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This Is Lance Armstrong’s Ex Wife Now

This Is Lance Armstrong’s Ex Wife Now

Before Lance Armstrong’s relationship with
Anna Hansen, there was Sheryl Crow. And before Sheryl Crow, there was Kristin
Richard. In a whirlwind romance, the couple got married,
had three kids, and were divorced, all within six years. So what happened to Kristin? Here’s what she’s been up to! Keeping the faith After her divorce, Kristen told the Christian
Broadcast Network that it was her Catholic faith that got her through it, saying, “I never imagined that divorce would be part
of my life history or my family’s legacy… But like any great trial, God uses everything
for good, if we allow Him to heal us.” “There it is. So. To go from Cinderella to, kind of, wreckage
in a really short period of time.” She learned to ask for help and tried her
best to shake off feelings of worthlessness, saying, “… if someone leaves you, it doesn’t mean
you are leave-able. If someone hurts you, it doesn’t mean you
are wimpy.” Channeling melancholy into marathons Kristin may have been grieving the breakup
of her marriage, but she was keeping herself busy. In 2004, the 33-year-old mother of three ran
her second marathon of the year, to raise money for Fertile Hope, an organization that
supports cancer patients struggling with infertility. She told the New York Times, “I learned that you can get past pain and
you can go farther than you thought, deeper than you thought, both physically and emotionally.” Choosing the high road “To choose to forgive is a choice, but then
the whole process of letting go, that can take a little bit.” Although Kristin wasn’t a celebrity herself,
Lance’s fame meant a very public breakup for both of them. Two years after their split, old wounds were
reopened when news of the cyclist’s new relationship with Grammy Award-winning artist Sheryl Crow
surfaced. But Kristen wasn’t harboring any hard feelings,
telling CBN, “Lance and I need to go forward honoring each
other, because that’s the way that we can still show our children that love is lasting
and unconditional.” “I know that this is right. I know that this is what I’m supposed to do,
I may not feel it all right now, but I’m gonna trust that that will come.” But… Kristin’s still human. She admitted to the New York Times, “… if he was dating someone just like me,
now that would be much tougher… I have to set an example now. I have daughters, and they’re watching how
I react to things.” Turning running into a career After Lance and Kristin divorced, the mother
of three remained a stay-at-home mom until 2004 when she took a job as a writer for Runner’s
World. Since Kristin’s first article appeared in
the magazine in 2004, she’s written plenty more, plus six books, including Happily Ever
After: Walking with Peace and Courage Through a Year of Divorce. Kristin told NPR, “… you can’t have people around you all
the time to lift you up. But for those who don’t know the Bible well
enough to know where to go when they need to be fed, that’s what I’m hoping that this
book will offer.” Living the single life Lance’s relationship with Sheryl Crow ended
in 2006, but the cyclist found love for a third time with Anna Hansen. After dating for many years and welcoming
two children, the pair got engaged in May 2017. That same year, Kristin revealed in an article
for The Huffington Post that she was indeed “43 and single.” She explained that it was hard for her to
picture dating at that age, writing, “I joke with my friends that it’s not freaking
funny to be dating, perhaps seen naked for the first time, precisely when the body is
starting to shift and melt… To be middle-aged and single can be rather
awkward, especially if you can’t laugh about it.” Getting her Masters On an episode of The Runner’s World Show podcast
in 2016, Runner’s World then Editor-in-Chief David Willey praised Kristin for not only
raising three teenagers, working as a writer, and training for a marathon, but for also
going to school to obtain her Master’s degree in counseling at St. Edward’s University in
Austin, Texas. Kristin councils clients through difficult
chapters of their lives, and guides those seeking help with parenting, according to
bio for a counseling center. Sounds like Kristin knows how tough it can
be to work through a devastating situation, and wants to inspire others to keep on going.

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  1. Great VALUES!!!
    She is a champ an equal to Lance.
    Winning through the ups and downs of life and being grateful…LIFE !!!!👍

  2. Serious strength to this woman, as a happily married man I can only encourage that it takes strong men to marry strong women. My wife challenges and makes me a better person every day. Amen for this episode.

  3. LOL GOD wanted you to be greedy for money and came with Armstrong..the first shall be first, bully your way ahead of everyone else

  4. Writes and makes money off Christian books, yet worries about dating due to being seen naked. Has she come clean on her role in Lance's doping. She certainly was an enabler and profited from it.

  5. Video made her look like a super religious and her hole life is described as the girl that Lance had baby’s with and dumped.

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  7. 3?Daughters? Doesn’t she have a son and twin daughters??? You are showing pix of a son and twin daughters.

  8. She survived a marriage to a psychopath and then used her faith to be the better person and shelter her kids as much as possible. She has no idea that love can be a good thing. Beautiful women can find themselves in that situation because sociopaths and psychopaths love power and a beautiful wife is a symbol of power. Her remarks about dating at 42 reflect the idea that she was only valuable when young and in peek beauty. Having to work out life with him and find the positives for her children's sake meant she had to shoulder so much. I feel bad that she couldn't have just acknowledged how much he sucked and not let it color her outlook on relationships and herself.

  9. He was such an arrogant little prick and so up himself. Totally weak and a coward and a pathological liar.He is also a is a criminal. He should be locked up. I hope at least he had to confiscate his yellow jersey awards

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