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Thank-a-Prof – Thank-a-TA | Celebration of Teaching and Learning 2019

Thank-a-Prof – Thank-a-TA | Celebration of Teaching and Learning 2019

(energetic music) – We are out in the plaza today, collecting thank you notes for professors and TAs who have
facilitated really amazing learning experiences for students. We cannot keep them away. Every student, when I
say, are you a student? Have you had an amazing
learning experience? They’re like, absolutely,
how many can I fill out? Someone filled out 23 thank you notes. Amazing! – Dear Professor Pizzigoni. – Dear Ezra. – Dear Professor George. – Dear Professor Gray. – To Professor Eric Matheis. – Thank you a thousand times over again for being an amazing instructor on my first semester of college. – Thank you so much for making Lit Hum an interesting and engaging class and for the soft deadlines. – Thank you for being a good
and understanding instructor. – Thank for making my
time as an undergraduate at Columbia incredible. You are an inspiration. – Lord knows how much
I needed the extra help and you went above and
beyond to assist me. – You have helped cement my
passion for French. – Thank you for a transformative
workshop experience, your class exposed me
to some awesome books and inspired me to keep writing. I hope all is well. – Best wishes. (Spanish) Y con un gran abrazo Gil de Jesus – Thank you, Laura. – [All] Lots of love, the three furies. (trio laughing)

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