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The Engagement –  Latest Ghallywood/Nollywood Movie [NIGERIAN MOVIE]

The Engagement – Latest Ghallywood/Nollywood Movie [NIGERIAN MOVIE]

stop that’s all let’s need a little bit
more time to be financially stable I am not getting any younger
this Whitten is dragging on people are beginning to talk especially my parents
they need to know when we are getting married all I might miss my friends
happy but the whole married I’m just your dream boyfriend and get along with
you baby please you should get married but I just want everything to be done
properly your weather just started work three months ago I just need a little
bit more time to save up just AskMe essence % % dr e % just that is all I
get from you my patient is beginning to run out though huh look at do something
fast else she’s on viewing this romantic time we’re having please romance that’s
all you care about mr. romantic I will read this Romantic period where you
going where you going Oh Jose wasn’t this rubbish I know put
it in my cart what who did such an e-commerce act of
militias began this to your car madam are you asking me the stupid question
hey I’m IT security man watching over this compound well madam if you put it
like that I would like to affirm that it is my exclusive obligation to secure the
disagrees periphery against external intrusion however it is not within my
purview – well what I’m I have no idea how that eccentric paraphernalia got
into your conveyance but you may call from one of your
cohorts one of my watch your cohorts madam do you know the meaning of the of
the words you you you you you and you you speak huh you just sit there and be
great in English in your head but you’re not watching over this house and someone
just walked in here and put this rubbish in my car I’m very sorry mother I wasn’t
confines of my cubicle and gross than the consumption of my belated breakfast
if you don’t know how to speak straight English just shut up
my profound apologies madam but what I’m simply trying to say is that one of your
cohorts so sorry one of your flatmates but I might have to be precise unless
I’ve left the gate open when she went out for a walk oh my god since I left
this out three hours ago you’ve left this door open
we are the robberies happening in this place ha ha ha please it’s not possible
when I’m here in this house let them comment right
I will show them that I am a black belt I’m the mascot of judicial ice you madam
is a form of Japanese masala that incorporates mesmerizing physical
manoeuvres to demobilize and effectively an opponent to
submission you not to do sorry for yourself yeah we did I just watch see I wanted to spend a
weekend there but I changed my mind hmm what happened did you guys fight
talk to me what else but his same whole story Chima
you know this is authority that reason I have been dating instead of talking
about money this guy just comes up because of those stupid and Lawson feud
the excuses that your boyfriend what is this problem does they just want to be
shining your Congo for nothing is that BC do you know that it’s time eliciting
we did you see that morning afternoon and night star cotton but once I bring
up the issue of marriage supper changes read about side drop men and their silly
excuses how financially stable does you want to be before he pops the question
isn’t working in that Bank I just don’t move he kept saying M he
hasn’t made enough money yet to get married to me for crying out loud a lot
cause you need to get married to me how much I don’t trust this young man I
don’t trust him at all girl you have to be very very careful
men of today a very very wicked or for all you know you waste your time and
dump you and then go and date one young girl he dares not, he wouldn’t even try it or else I will just die on him or kill the useless
girl No, he can’t try it now! [ Laughs]I pray it doesn’t happen to you oo. I mean see
me talking about killing as if I can even hurt a fly
By the way, where’s Ada? Hmm…that one she went out with her new boyfriend the boyfriend
she refused to introduce to us but at least she has a man even though you have
your problems with yours you have a man as well look at me
I’m 30 and still single stop complaining you’re not so hot yet when your right man
comes you will know it’s really well any man that winks at me must marry me because I
don’t open these two legs if I don’t have a ring on my finger don’t hurry so much Oh before you go
and tie your pretty self to a lazy gold digger man Why are you even
complaining anyways? When there is one cool dude out there writing love letters Oh
Baby Chioma I love you I love you are you here forming big girl and doing shakara…mshew [Hisses]
stupid love letters, that idiot that buys those cheap cheap perfume that just drops them
in my car go please we are trying to piss me up just stop okay by the way I’m
cooking do you want to join me stop it I know why are you doing this to
me I mean this is the third week that we
dated we are still treating me like I’m a stranger it’s not fair
wait Andrew what do you take me for what kind of girl do you think I am? You just
want to use me and dump me right so that you can brag to your friends about how
