning it and having other people work the business just to keep myself with my own coins too. I would never just sit around all day but I'd love to just have that luxury of my man taking care of things, and I take care of him in return.
    Also I think pregnant women should never have to work. It's the worst thing and if you have a man that can provide you can stay home and just focus on your sanity, because pregnancy is HARD. I felt so sad when my mom had to work her entire pregnancy because she had no choice, and she was struggling everyday.

  11. I loved the opening to this episode (where he had to have game and his brother kept giving him advice). anyone know how I can find a recording of that portion? thx! =]

  12. I get what the guy is saying. Struggle life is the worst. Especially when the guy only has love to offer and nothing else. I want to be on the same page.

  13. Marriage because of love is always better. You can have each other and everything will work out because of love.

  14. Marry for money?? That will not survive. Marriage isn’t your typical high school relationship. You need to be in love. People married for money end up dead in different ways.

  15. Me too i love my struggles and hustle . because i Lost my parents when i was a child and i could do all in life alone but I'm moving hustle to the next level ….Money can only get you a temporary happiness and fake friends around but permanent happiness and real friends come when you re broke .

  16. Love must be foundation for you to make it , but if you decide to marry a Guy who has a please call me face I mean you even wish to say No this is not my husband when people ask you, trust me you not going no where.

  17. I am 25 been married for 4 years and i married for love and respect and i can tell you that i am more than happy in my marriage than so many of my friends who chose money instead of love. It is luck if you get both love and money but if you have to chose i would recommend to chose love, Coz no money can buy love,respect,loyalty.

  18. Omg the sweet older lady that Steve brought onto the show to find her a companion is front row in the audience with her man! 😍😩💃🏾 So happy to see that!!

  19. Lmao Jason Lee with his hilariously straight forward and practical commentary🤣🤣 Loved his IG post on the whole Jordyn and Triston scandal

  20. If a man loves you, he will do anything for you and primarily by securing the bag at any and all timelines.

    If a woman loves you, she will do anything including helping you secure the bag.

    Moral of the story, love comes first and foremost, the bag will follow. Stop selling your soul to a paper currency it doesn't last forever and you can lost it at anytime without notice. True, unconditional love sustains beyond time and space. It's like agape love it has no bounds and it is healthy.

  21. Money gives you the ability to do what you want, money is a comfort to have especially if you've had none but money doesn't hold me at night, money doesn't say i love with the passion of a lion. Marriage for love trumps money any day.

  22. Lack of Love kills a marriage – in fact, the marriage is not real.
    Lack of money never kills a marriage, what kills a marriage when money is not existent is lack of communication.
    If you love and keep the communication strong, now poverty will ruin the marriage.

  23. I don't believe in that Housewife crap. If I'm working you're working. I can have Steve's money and my standard will not change….sorry baby you gotta do something cause staying at home ain't happening. That's just my take and I'm glad I have a woman who shares my view.

  24. its simple really if you got love you will get through financial struggles.. without love you are guaranteed not to get through financial struggle

  25. marrying for money will have you getting abused physically, mentally and verbally AND/OR cheated on… because you wont be viewed as an equal

  26. When you marry someone for love for so many years and you get divorced for some reason you don't want to get a broken$ person anymore😁Gentleman with $$$$ is always a +

  27. 1 billion Indians and about half a billion chinese marry for money – the arranged marriage. And thier marriages are just as fulfilling and much more long lasting. You have to understand commitment. Western society's, and especially American society's, individualism corrodes commitment. Indian and Chinese society are not individualistic. Once you are committed, then it is easy to fall in love.

  28. Funny how Steve says his wife doesn't work considering he's now going to be on his 3rd divorce without a prenup I bet he wished she did work now!

  29. Just make sure if your a guy you will have enough money for the rest of your lives to live comfortably if you get married. Because when the financial problems start love won't live there anymore.

  30. some men have both money and love why does it seem like those who have money can't love and those with love are dead broke .

  31. Let the ones who know not the meaning of love, say what they will, and go the way they choose. I know love and I know where it resides and so do you. Pay attention to what your heart tells you. Listen to your heart my friends because it will not lie.

  32. Of course you should marry for love but marry someone who gives you the lifestyle that you want

    Love is so overrated , how many men who love their wives cheat on them

    As a woman your role is to create a foundation for your kids that will elevate them in society

    Majorie understood that and made sure that her kids had all the connections the lifestyle and the wealth could provide

    Black people let’s stop with struggle love it’s so stupid and that is why we are not respected in society because we keep pulling each other down with this idea of struggle live

  33. Avoid marriage guys! Women only marry for money, not for you.

    Pump n dump then kick them to the curb. Rinse and repeat.
    If you want a kid, get together with a average looking woman with higher values but never marry
    It's outdated and misandrist

  34. Marriage for money is better. Marriage was never intended for love anyways, at least not in the West. Back then your parents chose who you married and it was for convenience. If you marry for love good for you but nowadays it’s risky. I’d have have a broken bank than a broken heart

  35. I like the fact that my wife and I have had the ability to grow together. The struggle gives the marriage a resume'. If y'all can be broke together you can be rich together.

  36. Actually marry without love can survive too. Theres no guarantee in everything. I been in love with my prior relationship, its still aint surviving. And whoever said you marry only based on love, oh honey you are living in a dreamland. Reality check, once you got kids, there is when the problem going to start.

  37. Money can be here today and gone tomorrow, but love is priceless. If you love someone, you will love them no matter what. But if you're getting together with a person because they're wealthy, then you're nothing but a gold digger. As a 28-year old man, our younger generation is being taught the wrong things in terms of finding their soulmates.

  38. Marriage is a legal and societal construct. You can love someone and build a happy and fulfilling life without marrying them. The only reason why a couple in love would get married is probably to avoid societal judgement and to cement the relationship legally and for financial security for both parties to share financial burdens by taking legal ownership of what they both own and combining to build a better life. IMO

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