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The Internet Reacts To Jake Paul And Tana Mongeau’s Engagement

The Internet Reacts To Jake Paul And Tana Mongeau’s Engagement

On Monday, June 24th, 2019, YouTube star Tana
Mongeau tweeted, “JAKE JUST PROPOSED.” And just like that, the internet was set ablaze
over two of the biggest YouTube personalities, Mongeau and Jake Paul, getting engaged. According to BuzzFeed, the pair started dating
only a few months ago, leading many to believe the engagement was strictly for show. One user tweeted, “I honest to god cannot tell if anything tana
mongeau does is real or fake and now she’s engaged to jake Paul so I’m even more confused
about her life.” Another person tweeted, “IF SOMEONE DOESNT TELL ME IF TANA AND JAKE
ARE REAL IM GONNA SCREAM! Is the relationship real? Is the engagement real? Am i being punked?” It’s easy to understand why people would question
this relationship because in a September 2017 interview with The New York Times, Paul admitted
that his relationship with another social media influencer, Erika Costell, was completely
fake. He said at the time, “We’re not even actually dating. It’s like the WWE. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the
biggest things of entertainment.” However, Mongeau insists this proposal is
legit. When Fuller House actress Ashley Liao replied
to Mongeau’s announcement with: “If this is a joke i’m going to be pissed” The newly-engaged influencer shot back: “it’s not. i’m engaged. holy f—.” According to E! News, Paul proposed in Las
Vegas during Mongeau’s 21st birthday celebrations in Sin City. She tweeted, “damn i just blew out my birthday candles
and truly thought ‘i have everything i’d wish for’ and legit got emotional.” Despite her public display of joy, the critical
takes continued online. One skeptic tweeted: “i feel like tana mongeau & jake paul’s relationship
is gonna be this half-real-half-a-joke thing until they’re literally 50 years old & have
2 kids in college & they’re FaceTiming each other from opposite ends of the mansion & that’s
when they realize it was real the whole time.” Another user added: “tana mongeau getting a brand new car for
her birthday even tho she doesnt have a license and cant drive it….. and then getting ‘engaged’
to jake f—ing paul for clout…. i hate big youtube culture im sorry.” While plenty of folks were skeptical and/or
happy for the pair, actress Bella Thorne was sad. According to TMZ, Thorne and Mongeau dated
for a year before splitting up in February 2019. The Famous In Love star wished Mongeau a happy
birthday on Instagram, and the post included a sweet picture of the two with a caption
that read: However, on Thorne’s, quote, “‘fake’ Instagram,
which she’s publicly confirmed that she runs, the actress posted a picture of herself with
red, crying eyes and a caption with more than 30 crying emojis that said, It’s unclear if this engagement is for true
love or for views, but one thing’s for sure the Twitter reactions were pure gold. One user tweeted, “if jake Paul can somehow convince a girl
to live [with] him for the rest of her LIFE anything is possible don’t stop dreamin
don’t stop believin” Another user appeared to have a pop culture
meltdown after discovering the newly engaged duo for the first time, writing, “I made the mistake of looking into this Jake
Paul and Tana thing. Had never heard of them… [O.M.F.G] I want to shoot myself in the face
at the disgusting display of Neanderthal behavior. Please #freebritney and save pop culture. In the name of Michael Jackson, please, dear
Lord.” Alongside a video from the night of the proposal,
another user tweeted, “Nothing says I love you like [Jake Paul]
using bottle service in the club to propose to [Tana Mongeau]!!!” “That’s what a good clout relationship is
all about, though.” “Yeah this is a clout lab.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. Who else think that bella thorn will do something hurtful to her self?I don't think that girl is ok at all

  2. Do anything for clout
    They do anything for clout 🎶
    Do anything for clout
    They do anything for clout 🎶

  3. This days, Teenagers think they are like Kings and princesses, Life will tear your Entitlement brutally and make you humble. Just saying..

  4. Wait what is going on? Who are these losers getting? Sorry I was learning about important and thought provoking new from around the world when a link to this video about these wannabe famous pieces of dog excrement pop up on my screen. I was a idiot for clinking the link.

  5. This video was rushed…. get the facts!!! Come on! I cant wait till a better youtuber puts forth better effort

  6. And we care because?

    Either way both of them are morons anyways and always are seeking attention for absolute dumbass reasons and actions.

    Guys, it’s getting SO old. 🙄 whoopdeefuckingdoo…what’s next? They buy an island and trash a mansion next on their “honey moon” ?

  7. Two biggest idiots on YouTube… I think it's a stunt. Both their careers are quiet lately, so it's probably just to stir the pot a bit.

  8. They won't even make it down the aisle before their engagement called off. It's just a publicity stunt.

  9. I don't believe. Jake has not said anything about the Proposal. I see another WWE relationship. He used a ring pop when he first proposed. FAKE.

  10. It's a fake Relationship, fake Proposal, and fake marriage, and if they do decide to get married, they will live stream everything with ad's sell wedding photos and make millions, then divorce and split the profits.

  11. so they're trying to be this year's Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande ? IDK which couple is / was worse TBH 😂

  12. 1:45 said it perfectly 🙌🏻
    Jake gets married in Vegas for a YouTube video soooo you don’t think he’d get engaged for the same thing? It’s disgusting and gonna take away from any real engagement he has in the future. He’s an immature idiot but we’re all talking about this which is exactly what they both want! Two dying YouTubers looking for a pick me up! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. yeah right..Both fake..and both love to troll youtube..and both should have nothing to do with marriage or partners.

  14. Ugh..Please shane please stop hanging out with Tana. Parents..please stop allowing your kids to let trash get big on youtube and rich.

  15. Jake only likes tana because she is as much of a boy as he is…She doesn't mind screwing around with women, going to strip clubs and being a complete misogynist in a womans body. she likes to lie…everything he is..she is..She just has different genitalia. Sad. Very sad any parent would let their kids watch such trashy things.

  16. I could see them being the new Speidi. Maybe it starts out fake and then ends up being real while they desperately try to cling to relevancy.

  17. what's crazy to me is everyone in the comments thinking they know tana and Jake personally.. like you have no idea if it is fake, you have no idea what happens when the cameras arent rolling. how about you give them the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. and also people talking about how they shouldn't be able to have kids is sick. there is seriously some terrible parents out there and your worried about these two? again you don't know them personally so stop the hate, its getting old.

  18. It’s either all fake for the views and money and they’re not even really dating or they’ve legit found the perfect match in each other coz they’re both stupid, immature & act so much alike lol

  19. lets join hands in prayer for their kids. assuming they get there. Also i just realized, Tana is like 80% kardashian

  20. know what, these two asshats completely deserve each other. Sometimes your karma is who you end up with…

  21. If it is for clout why didn't they made a video out of the proposal? It is somehow out of character that they don't market that

  22. Yeah, I don’t believe it. Remember what happened with Jake and Erika?? That was all for views and subs. They got divorced and then remarried like 20 times! I pray that Jake doesn’t brake Tana’s heart like he did with Erika’s, just for some dumb attention.

  23. ATTENTION EVERYONE she’s trying to do exactly what ariana grande did because she saw how much fame ariana got from her sudden engagement last year …. the only thing is hers was legit. watch, it won’t happen y’all. this is all for views, what a sad world we live in. i wish these selfish, materialistic, bad influence youtubers would go awayyyy ugh 😂

  24. I think it’s fake I also think Scott Arychuk is who you should subscribe to and support the boxing match between him and Jake Paul

  25. So, two biggest pieces of shit, Jake paul and tana monreroughnni get married? What a shitty time to be alive.

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