you’ve conquered in your way oh come on you know I wouldn’t do that you’re very
dear to me and I love you so much stop stop stop it I’m not giving you sex
today or any other day. Ada, this is bullshit! what do you want from me
I’ve given you virtually everything you asked for so what must I do for you to
trust me if you love me prove it what do you mean I just need you to assure me
that I’m not just a sex toy wait wait I still don’t get you? Andrew, all I’m
saying is if you really love me then give me a ring that will symbolize your
love and I show me that we’ll be together. Forever forever ke? but
there’s nothing that stays forever on this earth! Don’t trivialize this, you know
I’ve through a lot I’ve been played on too many times in the past by many
guys and I don’t want to fall into that trap anymore please if you really want
to get in between my legs and I need you to assure me that you’re going to marry
me see condition before action cy cy what’s up now
Amarachi, I have warned you before and I’m going to emphasize it again for the
obtained time my name is Cyril, simply Cyril C-R-Y-I-L
and not see why Henn.. it’s the same thing now cyril
it sounds like an expired drug, while, cy it’s better and easier to call
I just want like the abbreviation don’t you get it you either call me cyril or
c ease to call me all together I’ve heard you, let me go to my house job before my
madam comes yeah please go because I don’t have
the time to entertain your obnoxious petiness this evening see no burst my
head with this your grammar please I only came to ask if you will eat melon soup with fresh fish I just made but since you don’t have appetite I’m going. Wait na, what is wrong with you amarachi, somebody cannot even play with you again? what, don’t you know when a man is joking with you I don’t have your
boyfriend I don’t know I think I’m Donna look my my appetite is always active
around you are you know that I know your appetizer is active only when it
concerns my freedom nothing that’s more true now I appreciate everything about
you admire you a lot especially your culinary dexterity mmm oh yeah
one is as it should justice
but you know I’m talking to somebody my see us here, you these madam, you know how they act
Go and bring the soup when you come out give it you give you two kiss self one here one here . Go first na. Haa, cyril, is this for me? Do you have your name wriiten on it what, go and bring the soup Its not fair oo Song: its just a dream world, the world full of fantasy So Ada left this house without allowing me to touch her again today and
she’s the third girl has demanded the same thing from me
all that these girls want nowadays is ring ring ring ring as if their lives
depended on it but I’m not ready for marriage at any of
them yet haha I must rock my life very well now before
sentencing myself to such life imprisonment what wait oo
if an engagement ring is all that they want can’t I just give it to them and
get what I want Andrew Andrew you are evil genius Cyril what are you putting in my car
what is that thing cyril, that thing I saw you putting something in my car I’m not stupid I saw you, answer me what is that? but I was only trying to… bring that
thing bring it give it to me and it’s addressed to me my dearest beautiful Chioma, it’s
unfortunate that I’m pouring out this deepest recesses of my heart to you
via this medium it is just that every time I see you my heart palpitates so
much that I am afraid I would have heart attack I am unable to Vince my depressed
really Cyril what is this did you write this letter to me I’m
talking to you cyril! yes madam I wrote the letter it’s just
that my cowardly heart could not find any other way to express my love before
for you Madam, I love you very much shut up are you high or something elseö
so it’s been all this while and it’s been you that’s been putting those cheap
gifts in my car and this stupid letters it’s been you madam it’s because of love,
madam. Love? What nonsense what stupid love is that are you crazy
do I look like your type Hnn, cyril do I look like someone that will stoop so low to date a
a stupid get man what rubbish is this so you did not use this principle on all
these house girls in the neighborhood but you decided to use it on me
wasting your meagre salary chasing fake dreams and you have guts though but you
are very very stupid Madam am not just a security man oh
I’m a second class upper graduate of Marine Engineering its just that I
couldn’t find a good job and that’s why I had to settle for this unflattering security
job those who I can pay my bills I don’t care if you are first second third class
graduate in mathematics I don’t care cyril you know what let this be the
very last time you you you you write this rubbish and put nonsense in my car
you hear me let it be the last time else I will report you to your security
company and they’ll get you fired you hear me please I beg you I beg you with
everything I have please don’t joke it’s my only source of
livelihood I promise this will not repeat itself ever again. Well, it better
not because I can’t handle this rubbish again nonsense what rubbish take your stupid
