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This Is Us | Your Dad Let You Marry A Black Man??

oh hello hi hi guys hi guys okay let’s
go alright what’s up guys welcome to Q&A where Q&A a talk about Q&A How old are we? how old are you? How old am I? How old
are you? Do you even know how old you are? of course I know how old I am
oh and tell you guys the mic is shut when we were recording earlier and he
forgot how old he was so you can’t trus t anything Ameer says. Anyway I’m 23
right now. How old were you when we got married twenty what does that mean we’ve
married for three years three that’s old I am 26. 26 so we’re three years apart. yeah three
years apart what does that mean babe you’re born in 91 I was born in 94. no
that means that I was 23 when we got married oh yeah yeah. did you do that
quick math in your head or did you just know those facts? That you were born 91
and I was born in 94 ? yeah. I know these facts Now the question that we’ve all
been waiting for how did I get my dad to let me marry a
black guy? yeah yeah that’s question okay so what happened was you know this black
man calls my father and he’s talking about hey I want to marry your daughter
my dad was like you black he was like yeah and my dad was like cool because I’m
black too. we can have a black family That’s definitely not how it happen. No.
totally. that’s that’s kind of that’s kind of messed up. not really he’s like
you know what a fellow black man marrying my black daughter. totally. so
what so what race are you? Race is a social construct. Oh God. so if you
watched my DNA video I have up here then you’ll see that it says that the
majority of the stuff is Nig.. I mean Irish and Nigerian but I’m just African
American that’s what I identify as. I just have like
lack melanin melanin deficient so that’s what happened to my skin.
I’m melanin efficient er endowed? Melanin endowed oh yeah. God gave it to me.
Alhamduilah Oh sorry but my mom is white. she’s really
melanin deficient lack thereof yeah lack thereof melanin? lacking the
melanin? that’s not how you say it babe Im african-american and Native American. one
thing people need to know about african-americans is that we are very
mixed we don’t come from one specific country African Americans are mixed
because that’s African Americans most of us don’t even know where we’re from
even so we’re just from we’re just from America okay so people are
constantly constantly asking if Ameer is a revert and they’re not asking me if
I’m a revert and the only reason why people are not asking me if I’m a revert is
because my skin is lighter and because my skin is lighter and I wear hijab I
pass as a born Muslim and because I’m here’s african-american and the skin is
darker people automatically assume that he’s a revert and you may not say to
yourself like I’m not being racist I just want to know. but the only reason
why you want to know is because Ameer’s African Americans specifically
.if Ameer was let’s say Ameer was straight from like Kenya with a Kenyan accent you
guys would not ask if he was born Muslim yeah you wouldn’t. you know when I was
getting married to you and someone saw that um you were know. after we got
married someone asked my dad if I married a Muslim mm-hmm
they said it so brother Bashir is.. did your daughter marry a Muslim. my dad
was like brother are you Muslim. he’s like yeah am I Muslim? like
yeah he’s like brother is my daughter Muslim? He’s like yeah, so yeah so why was she marry a non muslim. II was born Muslim at the age of zero. I I have known nothing else. it it really hurts me sometimes people
ask me whether or not I’m Muslim and the comments you know people are always
messaging and saying are you Muslim are you this are you that of course I’m
Muslim I’m a third generation Muslim. I’m only first generation Muslim by the way. aren’t you second? no your grandparents so wait your your no no yeah I’m second yeah
yeah I’m second yeah i don’t act like you you just converted to islam. yeah my, wait I think i’m first i think you’re second first generation whatever whatever you want to
call it my grandfather converted to islam in 1973 and my grandmother she
converted in 1974 my mom was born Muslim therefore I was born Muslim and I’ve
been practicing Islam to the best of my ability since the age of zero
.both my parents converted or reverted over how people say it you know
we’re all born Muslim yes we are yeah we’re all born Muslim but uh you
know they accepted Islam I don’t know when they did it. some year
I don’t know but they’re converts and my family my siblings and I some of them
were born Muslim oh man that feels like a big load off my shoulders. now people know now they can stop asking. no they won’t what do we do? since Ameer talked about him briefly I’m talking about me. I am a teacher a preschool teacher she teaches
and I am a photographer Shout out to Shots By Q Which is me follow me
link in the description maybe you could schedule a photo shoot support my
business oh yeah she’s the best yeah there is no
one better oh yeah because she’s my wife oh that’s
do with you and she’s paying me to say this right no paying me with good food
Oh like that baked ziti baked ziti was good. I’m an engineer and future entrepreneur. that’s it.
where are we from? I was born I was born in Michigan oh you were not going to
Michigan. why are you lying? I told you, you couldn’t trust him. I was born in Chicago and I grew up in
Michigan and went to University of Michigan. the M on the other side. I know I
got a cover up Jordan cuz he didn’t go to our school.
what about you babe? I am from California Bay Area born and raised. Thats All people need to know. I never lived anywhere
outside of the Bay Area. on the playground where you spend most of your
days chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and all shootin some b-ball hey you never played basketball
Hey you don’t know me you don’t know me we gotta we gotta move on we can’t we can’t feed
these people your lies you don’t know me arranged verses forced (mocking Ameer) errenged vs fersed babe.. some people assumed because we had
arranged marriage that we were forced to I definitely was not forced I can’t
speak for a Ameer. Ameer may have been forced to marry me against his will but
me.. Ameer maybe in a forced marriage yeah it wasn’t forced. at the
end of the day was my choice yeah I mean but yeah I always had a choice. I went and proposed to her father
I called them that wasn’t my choice but wait proposing wasn’t your choice? no
calling your dad initially. that wasn’t my choice but proposing that was my choice
and Alhamduilah three years later which we’re still here we love each other
I love my wife. babe that was supposed to be revealed in part three I love my wife
hey that’s part three what is it that part three is about when I started to
love you but obviously right now I love my wife I feel so Ameer scoot over. Stop being crazy My hair really quick babe why can’t why I think
you should grow a trim beard I don’t know. Because people grow trimmed beards can you do that
can one grow a beard that’s already trimmed. I don’t know I guess in a sense
yours is kind of already like trimmed yeah you already have one.
