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Tanks Arrive In D.C. For President Donald Trump’s Fourth Of July Celebration | NBC Nightly News

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  1. If Obama did it…

    Dems: “oH wOw He’S sUcH a PaTrIot WhAt A fAnTaStIc PaRaDe He ThReW tO hOnOr AmErIca!”


    Hispanic Americans for TRUMP 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I wanted to see hundreds of our wonderful tanks and our
    great missiles being towed thru our DC streets!

  4. It's all about God and Country you disgusting leftist pigs! You'll spend billions of dollars trying to trash Trump but when he's representing the USA only shut the f****

  5. At a time to celebrate freedom and nationalism. DEMOCRATES are the ones making it a political issue and causing division yet once again and all those who agree are suffering from cognitive dissonance.

  6. DC hasn’t seen this much military equipment since George “Virginia Creeper” McClellen came to town

  7. Remember back during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, when Sen. Graham asked the nominee questions about military tribunals?  He said that citizens do not have Constitutional rights when they are deemed as enemy combatants.  In short, the Gloria Allreds of the world won't be able to get these clowns off on technicalities.  Since everyone in the previous administration who played a role in trying to unseat a duly elected president of the United States would fall into this category, the smart money says this unprecedented show of American military muscle during the 2019 4th of July celebration – from M1A1 Abrams tanks to precisely coordinated flyovers by the Air Force and the Navy Blue Angels – is a definite sign that the military fully supports POTUS.  Remember, "Q", the person whom the mainstream media initially (1) ignored, then (2) laughed off as a conspiracy theory, then (3) spent millions to attack, has told us many times, "They never thought she would lose."  "These people are stupid."  "You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the old guard."  "Nobody escapes this.  Nobody."  Ahh, I love the smell of braided nooses in the morning.

  8. i loved every minute of the washington dc celebrations today. as a
    democrat, its becoming increasingly difficult to deny that trump knows
    the american people better than any politician and has proven to be a
    not only a great statesmen, but a brilliant trade strategist and
    economist, but someone who believes is americans plain and simple.

  9. i loved every minute of the washington dc celebrations today. as a
    democrat, its becoming increasingly difficult to deny that trump knows
    the american people better than any politician and has proven to be a
    not only a great statesmen, but a brilliant trade strategist and
    economist, but someone who believes is americans plain and simple.

  10. I think its awesome to celebrate independence day in God we trust I don't mind spending my tax dollars on celebrating America independence awesome shut up you old nappy hag

  11. Blah blah blah … poor liberals … just can’t get excited about ANYTHING! Not even to CELEBRATE America’s FREEDOMS! 👍🇺🇸

    Shame on you! 🤨

    Thank you, President Trump, for a super EXCELLENT Independence Day! 👍👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Salute! 👍

  12. Dang! Why can’t we just have the news and celebrate what our president is doing to honor our great nation?! Just give the news or events objectively.

  13. Just here to see how many treasonous americans commenting on how displaying America's might is an issue. #MERICA #fuckTEA #DONTtreadONme

  14. An extravaganza that divides the country??? This was to HONOR those who FOUGHT for our INDEPENDENCE!! A celebration!
    Take your hamburger and hotdog, LADY, and shove one in your pie hole, and the other where the sun don't shine!! 😡

  15. God blessed America and still does with our military ,first responders,freedom is not free,we are still the most powerful country in the world because of America's people no matter what race,ethnic background or religion.Everybody wants to come here but who would die for her?..Happy birthday America!!

  16. he should take more tanks to washington
    setting them up across the capitolium reminding congress people who they are working for

  17. oh i see on 4th of july the plane fuel is expenses

    on other days when pelosi flying the military plane to europe and everywhere, then fuel is free right?

    why you all dont talk about how much democrats are wasting of budget for luxury traveling?
    because pelosi and chucky flew the high altitude military plane.. just like if it were their private fleet

  18. How about this so called billionaire pay for half of the cost of this event as an act of patriotism?????? He's got the money… why make the tax payer responsible for 100% of it ?????

  19. Ah yes President Trump's new Sherman tanks (why did they cut out the bit where he said there would be the new Sherman tank?)