letter idiot so this is what you’ve been doing abi? No wonder, you don’t want to even touch me. Just small, after all the green, the blue and the white light because I just funny but unlike what you
think chill man nothing happened it wa s just a normal date and I’m not as cheap
as I used to be no sex tell me something I don’t already know
like I said it was just a normal date we ate at a fast-food joint
he took me home he tried to sleep with me and and are you even listening to me I
said no I’m not giving out any sex until I am sure that their relationship is
heading somewhere – Manus Castle you better give this guy what he’s asking
for before he leaves you and go gets it somewhere else
get him going get it somewhere else if that’s all he cares about seriously I
think Schumann’s right you have to tread very carefully before this guy slips
through your fingers you girls are very naive if I give him the sex what else will be
left me if a man wants me he should be able to wait till marriage or else
nothing I decided ada audikwa risky oo [its very risky] with all these sexy sexy girls all
around town that are dying to have what you have
grab this man, tell her, grab him he can have them if he wants but for me I am
NOT giving out myself to any man until he does the right thing or at least proposes, at least i Know the relationship is heading somewhere. Hmm, ada be careful oo. Thank you you’ve been actin all worked up today is
anything the matter Chioma, what is the problem is it a marriage
thing Chris Chris I love this so much it’s obviously don’t
feel the same way about me I want to get married like my meds I want to give my
parents grandchildren while they are still alive I what I tried enough happy
with you since when you had nothing and now you still want me I said just a mere
girlfriend not even of your wife of course I want to marry you to be my wife
it has to be when the time is right I do at the right, we’ll both have beautiful
children at the appropriate time we’ll be parents when when is the appropriate time
if not now I’m just tired of all these your your yes excuses every time if you
truly love me then prove it how do you mean is that not what I’ve
been trying to prove and you are here acting like I like a small village girl really
I am acting like a small village girl okay fine no more sex until you put a
ring on this beautiful finger at least to show that you’re serious press up
and be like a man for once joy how do you mean no no not now that I’m fully-charged
up now just look at me Mr NEPA You are fully charged up? Cyril drafts another letter dong-chul
Amarachi do you know you are crazy you are asking me that question oo love letter
look does it look like a love letter to you look at it very well, does it look like a
love letter do not carry your busybody and go home please
what do you even know sef, you this ordinary house girl they’re talking about love
letter mmm Me, ordinary househelp? mm, I gree oo, am an ordinary house help, that’s why I know my level and I’m not living in a dream world
hmm because I just want both of us to rock this world together
ordinary house help and ordinary gate man one hmm perfect match. Abi, do you know
you are delirious I’ve been telling you this but you you always think otherwise
you are just totally delirious you look at me a second class upper graduate in
marine engineering and you say I’m ordinary. Do I look ordinary to you? Look
at me very well you have just look at me I look ordinary to you? Mm me myself do I look ordinary?
on IG take a good look at me look at my fronts and my back even the blind
man will see how full and overflowing I am mmm I wonder why you can see others
endowments…[hisses] Well done, front and back you have joined front and back gang look
at you hello sweetheart how you doing well I’ve
been thinking about what we discussed the last time we met and I totally
agree with you of course not mine
why would I do that when I’m seriously in love with you the thing is I
I’ve made my decision anyways Okay, Am Listening. What have you decided? See, I don’t think it’s something we
can discuss over the phone how about we do it over dinner at my place I’ll be
cooking are you game? Yea, it works, what time? let’s say 8 p.m. will be perfect. Okay darling
I’ll be waiting for you alright love Amarachi Amarachi What are you doing over there? Sorry ma, I was washing and… fine, this is for you. Don’t be silly, you know i always clothes dry-cleaned
that gift is for you I just upgraded my wardrobe thank you thank you thank you so
much God bless you and would give you a rich and handsome husband amen I’ll try
and get your shoes to match this clothes okay thank you
they can buy why are you so excited over used clothes given to you by a fellow
woman like you what do you know hmm this clothes are not ordered so they are new
a sparkling pink girls dress don’t worry please see them on me you will faint
have you well what are you or not all I know is that they are used clothes so
you don’t have to dance like you’ve won a jackpot okay I got this okay thank you this tastes very good are you sure you
made this well I don’t I love about what we were talking about on the phone I’ve
