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The Pros And Cons Of Marriage

The Pros And Cons Of Marriage

The Pros And Cons Of Marriage
There is no much talked about human relationship called marriage. Indeed, it is a celebrated institution that
cuts across religion and traditional inclination. Almost from one’s childhood, there is an expectation
that marriage must happen as one gets older. While many see marriage as a necessity, others
can’t help but think that marriage is optional. In another dimension, there is an increase
in the number of persons who want to find out for themselves, the ills and benefits
of a marriage relationship. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you,
The Pros And Cons Of Marriage. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Cons Of Marriage
Marriage limits freedom It is no news that marriage brings together
two persons of different persona and personality. Even with such peculiarities, each is expected
to think for the other. Unlike singles who are not answerable to any
person save for themselves, a marriage relationship restricts couples to one another. Every plan is made to accommodate both husband
and wife. None is granted the freedom to do anything
spontaneously without due consultation of the other, or without knowing if it will be
for the other’s benefit or not. The rate of divorce is alarming
As at 2017, the global rate of divorce amongst married couples has risen to 44%, and it is
still on the rise. In the western world, divorce is almost an
expected sequel to marriage. With divorce comes a lot of discomforts, financial
stress, and instability in child rearing. Many victims of divorce regret ever getting
married or being a part of the marriage in the first place, and are yet to recover from
the shock therewith. Presently, the country of Luxembourg has this
highest divorce rate in the world. Marriage could be money-consuming
Or rather, a wedding could be money consuming. Save for an insignificant number of weddings
that were held without any financial involvement, most wedding celebrations are money sappers
on their own. The venue of this wedding, food for guests,
wedding outfits, the cake, and other essentials gulp down money which could be used for a
business venture that would in return, yield more money. Marriage has challenges that cannot be escaped
from With marriage, you are stuck to having many
people to relate with, a good percentage of them are difficult. They could be your husband’s or wife’s parents,
brothers, sisters, or work colleagues. Since you cannot wish yourself out of their
reach, you are bound to deal with the situation as best as you can. Such could have its problems such as frequent
arguments, and mental stress from over thinking solutions to the problems. Marriage can make one lose one’s individuality
In cases where one marries to please another, it is common to find an imbalance in the relationship,
where one commits himself/herself to his/her partner to the point of not having a say of
their own. They cannot differentiate what they want from
what they need, as they have suited their lives to be dictated by another’s choices. This could lead to clinginess, dependence,
mental stress, lack of satisfaction by oneself, and depression. You get to share burdens in marriage
For those who anticipate only high moments in a marriage relationship, the bad news is
that you don’t only find burdens, but you have to share the burdens with your partner. By this, you’ll not handle them by yourself
but must involve him/her and in many cases, patiently. Your relationship will be tried, and you could
wish you were single. Pros Of Marriage
Marriage is a beautiful institution that celebrates oneness
The concept of marriage revolves around two people exclusively giving themselves to each
other. They get to share ideas, resources, and belongings
without the fear of feeling cheated by unforeseen circumstances. Before society, a married couple is referred
to as one, the husband not taken any differently from the wife with respect to legal rights. Both are bound by the laws of the land to
live together uninhibited, with no dire consequences to face should there be an upturn in events. Marriage keeps friendship forever
More than the occasional get-togethers, almost frequent phone calls and visits made by friends,
marriage offers a solid and lasting base for friendship. Married couples enjoy the companionship of
one another in the spirit of friendship without being constrained by time and space. They make and share memories, laugh and cry,
console and comfort one another, cheer one another up, and can never be denied of the
luxury of having one another’s loyalty in all seasons. They are sworn to a lifetime of commitment
to one another, to serve and to honour one another all the days of their lives. Marriage contributes positively to society
A married couple with their children automatically starts off a family. By definition, a family is the smallest unit
in society. Often, children that are born within the bounds
of marriage are taught values that help them grow to become responsible citizens, given
that each parent plays his or her role efficiently. Children of happily married couples are to
an extent, balanced. Also, they consciously and unconsciously learn
the rudiments of selflessness, sacrifice, and commitment. When they come to the age of accountability,
there’s no hindrance to their positively contributing to the society, through their
acts of service, and their selfless commitment to their own families when they get married. Marriage protects tradition and provides longevity
to religion Long before modern day civilization, marriage
is strictly contracted amongst people of like traditions in order to keep their norms and
beliefs from going extinct. They hold the notion that as long as the couple
bears children, they will pass the same norms and beliefs to the young ones. In the same vein, marriage between a man and
a woman who hold the same religious beliefs is an avenue where they grow together spiritually,
and likewise, influence their offspring to follow the same path. In all, marriage could be heaven or hell,
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