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  1. Wife: Honey, tell me why you married me [ cute smile ]
    Me: it let's people know I'm not a homo

  2. Ever since I watched this movie, when my wife asks me why I chose to marry her my reply is: "stability, lets people know I'm not a homo."

  3. Alright… if DiCaprio crept up on them, pulled his gun and said "police motherfuckers don't move!" Would he have been successful in catching the rat and Costigan? I feel like just catching them together would be enough to convince the department that Damon is the rat. Even if he shot them dead, he could still say they saw him and pulled their guns. I know that he's scared shitless and doesn't know who Frank is talking to, but that might have been a good option and, well, kept him from getting wasted in the end.

  4. This scene should really be called "why relationships don't work out". Remember the scene right before this is Billy being with this dickheads woman.

  5. Costello I think in his mind when he was quiet at the end was saying I’m going to give you up to FBI he didn’t care

  6. Fun fact Alec Baldwin didn't even know they were filming they just had Matt Damon ask him about his thoughts on marriage while he was golfing.

  7. 'some people don't trust a guy with an immaculate record' yeah and those people are called smart.Immaculate record means somethins is off about the guy.No wonder Marky Mark didn't want to give away his men on the inside to Alec Baldwin.He was smart enough to know this guy should at most be a street cop doing patrol not run a department.

  8. "Ladies see the ring, they know immediately you must have some cash, and your cock must work." always cracks me up this scene…fantastic movie. Classic Scorsese.

  9. The only thing i want in life is for me to tell alec baldwin that my cock is running overtime and for him to say "i'm glad to hear that"…is that to much to fucking ask? goddamn nixon

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