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TB Joshua EXPOSES Lady’s SECRET PLAN To DUMP Her Husband!!!

Madam, come. Yes. Prophecy Time There is a decision within you that you want to take. You are asking God whether you should take this decision or not. Very true. It’s not right. Ask God; no matter what happens, God’s decision is what matters. The situation cannot make you say you want to quit. Situation should not make you quit. Let God release you; situation should not release you. Ok? You have taken one leg out; another leg is inside. So please… Prophecy Time I want to see you. Where is your husband? He is here. Call him. Bongani, come. Ok, you are the one. I hope you are not annoyed that I’m talking to your wife. I am not annoyed. It is something that only God knows – the secret, hidden things. This is an issue that only she thought of. It has not been pronounced out but it is a decision from the heart. She is tired of the marriage. You know the reason she is crying? She never wanted you to know because she doesn’t want to hurt you. The way she is going now, she will shock you. Shock you in the sense that you will just find that you are alone. So, now, this is God’s revelation. You just find that you are out, before you come back, the house is empty. I’ve been praying, I wanted to quit but I said that I must first come to The SCOAN, before I go. I wanted to quit, Prophet. Don’t worry, it is not you, it is the spirit; the spirit does not want you to stay. You know you have had a lot of disappointments. Yes. This is not your first attempt. Yes. You were with a woman before. Yes. And that one broke and this one too will break. Only God can hold it. This is not your first woman, you had one before – it broke. Now, this is another and herself too has a broken home. Very true. Prophecy Time The problem you people have, the way she quit her former relationship, it was not God who released her. It was bitterness and disagreement that caused it. Yours – you were not released here, she was not released there and the two of you are together. This is what is affecting the relationship. I will see you, okay? There is a medical report about you – you are battling with trouble. Yes, Man of God. Okay, so I will see you later. Go and wait for me. Prophecy Time TESTIMONY CONTINUES So we want to listen to them right now. Madam, you’re welcome, in Jesus’ name. Please introduce yourself to us and also the gentleman beside you. Good Morning, Church. My name is Mrs Katherine Tetiwa. I am a Zimbabwean residing in South Africa. On Saturday during the prophetic service, the man of God called me out. I got so relieved because I had been praying for that day, for that moment. The man of God said to me, “I can see you want to leave your marriage and you are tired of it”. The prophecy – it was 100% correct. Sorry, Madam, before you go on, who is the gentleman beside you? The man beside me is my husband. Okay. Just go ahead, Madam. The man of God said to me that I was tired of this marriage. He could see one leg being in, one leg being out, meaning that I was still deciding what to do. Our problem started three years ago when I got married to my husband. But before that, the man of God prophesied to me that this was my third marriage. I had two broken marriages before and it was 100% true. I broke off my first marriage because of lack of affection. My second marriage – it was the same. In this third one, it’s the same again. I want the man of God to help me because I cannot see myself leaving my marriage again. I have been praying very hard. My prayer was, “God, I know You are going to answer my prayer in a mighty way”. Okay. So, Madam, we just want to understand clearly. You said that this is actually your third marriage. Is that correct? Yes. Okay. Just describe to us – what were the major problems that caused the breakage of your first two marriages? The first one – it was bitterness and lack of affection. The second one – it was the same. In the second one, he didn’t chase me out of the house. I was the one who packed my bags and left the house. So now entering into the third marriage, you said that the same problem continued. Could you just describe what the challenges were that you were having in your house with your current husband? At first, things were going on well. Two years ago, we stayed with my husband´s son. But we started to have arguments in the house. There were no fights with the son but the atmosphere just changed. When he left, we could not fight. If you saw us, you could not tell that we could fight. We could talk, we could do everything but he started not giving me money when I asked for money. He started telling me I could leave the house. If I wanted, he would never look for me again. I said to myself, “There is no way I can still live with this man”. The affection just disappeared from that time. We could spend two months without meeting as husband and wife. Okay, so people on the outside would look at you, they would not know there was a problem but deep down, in the roots of the marriage, there were serious disagreements, no affection and you actually, in your heart, were planning on leaving the marriage. Is that right? I didn’t even tell him that I wanted to leave but I could hold on his words. I could see his behaviour. Then I was… I didn’t know what to do but, deep down in my heart, I was like, “One day, I’ll leave this marriage”. But when I started to watch Emmanuel TV, I was seeing people being delivered. I didn’t say I was perfect but I was like, “Maybe there’s something seriously wrong with me because this is the third marriage. When I go to The SCOAN, I will get my deliverance and I know things will get to normal”. When I was sitting there, my prayer was, “If the man of God does not address this, after leaving from here, I’m just going to pack my bags and go”. Okay. So people of God, we can understand the power of that prophetic word. This was a decision that she had discussed or disclosed to no one. It was in the depths of her heart. Even her husband was not aware. But the man of God walked straight up to her and said there was this decision that she wanted to take concerning her marriage and we know that as the prophecy