  20. It’s funny how “news” in 2019 is clearly the voice, the opinion, and the perspective of merely one person—the producer. In academia, sources from news networks are not considered “unbiased” and therefore cannot be used to support papers as secondary sources. This simple fact—and the fact that world events unrelated to the U.S. are rarely covered—has made me lose trust in news networks such as FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. Before you let your news network(s) convince you of any reality, know that each premise has often been derived from one person (often not educated in any field other than journalism) controlling the (or each) news network.

  21. I couldn't see tanks on any of the livestreams of the parade… but you guys didn't show the parade so your viewers won't know that. And you wonder why people call you fake news.

  22. Happy 4th of July President Trump! I Thank You for Caring for America and the Hard-Working People in America.

  23. As a taxpayer this sucks I don't see why my tax dollars should go to this garbage now if my tax dollars was going to something like Juneteenth I really wouldn't complain about it that much

  24. Trump is a traitor, who tried to betray his entire country to get revenge against a few Democratic leaders in a handful of sanctuary cities and now he wants to pretend like he's a patriot.

  25. We are very proud of our military parade every year in France on the 14th of July. Americans should have the same every year, it's a celebration about history and to pay respect to your army and country, no reason here to be angry.

  26. Oh the Democrats get mad about trump using taxes to pay for parade but want to spend far more ditching private insurance for taxpayer funded system

  27. The lefty media is having a meltdown over this. They just hate it when the America they are working tirelessly do destroy is portrayed in a positive way.

  28. LMAO……We the People are seriously ate up with super special stupid….I mean when another Country has such a parade there are alot more than 2 tanks and a couple assault carriers and some flyovers!!! Trump could have done the JOB he was elected too if those No Term Limits Career folks would quit C**kblocking him!!

  29. You mean like the extravaganza Obama threw with all those famous idiots just to get the poverty vote?

  30. Very entertaining. Loved the jets the tanks trumps speech and military band. That's how every 4th should be. Trump is the man good for him great idea.
    To the people who didn't like it move to a different country please and stop your whining.

  31. How about all you fake news idiots wait and see the festivities, then slam him. Regardless what he says, that's exactly what you're gonna do.

  32. if you ask me… this is the best 4th of july USA Birthday to show what we invented since we were made #Murica

  33. Cool!! We see planes fly over (Army, Marines, Air Force). Sooo cool.
    Hey, if anyone is “upset” by Trumps 4th of July, go home, stay inside and eat your hotdogs & hamburgers. You just sound jealous that Americans liked it!!!!

  34. REALLY? How many stupid people are thinking…..Hmmmm, I need SOMEONE to tell me what to do, feel and want! We, the people need to be strong, think on our own and be thankful we can live our lives!!!!

  35. It was an amazing tribute!!! What an enormous crowd……..even with the rain!!! America loved it Mr. President!!! Great speech and incredibly well done celebration!!!

  36. ANYONE that felt this divided the country needs to LEAVE the U.S.A. !! yet Dems doesn't want us to ask if you belong to the Country, a citizen!!!! Dem Illegal Voters goes to the polls!!! That's F#CKING un American!!!!

  37. What a communist propaganda piece. NBC needs to have all press credentials striped. Anti-American drivel. I just muted the annoying babbler to see the tanks since our Unfree Media won't do a real news story about my President and the Independence of our great country! Go TRUMP 2020

  38. We could have use that money for the thousands of wounded warriors we have today, who really need our government’s support.!!!

  39. how about NBC stops dividing this country… you along with CNN should stop spreading lies and false narratives.

  40. How is beefing up the fourth of July parade putting politics ahead of patriotism? The media is so far gone that they have stopped even coming close to logic

  41. The census! Yeah, it's racist to want to know how many people have illegally entered and reside in our country. Bizarro world! Our grandparents who fought in World Wars could not stand for this!

  42. I Love It!!!!! This is our military. Let's celebrate our country's birth!!!! But the commie (and I say this because it's accurate) left hates this country and it couldn't be more obvious than now! …thanks to Trump's Presidency.

  43. The tanks and planes on display are AWESOME, moron media. America haters, take you butts somewhere else that's better.

  44. Mainstream media does not know how to be patriotic. Hamburger hot dog over military might, come on lady get with the program. They should be ashamed of themselves. President Trump is the best president ever!

  45. Does the MSM know that we can research how common a practice a show of military force was for various administrations?

  46. They want a "Global" Flag Flying over the country. These people are anti Nationalist and pro Globalist. Don't be tricked the left is pushing a one world Globalist agenda. Open Border, Multi Linguistic, and the destruction of national pride.

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