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Mom… Mom… Mom… Mom… Such a pleasant climate it is, how i wish we had a chilled beer, how exciting would that be. Ahann! What else do you wish for? Are you still thinking what has happened? i somehow feel what we have done is a mistake. all that we have done, was responsibly ask our parents to get us married. Now that they haven’t accepted us, we walked out and started our own lives. Whats the mistake in that? do you think our parents are still searching for us? of course they would be searching, few days and that would be settled. can you stop being worried? Thank god you smiled! Than convincing our parents it been a task making you smile. heyy! Who is he walking down? must be in need of peace. he doesn’t look like he needs peace instead looks like he is in search of eternity Come lets go. heyy! Where are you going? umm perfect spot to die, body would surely not be found. excuse me! who are you guys? angels from heaven here to provide our service. hey will you stay calm. sure your majesty! who are you brother? why do you choose to die? thats none of your concern. do you think your death would resolve your problems? at least that would get rid of my pain. you would rather make use of alcohol to lessen your misery over dying. so do you plan on motivating me and switching my mind off death? it isn’t that way, we are just curious. one’s misery often drives others curious. well said! Yet I wanna know if your problems are worth dying . if you don’t mind you can tell and proceed. i’m from middle class family Since childhood i have always loved photography. I have probably captured everything that looked beautiful to my eye. Over a naked eye i have always found everything immensely beautiful through the camera. I opened a page called “CULT CLICKS” and people happened to appreciate my work. But my dad has always dreamt about making me a doctor. I discontinued photography and started my preparation for medicine. Couldn’t clear EAMCET even after pursuing long term. I’ve lost the bonding with my father after disappointing him. Facing him reminds me of how i failed as a son Neither i can see him disappointed, nor live like a loser so i choose to die. Why are you laughing? what is this dude? if your father’s wish is not fulfilled he should be the one to die. why are you dying? exactly, shes right. what ? to let my father die? no i didn’t mean that way. Dying in attempt of becoming a photographer make sense but dying for not becoming a doctor isn’t right. Because it isn’t your dream, it’s your fathers. Correct! In simple words, if elephant judges a fish by its ability to climb a tree, can fish climb the tree? bah! What a line… not it down dude. will you stop it? is that the only reason why want to die? while i was grieving about not being able to fulfill my father’s dream, i happened to meet her. DIYA, DIYA KRISHNA MURTHY While i was in search of a purpose to live, We spent hours together over a call. We spent hours together over a call. After Some days Gradually our calls reduce. For days together all done was waiting for her call. Once again, I was left alone. One fine day i got to know through a mutual friend that she got married and left to london. Knowing that my life got shattered. why would you think about marriage? Isn’t that the responsibility of parents. When you are suppose to study, do study. hey shut up will you? For abandoning you, she should be the one to die of guilt but why are you? She cheated, yet she’s doing good and here you are planning to die. though you are ready to sacrifice your life for her she isn’t willing to lead a life with you. though she looks like she’s kidding yet the content is clear. All the while you loved the girl you would die for but there might be a girl who would die for you to be loved. instead loving the girl who you die for, love the girl who would die for you. do you think such exists in our world? im aint here. sorry dear! i am just kidding! So tell me do you still wanna die? tell me , if you still wanna die, im gonna do a favour by pushing you. life is short we tend to live majority for others. At Least we need to die for ourselves. thank you so much brother! you changed my perspective towards life. Series of circumstances compelled me to die. life doesn’t always depend on the situation that takes place instead depends on how you respond to them. And problems are common everyone’s life circle Sometimes, time is the only solution to the problems. well! you havent introduced yourselves. ours is completely different situation, we’ve informed our parents, requested too! They haven’t accepted. we eloped and since then we are living our best lives. From that time we’re leading happy life. i am very happy to see you both together. Can i get a picture with you? yeah sure. thank you! Do think of me whenever you are in need. All the best i missed something let me convey and get back. Hello Boss! Life always ends beautifully, if it doesn’t maybe it isn’t the end wait for the moment. Kick of having the last laugh is terrible. come lets go. Mom… i’m in the bedroom Mom…! what happened son? I’m very happy today mom when did you shave? It’s been so long seeing you like this. How many times have i asked you to shave, but you never did. For which girl did you shave? no mom, it isn’t like that. I met two new people today. They changed my thinking. They taught me how to lead a life. I’m somehow very happy mom. by the way, who are they? out of excitement i forgot to ask their names. very nice! Do you atleast remember the faces? If you come across again invite them for lunch. look at the pictures. Photos looking great I only see you where are they? which pictures are you looking at? It means, there are…?

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  1. Nice work brothers I think last time lo finishing lo ఆ pair kuda ethanla aavesham lo chanipoina pair la chupisthe 🅰🅳🅱🅷🆄🆃🅷🅰🅼 ga undedi #great job in summer 🔥🔥

  2. i liked the way how you tried to portray even small details like the phone screen projection on the lenses etc. All the very best bro proud of u bharat and venkat . 🙂 Keep rocking. Just a suggestion text time please add some bloopers

  3. Extraordinary one bharath chala bagundi concept story ,cinematography , direction bgm very thing was excellent great work guys all the best to whole team ofcourse waiting for part 2……🤘👌👌👌

  4. Superrrrrr……..
    Dialogues kekaa
    Screenplay Ultimate.
    Pair characters 👌👌👌👌
    Overall Concept Superb Annaya…..

  5. 11 min lo unna dialogue vinte mind potundi 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻 btw excellent work brother. Really liked it. All the best everyone. ☺️

  6. Background music is awesome
    Good story & Screenplay
    Totally a good message oriented film
    Good work and all the best guys

  7. @Sachin @venkat 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Bro you guys Nailed it.
    I liked soo much your acting and comic timing 🤓; camera work is super cool. The suspense in the end ( I am waiting for it ).
    Great work Bro Bharat Duvvada 👏🏻

  8. @pavanabolla Akka You really Proved that…. Povanaaa😂 is the best..! Then coming towards acting was Superb of every character who was Involved in this film…. Basically Iam a great Fan of Pavana… For that reason I have watched the film…. Since the main thing was…. I was not awaited for Maharshi…. Iam awaited for 'CELEBRATION OF life'……Last but not Least……Bharat Duvvada Sir Heartly Congratulations for Providing this type of movie for us… All the Best for your Future Projects…
    Regards from Rohith_bollineni,
    Thank you.

  9. better luck next time Bharat Duvvada your story impress but content not matched in this video i hope you next time you got your work chill mama

  10. u rocked it pavana akka ur dialogue delivery is so perfect nd ur acting is soo good …all d best fr d entire team gud message ….hope u will do more 👍💕

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