has come forth, our sister said they have come to seek the face of God. We know that the solution from God will also come alongside the prophecy. So right now, we would like to hear a word from your husband as well. Sir, you’re very welcome. Please introduce yourself to us and the lady beside you and share your own experiences concerning that prophetic word. Good Morning, Church. My name is Bongani Mvumi. The woman beside me is my wife. I’m from South Africa. As it was mentioned, this is my second marriage. When she was prophesied to, she actually called me beside her and the prophet picked up that I married and remarried, which meant that I also had a previous marriage. So this is actually my second marriage. The prophet also said that there have been disappointments in my life. He also picked up that I’ve got a high medical report which is very true because I’ve got high cholesterol. I then said to myself, “It is good that the man of God has picked up all those things and God is going to address our issues”. And indeed.. The problem that started in my family was that – specifically when we started staying with my son. My wife did not want to accept us staying with my son because she had certain suspicions that my son would go back to his mother and pick up some things which would be brought into the house and disturb our marriage. And because I’ve got this affection for my children. I loved my son and my affection for her started deteriorating. I started becoming very weak, and I did not have any affection for her for quite some time. And this is why we came here so that God can address our challenges that we are facing. So what was the situation in the house before coming to The SCOAN in terms of your relationship with your wife? Before we came to The SCOAN, the situation was not that tense. Like she indicated, we did communicate, we did speak but the affection went down. We could just live together but there was no affection. So sir, were you surprised when the man of God went straight to your wife and told her about this decision that she was planning to take within. I mean, did you know anything about this? Were you aware of this? As far as that decision is concerned, I was quite surprised. I didn’t know that she was contemplating to quit the marriage because I thought we could still give it another chance. And now that we came here to The SCOAN, God is going to answer our prayers and He is going to address this marriage to become the marriage that God actually envisages. Hallelujah! Once again, this is just an experience in life that we’re listening to from the couple here and it’s a great lesson for our viewers all over the world and those of us present here, really demonstrating the recent teaching that the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua has been sharing with us about the need for God to release us from relationships, not situations or circumstances because if you leave a relationship embittered and offended, you will enter the next relationship in the same way. And you will see the problems from the first will simply carry over into the next one because healing needs to take place. And I believe the case of our couple here is a great example of this. But we thank God that it was in the house of God that this was revealed. And definitely as the prophecy has come forth from Prophet T.B. Joshua, we know that solution, in the name of Jesus Christ, and divine intervention have also come in. Sir, just tell us – since that word of prophecy, how is your body right now? How is everything with your life after that prophecy? Since I met the man of God, after the prophecy, I’m quite feeling better in terms of my body. Glory be to God! We know our brother said that he was suffering from health challenges as well which the man of God identified in the prophecy and we thank God that he’s already seen the changes in terms of his physical system and we know that the best is yet to come. Now as you’re here, sir, can we hear from you? What is it that you are seeking from God concerning the next step to take in your marital relationship? I’m seeking for God to reveal that this is the marriage that I should be in so that we conduct ourselves according to God’s will. Hallelujah! Well, as we mentioned earlier, we know that God has spoken in this word of prophecy. And we know the opinion of God will be revealed concerning this situation. Sir, we’d like to finally ask you: What is your word of advice based on your own life experience as someone who has passed through this broken home and now seen similar problems emerge in your current relationship? What do you want to advise our viewers all over the world about this area of marriage and relationships based on your own personal experiences and that word of prophecy that you received last week? My advice to viewers all over the world and in this church is that no one can address the problems that we are facing. It’s only God. Let’s all run to God. He is the only person who has got the answers. With God, nothing is imposible. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Madam, we’d like to hear your own side as well, based on your own life experience, and we thank God that you are here today in the arena of liberty. God has touched your situation. What is your own word of advice to our viewers all over the world concerning this very sensitive issue? My advice is that in every situation, we must run to God. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! So we’ve heard it from this couple. We know they’ve come to hear the opinion of God and we believe that very soon you will see this couple back here to share their testimony of what Jesus Christ has revealed and the next step they’ve taken in the light of that. So we will rest the case for here, knowing that we are going to hear from them very soon to the glory of God about what Jesus has done in their marital lives through coming to The SCOAN and receiving that word of prophecy We just want to encourage both of you to continue to make the Word of God the standard for your lives and we know as you do that, the best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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