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This Is How They Create Endzone Celebrations

This Is How They Create Endzone Celebrations

– Incoming call, incoming call, incoming call, incoming call (penny whistle blows) – You got this, this back
is yours David, work it. Okay, hey guys, everybody good? (groans) (blows raspberry) Okay, David, way too hard. – Damn it, David. – I’m sorry about that. – He’s gotta get a new masseur. – Anyway guys, guess what. We got a new client. We got the kicker for the Los
Angeles Rams, Greg Zuerlein, and he’s coming in for
an end zone celebration consultation at Funk and Co. Now guys. – Yes. – Greg Zuerlein is coming
to us for one reason. We’re the best celebrators in the game and he wants some of that end zone sauce that we’ve been serving up since the 90s. That’s right (laughs), what’s up Atlanta? Who the dirty bird? (makes bird call noise)
– Legend. – All right, so let’s get
some celly ideas cooking and I’ll come by tomorrow
before we present to Greg Z. All right? Pep Funk out. (penny whistle blows) – Bye Pep. – Bye Pep. – Okay, to the board. – Okay boys, no bad ideas. Remember we have the three
pillars of celebration. Solo, group, props, you know this. What have we made, who
are our best clients, go. – Odell. – [Men] ♪ Oh, Odell. ♪ – Yes, I got Odell to
use that kicker net prop. Any other new props so we can use? – A baby. – Like a … – I … – Joe Joe we don’t.
– Look where your head’s at. There’s no bad ideas. – No bad ideas. – Steve. – It’s okay, wait for
an away game in Miami. Two weeks before you go to the Everglades, you pick up a gator, you dig
a hole at the 50 yard line. You put the gator in there,
cover it back up with sod. You score the TD, you
come back to midfield. You take out the gator, you
wrestle it down to the ground. – (roars) – You teach all the kids in
the stands about gator safety. – I love it.
– Amazing. – (Groans) – I can’t think of anything better. – [Man In Green Top]
There could be some sauce. – It does help professionalism. Bonus if it’s on a solar eclipse. – [Man In Green Top] I don’t know. – Okay.
– No bad ideas. – No.
– No bad ideas. – Okay, you know what? Let’s just move onto
group moves, let’s see. – [Man In Blue Shirt] Okay. – Weekend at Bernie’s. (Groans) – [Men] Touch down! (wailing) – That’s some sauce right there. – [Men] Sauce, sauce, sauce. – Sauce. – [Men] Sauce, sauce. – (screaming) Sauce. I love it, that’s good. Pep’s gonna love it. – [Men] Sauce.

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  1. weekend at bernies is great. but nfl players dont watch movies… ideas like this are easy for people who do focus on it. all you young dreamers who think there is no hope, put yourselves out there dammit. and maybe we could have an even more brilliant skit!

  2. I do the Weekand at Bernie's EVERY time I go to a bar…even if it isn't a Sports bar & there's no game on…


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