thought about what you said the last time and I’ve made my decision look baby I believe in love and I also
believe that if you want something you should go for it and I must say there is
nothing absolutely nothing I want more and to spend the rest of my life with
you by the way I must commend you your head
it’s beautiful I think Harper’s beautiful is you though Wow how about the food look at the food can
wait don’t be horse is on the way girlfriend
I can feel it might be optimistic does my name oh my gosh you see avec Torsten
is very close by deloitte keep rejecting from it’s obsessive blocker no baby
trying to support my mood right now but girls come on let’s be real like don’t
you think I need some spiritual path because the men are not because I’m
black oh no darling she don’t have to say that no way because they have
refused to embrace and kiss the one I was bulging of the common approach wait
just a second don’t even try ruin my mood right now
okay I’ll send a bit in a descending yeah this your new SEC strategy’s
working hmm force it on my crease girlfriend and
for six you don’t know man no we’ll do everything to keep it sexy I think I’ll
do the same as well maybe that will get me young I told you girls I told you we’re still available players I still
disturb you but I’ll go don’t necessarily look just it’s just a dream word the word full of
fantasies but for the two of us that’s the reality but sometimes it’s a crazy it feels like the whole world’s falling
down before the let’s go and sometimes sometimes and wow this
marriage gimmick is really working like magic cereal cereal booboo my friend boo-boo
bear please mom what’s what’s wrong come on Russell my
name keep quiet you are sleeping on duty like a lucky wasn’t your mom who caught
you I’m very sorry but I was only meditated in my subconscious well which
meditation you a honey one of those your silly prank dreams huh
who are you professing your love to me or joy you better be very careful in
this house be careful in this house ey sorry for yourself I’m going out Peter
gates for me how long would this life consume long what just about on time you’re mine
I bet distracted by this Jeff look up mother so tell me who is this guy – I am
so engrossed with his charts they I think I rather keep it a secret till I
meet him my mouth is sealed anyways why are you
coming from hey when I left Chris please I stopped
by at the restroom so relax and think so he paid for food and drinks and you did
not bother to bring home takeaways for your girls Oh calm down you two like
food yes as I was saying this guy is really
cool it’s changed two months ago she knew and then he has a good listening
attitude also so somehow gods walk in and I didn’t know when I started telling
him about Kristin hi and it felt a little bit disappointed and anyways –
Kyle it’s rich I mean rich and ready to settle down you know what my dear see I
know this is going to sound really really stupid coming from me but you
have known Chris for such a long time today is not it’s not asking you to
marry him so my advice is get to know this guy you know you never know you can
put all your eggs in one basket to this world we’re living now just just get to
know this new guy he might be the one my sister you you’re right
you know sometimes your medulla oblongata just I’m sure you cook this sure I did
you don’t like it I do it’s actually really good thank you very much
well I try my best I learned how to cook for my mother
Wow do enjoy your meal thank you and Gemma
I’ve been thinking lately that what about us I’m the kind of man who knows
what I want when I see it okay and I must say you’re the kind of woman I want
to have in my life you’re really making me blush the
beautiful you’re smart and you’ve you’ve got a great personality I wouldn’t want
to lose you to another man what I’m trying to say is would you but for the there’s no me yes ma’am
come out when the kids she had she quarterbacks Atlantic’s gets man I know
irony as a kebab when you get down to go to the markets this girl was so sweet last night she
gave it all to me just because of one I mean I really died on top of it
a widow so in her mind she thinks just found a husband right
she doesn’t know that yet without one chat I can’t believe my eyes so you knew each other to have my
friends tamales really small place as people say oh it’s getting more
interesting than I am finished three best friends oh man I deserve an award
in fact the Oscars just creates a category the best rotten performance
goes to Andrew alright baby I show you don’t need help in there
sweetie don’t worry here don’t stress yourself I’ve got this covered it’s my treat remember yeah that’s true
I just can’t wait to have a test of what you’re cooking all right over it in a few minutes it’s just a
dream word the word full of fantasies but for the two of us we know cheek you
have joint gang hi you gang right away you how you know y’all Fred of the guard
really wanna know the way I really do get soup with all these dressings I’m a
cop I know I’d man it’s okay it’s okay this past weeks I’ve known you have been
so wonderful it’s like I’ve known you forever it’s been electrifying and
indeed magical I can see forever with you really you can see for about me how
