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Thibault Talk Episode 2 — Public Engagement

Thibault Talk Episode 2 — Public Engagement

Hello, I am here today in the Burns Building to talk about the Department’s commitment to public engagement as we work to deliver transportation solutions for Florida’s
residents and visitors. As noted in his first State of the State address,
Governor DeSantis has a bold vision for Florida – and transportation will play an important
role in our state’s success. I have had the opportunity to travel the state
with the Governor as he hosted roundtable discussions with business and community leaders
to listen to their transportation concerns. Florida is truly fortunate to have a Governor who
values feedback on our infrastructure and works to improve congestion and strengthen
safety on our roadways by incorporating the latest technology. At FDOT, we are working to make the Governor’s
vision a reality, and an essential part of that process is sharing our innovative transportation
solutions with stakeholders, community leaders, and residents throughout the state. As Secretary, one of my top priorities is
to foster better communication and strengthen partnerships with everyone involved in the
development of our transportation system. It is my goal to create a collaborative environment
– one where voices and opinions are heard—like in venues like this. A collaboration that brings us closer to our
goals of creating a safe and efficient transportation system From those who build our transportation system
to those who use them on a daily basis to: – walk their children to school
– to catch a flight from Pensacola to Miami – for a work meeting
– or to set sail on a cruise, everyone’s voice matters. Everyone plays an important part in the future
of Florida’s transportation system – we can truly accomplish more together than apart. I challenge all of us to proactively “engage”
the public and our stakeholders as we implement the Governor’s bold vision for Florida. I am confident this effort will pay dividends
that benefit every citizen of Florida.

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