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Too Many Weddings

Too Many Weddings

– I just feel like we
should be able to share the letter R. – No, I am not budging on this, Aphael. – Did someone call a little gentleman? – Whoa! Looking fancy. – Yeah, you look good, Zac. – Thanks, Rekha. Thanks, Aph. The summer is upon us, and that can only mean one thing for me, a shit load of weddings. – Ooh, that sounds fun. – I mean, it is fun. I’m traveling all across the country, and tonight I’m going to Colorado. I’m going to party in the high altitude. – How many weddings are you going to? – I’m not sure, but there’s one thing I am sure of, and it’s this. It will never take its toll on me. See you guys, bye! (matrimonial violin music) – This feels unreasonable. – You signed a document
relinquishing the R to me. – You told me it was
an appearance release. – Sorry. – Hey, guys. Heading to a quaint barn
wedding in Vermont right now, back-to-back wedding weekends. I haven’t even washed this suit yet. – Gross! – Got to embrace the crazy, bye! (matrimonial violin music) – What happened? – I got caught on a barn nail. It was lit. Anyways, I’ve got to go catch
a red eye to Philadelphia to celebrate some nuptials. – Philadelphia’s great. You’re gonna love it. – I’m sure I’m going to get
a great sense of the city in the 70 hours I’m there. – You will. I bet you’re racking up
frequent-flyer miles. – Oh, you mean spending them. I used them all and then
maxed out two credit cards. – At least you’ve got six months before you’ve got to buy people gifts. – Ah, gifts. Fuck. (matrimonial violin music) – What’s up here? – Oh, I got burned by the most
beautiful fireworks display as we were saying goodbye
to the bride and groom. Anyways, I’m off to cabins in Ojai. Now for vitamin C. – But at least that’s
like a quick drive, right? – Yeah, it will be great. I’m a date, so I don’t know anyone there, and I’m not getting super sick, and my body doesn’t want me to rest, Raf. My body doesn’t want me to rest. Woo! (matrimonial violin music) – I got you here. I got you here. – None of this is legal. – Yeah, if you want to pay
me something, you could. – I’m in a wedding party. They made me buy this suit. And no, I’ll never wear it again. (matrimonial violin music) I got caught in the bouquet toss. – How many more weddings do you have? – No idea. I’ve heard the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the
Magnetic Zeros 800 times. (eerie music) – This offer for shared
custody of the letter R is offensive. I rescind my previous agreement, and I’m taking the letter A, too. – So I’m just F now? – Hey, Zac. Are you done with your wedding season? – Yep. I spent $12,000 on travel. I’ve never felt more unhealthy, and I’ve taken no steps
to improve my own life. There is one thing I know to be true, love is real. (phone dings) Oh, they all got divorced. Hi, it’s Zac from CollegeHumor. Thanks for watching. You can click here to subscribe, or click here for some other fun stuff. You can also screenshot
me and turn me into a meme with one of the following poses. (drum music) Let me know how that goes.

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  1. although it may seem odd according to mandate 5 on subsection c of the Stockholm name agreement you can legally take letters from another persons name


  2. Ok so I've always been OBSESSED with Zac because he's gorgeous, and the other day I realized all the guys I like look just like him… I think I have a type

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  4. I'm in this part of my life right now…

    Edit: But I hope none of them have to get divorced someday.. Bless them 😊

  5. 3:18 when mom walks in but you didn't clean your room

    Don't steal this I'm going to make this a real thing

  6. the coolest thing about CH is that theres a backstory in every video that:
    1. doesnt make any sense
    2. is usually funnier than the main one

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