do you mean oh I mean our relationship has been way better than the ones I’ve
had in the past let’s look I thought blowing of my head
what I’m trying to ask is my sweet joy my darling would you be my endless love
for all of eternity Oh would you be my life partner and the
mother of my children yes what are you talking about you don’t
exactly mean what you’re saying do you Kris you heard me and I mean every
single word of it I’m fed up with this relationship it’s not too difficult for
you to understand I would have tried in love with you oh my friends are now
engaged and I’m still glad you love you dougie with you look at that if any
longer any place I will marry as soon as possible I just want everything to be
right please hold it yeah beginning to sound like a broken record already don’t
from the look of things it doesn’t even seem like it is ready in the next two
years so you see mr. lover boy John he’s so oh my god god is great girl
I cannot believe that a man you met just three months ago has asked you to marry
him and the stupid Chris was wasting your time all these years
the excitement is just what I do not express it but I just want to thank this
great god of Huachuca my man in my life you see that Chris was just a waste of
my precious time I could have been waiting forever and it will never be
raging can you even imagine can you just imagine that the three of us are getting
married just about the same time what are the odds of this happening I really
really need to thank God we really really have to thank God I swear because
this is a blessing you just did it for us at the same time like I said I do not
express that just wants an amen amen such a marvelous God oh by the way I
have a plan yeah why don’t we invite our fiancees well I tried to do something
fun with them besides I want you girls to meet life that sounds very great okay
so why don’t we invite them over this weekend for lunch or dinner so we just
want stone to keep free birds so our men get to know us one on a wall what do you
think yes that’s what we should do that’s a good idea I have already told that it is over
between us it’s not that difficult for you to understand oh he’s the lover I do not have another
chance to give to you as you can see I am in a more committed relationship and
I will be getting married so soon so there are mouse Joey how could you do
this to me after all we’ve been through together
how could you after the plights do you tell me you’re just going to run
off with a total stranger and who told you that was a stranger I have known him
for the past three months Chris that was the same opportunity that I gave to you
three years ago what did you do with it nothing your best all you’re honest at
shipments we’re endless please really one more chance I do not have any more
chance to give to you so now what’s it let’s take my house get out go cereal I am NOT ready for this your
particular attitude right now it’s no longer my boyfriend me thank you welcome
to see I love my friends I made myself clear what this is a conundrum I thought
you two were very good together my job is listen to your job mr. Chris
um I’m very sorry about it I I know it hurts to love somebody and
the person doesn’t love you back but that’s life you know there’s nothing
we can do about it these girls are really happiness you
should know that by now where you find somebody better am i actually please I don’t have time
for your inconsequential arguments this afternoon see what you have to see
please okay I didn’t come here to argue with your abuses Udrih I just came to
ask you a question I’m all ears take a good look at me don’t I look beautiful
hello actually you are very beautiful okay if I’m beautiful
why don’t you like this rule of course I like you what is just that sometimes you
act like a very naughty and blue scale mm okay I promise not to act Russia and
then what was probably a game with you only if you love me more tinkling just
ritual love I’m actually like I said earlier was very pretty girl okay and I
like you as a person that is it being in love with you right now or any other
woman is not in my priority I just wish you would understand this I’m sorry
just understand but for the I decided to relocate to his house
before the wedding not put that girl I wasn’t wondering why she’s still not
back maybe she decided to get pregnant right before they actually gets married
well it was the case that’s good for her at least she’s with her man my Stanley
decided to go to a butcher for some more time it seemed so much your man is in
Abuja my mom also travel to Abuja really what a coin see then you don’t write
but he said you’d be back before the weekend for our plan to get together
oh wow Stanley also said he’s just another oh my god I swear I can’t wait
I’m so excited writing married darling um mr. Chris
look you have to understand that I’m in a very tight spot right now I cannot let
you in it’s an order from above which you’re aware of what’s order I just need
to speak to Joy desperately joy does not want to speak with you don’t you
understand are you actually just seeing me for the
first time I have not forgotten who you are what I am acting based on
