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Tarpanam Ceremony:  Give Peace & Love For The Soul: Help Ancestors Cross Over Into Light

Tarpanam Ceremony: Give Peace & Love For The Soul: Help Ancestors Cross Over Into Light

“Well, I am able; I want to risk; I want
to commit. I don’t want to be wishy-washy. But I don’t know how.” Then do this Tarpanam. Do this ancestor offering. Do it religiously, every day, as if you’re
brushing your teeth. As soon as you brush your teeth and take a
shower first. And then spread this on and then give offering. You will have miracle; you will have miracles. But do it with commitment. And it takes a minute, just takes a minute
in your life, a minute in your day, maybe two minutes to spread all these things. You don’t have to even go over step by step,
you know, step by step — who was my grandfather? grandfather’s father. You don’t have to think. “This offering of water and rice are for
the ancestors on my mother’s line.” And do it with all love for them to come and
take these offerings. “No, this is superstition. I do not want to do that.” well, Fine, but before you say “this is
superstition, it doesn’t work” — experiment it. And if it doesn’t work, then don’t do it. It does work. It does work. And it works better than any other practices. So this is a gift of the Rishis, of the Yogis,
who have found that who controls your life is not yourself. Who controls your poverty. who controls your wealth. Who controls your diseases. Who controls your health or relationship are
your ancestors. They are linked to your thought process, to
your consciousness, your body through the Soul, through the Soul. You have inherited their soul just as you
have inherited their body. This is a very, very simple ritual. It’s not hard to practice. But if you don’t do it, what can anybody do? Nobody can do it. You must make a commitment. I’m going to do it every day. As soon as I shower, I just walk into the
sink, and I take out these things and put it out. You will see your destiny changing. Your money situation changing, your housing
changing. Why? It’s not you are doing anything. It is the intervention of the Divine. So make a commitment. If you want more commitment, if you don’t
want to be wishy-washy, if you want to get rid of the logical mind and concept of time
and things — Tarpanam. Tarpanam literally means offering food offering
to your ancestors. So make a commitment. And I hope that at least 10% of the people
will make commitment. That’s a lot. I know that 99 percent, 90% won’t do it. I believe 10% can commit. That will be a lot. So what do I want to do for the 90% who don’t
want to commit? That’s why I travel everywhere to be here. I just came from India a few days ago but
at least by seeing me here, my presence is very important. I will haunt you.

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  1. my drain is being blocked with the seeds. Would you recommend doing it in the garden under a tree. Thank you

  2. Is the Dhabar grass the same as the lemon grass? Where can I find dhabar grass, I'm from the Philippines.

  3. Thanks for the video. I have a question for which i have never been able to find an answer. As per Hindu scriptures, souls do not die and take birth elsewhere. If that is the case, the souls must currently be in new physical bodies and already been conditioned to the worldly pleasures including eating food regularly. Then what is the reason for doing tharpanam to the souls that are already in their new bodies having food? Also, if one's father/mother/both are alive should we do tharpanam? It is inevitable that their images will keep coming in our minds when we do tharpanam. Also, should we do tharpanam to brothers/sisters who might have passed away?

  4. He says to lay out the ingredients but on the website it says to use your right hand? Can you please clarify? Thank you!

  5. Traditionally only the hindu men perform the Tarpanam. When you suggest everyone do this, are you saying women can also do this ?

  6. Sir I hv a question . My husband Nd his family doesn’t believe in all these things where as I m very religious Nd spiritual . Can I do tarpanam daily on behalf of my husband

    And secondly if I do tarpanam do I say like this that I invite the first six generations of maternal ancestors on my husband’s side

  7. All the good that has come into my life my most precious Dattatreya Shiva Baba… and I will do this as from tomorrow… I will most certainly commit…. and more gracious thanks to you!!! And blessings!!!! Infinite!!!!!🌸🌟🌟💕⭐️❤️✨✨✨🌺🌹🌹🌺✨❤️❤️⭐️💕🌸🌸

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