it’s trimmed. hold on.. give me a second. This is my morning routine right yeah
getting cheeks right you got to get my cheeks where I gotta get my my my jaw
it’s really nice sometimes sometimes I brush my stuff like this so that the
hair looks like it’s flowing across my face. that’s a good exfoliant too you
know getting the dead skin off your face. the doesn’t run off your face. anyways I’m I blame it on my Native
American blood but I can’t I can’t grow a beard I’m 26 and this is all I got
I don’t shave and this is all I get you know I’m I’m not Indian I’m not Arab
I don’t have enough white blood in me to grow a beard I’m stuck with what I’ve
got regards to my hair someone asked about how I did you get the diffuser
babe that’s how you get your curls right I think it diffuses over there I’ll tell
him they know what diffusing is all right I wash my hair about two to three
times a week with Cantu I do shampoo and conditioner
I don’t repeat I think that’s a gimmick and they’re just trying to make you use
all your stuff. capitalism. yeah after I get out the shower put in cantus
moisturizing gel then I put in some shea butter I warm up the shea butter I put
it in there and then I start to diffuse my hair keep use it
and then BAM that’s how I hit people with the curls who you trying to hit
with the curls the wind okay yeah yeah he’s making sure oh I’m sorry babe yeah I’m just good throw it out there that I
introduced Ameer to his hair care routine mm-hmm of course he you know
made it his own but.. yeah right I’m the one..I’m the one that taught you
how to take care of your hair. No you did not. Yes a did babe. No you did not. I’ve had such a
great impact on her since she’s married me
her hair’s grown at least it’s grown its grown alot I don’t think I can tell you how
much it’s grown no yeah it’s grown a lot okay it’s grown because of love and support
yes of me to her which means I am the catalyst of your hair success as in my
to yours so I think we’re pretty even here all right what else do these people
need to know I think that’s it they don’t need to know like our social
security number birth certificate and yeah things like that so stay tuned for
next week’s marriage Monday’s where we continue with our story part three. part
three and we talk about the drama our wedding end and um your feelings or
his lack of feelings or the feelings that made him question wasn’t doubting.
stay tuned for next week. subscribe it’s comment time Salams just let you know most Muslims in the world follow and Madhab/
school of thought it’s not a sect but a mythology on how to interpret and
appropriate the hadith hope you look more into it as unless you are a master
of hadith and Quran and therefore understand classical Arabic along with
Islamic history you’ll just be picking and choosing what your heart desires and
will most often fall into error hmm Allah knows best please watch the short
video where a world-renowned Mufti explains the reasons behind following a
method it’s only seven minutes thanks for the comment but in response
I don’t think that everyone who follows a method is affiliated with a different
sect I believe that some individuals who follow methods create a sect of their
own and because of this when individuals ask you if you follow Hanafi, Maaliki.. etc..
you’re only upholding with 1 strict interpretation of Islam personally I
think that you have the choice to follow anything that you want in Islam so
everyone has their own opinions on this matter but it’s I don’t think that it’s
appropriate for someone to follow only one school of thought and I think that
because like if you’re individuals who follow these schools of thought
sometimes they think that it’s their way or the highway and it’s a they’ve almost
gone to the extent where some of them will will say that you’re not Muslim
because you’re not following their ideology and for you to say that then
you have definitely segregated yourself from the rest so in that regard madhab
do become sects so I choose not to say that I follow a specific madhab
and in regards to hadith you don’t have to be a scholar to be able to understand
what a hadith is saying there are there are a lot of things that you can take
from face value of what what they’re saying but definitely some hadeeth
require more knowledge. yeah but to say that you need to be a
scholar of hadith to understand all of these these large nuances would be
ridiculous you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that one plus one
equals two so why should you have to be a scholar to be able to read a passage
hmm one of the things that I wanted to comment on is people who are saying that
Ameer wearing corn rolls is haram now when they say this you’re not providing
us with any like type of evidence to say that a man wearing cornrows is wrong. you
believe it’s wrong because women wear that well yes maybe in your culture you
know it seems that a lot of the people who commented were
Africans you know from Africa and I know in African culture men do not wear the
braids you know my mom my stepmom she’s from Ethiopia so she you know tells us
that the men do not wear braids that’s a female thing in her country and her
culture that maybe your country in your culture and our country and our culture cornrows are not a feminine hairstyle it’s both so for you to say it’s Haram
you’re saying in your culture that maybe so but how can you say
something is haram in our culture it it makes complete sense me like for
instance when Islam started become really popular in the United States
people would refer to Muslim men as wearing dresses so the thobe was very
much unacceptable in America right mm-hmm because it’s like a dress it
looked like a dress to us and then later on it was under it was understood that
it was considered to be an Islamic garment yeah yeah so anyway so just
because it’s a feminine trait in your culture doesn’t mean it’s a worldwide
you know Islamic code unless you have like authentic evidence to say that cornrows are you know Haram like please let us know share in the comments below
yes please okay I think that’s it please tell me before I put my cornrows in
tomorrow. Oh tomorrow, babe we are not doing that tomorrow. I know I braid his hair by
the way yes he does she does a great job actually in the future I’m gonna cut my
sides and keep the top then you then the Haram police will really have something
to say okay see you guys next time

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