instructions this man does not want me to do my job please I just really want
to speak to joy right now please Joe is not here what do you if I was in his shoes
I would have done worse than just telling them not to let you in but you
know the one is to get him oh she’s not the one doing anything but we all wish
you a stupid yeah but you’re not serious but three years you’ve been wasting the
girls time you do put every man a thing and now someone wants to marry her
and you hear this please just go she’s found someone more serious someone who
has puts a ring on it so you can do for someone whose time you can waste smote
our friend joy sorry iodized right stop embarrassing us
please boom and move on you guys are just eating a friend out stranger
she’s walking away from your good thing here perhaps you guys don’t know it
because you’re all the same Africa’s you are calling us
heartbreaking in fact we are calling us half wicked you are the UM okay Chris or
whatever your name is now we are very very sorry we’ve heard you Joe is not
here she’s with our husband-to-be so please have some shame some dignity
darling just go you know what serial if he does not want to go see those
character moves we’ve been talking about a bag and force it on him go she’s
married now it’s just a dream word the word full of
fantasies but for us that’s the reality but sometimes it’s a crazy feels like
the whole world’s falling down follow the what you want yeah that Shauna and joy
this is your boyfriend Oh Lada your fianc Andrew Stanley or
Chuck’s whichever name you choose to call me yes all three of you have been
dating and sleeping with the same man it all started with the other when she
refused to have sex with me except I show her a commitment to marry her
from the moment I realized that for me to be able to enjoy real good sex from
beautiful ladies like you all I needed was to give them an engagement ring and
that’s what I did few girls should not bother to look for
me as I have moved away and you will never find me those ain’t good men rings
I gave the three of you effect cosmetic rings I got at a very cheap price so you
can as well throw it away Andrew so you mean all three of them fell victim to
just one guy kosnov oh yes so he didn’t I slept with all three of them and none
of them realized it was the same man which it’s deep I wish I saw that guy
when he brought the letter hmm oh yeah I’ve done without watching with your
cards no on the contrary I would have shook his hand and congratulated him
he’s a real man I tell you it’s okay champ your customer the Besant work I promise I put this to
wait for as long as ooh learn you think I was to be interested in this
condemned second I’m sorry I still can’t believe we got played by
the same guy the same guy I mean how could this happen to us the most painful
accident but it for me is that I’ve lost the love of my life Greece just because
of that’s devil incarnate Kosuke his name is not you guy he’s and you do you
know he told me his name is Dudley and I believed him
I mean how could I have been so stupid that guy is a beast but if I his name
this is not important in my life Buddha Mahna Mahna sorry – what are your
BOTS I came to drop a message I hope it’s something good because I can’t
stand one more bad news well it’s something very good cereal
whatever you have to say please say it’s quickly and in plain English language
because we’re not in the right mood photos your silly grammar
okay I’ll be very brief and straight to the point
I came to inform you all that I have placed my resignation letter with a
security company I believe in to work somewhere else why are you going to work
for another house no actually let me put it this way
God has been really faithful all my fasting and prayer has finally paid off
I got a job with an oil film sir are you serious I hope this is not
one of your silly pranks not at all this is my employment later they gave me a
house on a car I’m to resume work next week I just came to inform you all that
will be leaving today I’m actually living with me please why
I’m madam sir asked me to go with you to help me further my education to the
University yes it’s just a dream word the word full of
fantasy in song the p-word
a world full of fantasy but for the Terra
well sometimes and then

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  1. No part 1,2,3,4 just one, short and meaningful it's a message to all the desperate women out there who thinks it's too late to get married and run into any relationship a man can give u a ring but won't love you if all your friends are getting married wait the right time will surely come there is no expiring date for a woman to get married stay focus be prayerful Gods time is the best

  2. I watched too many Nigerian movies, but is this how they talk and treated their watch man's in real life? Just asking.

  3. Cyril is really a good guy who did love Chioma genuinely. But Chris didn't not love joy as he processed, because love conquers all. Nice mives thanks for sharing.

  4. Look towards tomorrow not at the moment. 80% women look at the picture not future. ( Ie.) Look at now instead of tomorrow forgetting that tomorrow is the best

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