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Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses – Part 2

Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses – Part 2

Wedding are expensive. I mean you try to cut corners when you can-
but with it being the most important day of your like you justify pulling out the extra
cash. When it comes to wedding expenses one of the
most important things is a wedding dress. On average they cost between 2 to 8 thousand
dollars. And when you find the one theres no going
back no matter how much it is. Some wedding dresses are ridiculously expensive
and that’s what were going to be talking about today. Hey youtube im court mcginley and welcome
back to the most amazing top 5 sit back subscribe and let me entertain you. Before we get started I want to know how much
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this list after this video. Alright lets get started on our list of the
top 5 most expensive wedding dresses part 2
Starting off at number 5- Bach Ngoc Xien Y Wedding dress at 117 thousand dollars. This wedding dress was designed specifia;;;y
for wealthy brides who wanted something estravigant. Its made up of over 200 diamonds and more
than 95 ruby gemstones. The fabric is white silk and satin with an
overall delicate design. Its definitely a gorgeous dress. In at number 4- 9 thousand 999 Carat Gems
Wedding dress at 158 thousand 800 dollars- this dress was made back in 2007 in China. The dress has over 10 thousand carats of authentic
gemstones which were provided by a prominent jewellery designer in Hong Kong. its definitely a different looking dress as
the gemstones are blue and purple. But that’s what adds to the uniqueness. At number 3- Melania Knauss Wedding gown at
200 thousand dollars- this dress was designed by John Galliano and it was made specifically
for Melania Knauss when she married the now president Donald Trump. This gown had a 13 foot train and over 3 hundred
feet of white duchess satin. This gown also had over 1 thousand 500 crystal
rhinestones and pearls. With all of these elaborate touches The dress
ended up weighing over 50 pounds. Coming in at our number 2 spot- Fiery Red
Platinum wedding dress at 250 thousand dollars- This dress was made in China and is made up
of authentic platinum in a attractive red colour and oriental theme. The shine of the platinum really allows the
pattern to stand out making it that much more unique and attention grabbing. The red oriental pattern is made up of exquisite
red floral blossoms which are off set wit the silver luster which takes this gown to
a whole new level. In at number 1–Danasha Luxury wedding gown
at 1.5 million dollars- Oh my god. You could buy a house for that cant of money. I wouldn’t be able to justify spending that
much money on a dress that your only going to wear once. This gown was created by Danasha Luxury in
partnership with Jad Gandor. This gown has a rather simple design but is
so expensive due to the 200 grams of 18 karat gold its made of and 75 karats of Belgian
diamonds that were handpicked in Antwerp. Surprisingly though this gown doesnt have
a train- lace or anything else to dress it up .
And there you have it that’s out list of the top 5 most expensive wedding dresses part
2. Thank you guys so much for watching and ill
catch you in the next one.

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  1. Pieces that brings an organic elegance to your glamorous look, Shop for something unique and customizable

  2. I made a hand-beaded wedding dress that had 20 yards of bridal satin 10 yards of tulle and over 500 faux pearls the materials cost a bit less than 150$ it took me about 100 hours to sew on the pearls and crystals working at night after my kids were in bed.It had 60 satin covered looped buttons down the back. It won best in show at 2 state fairs.Sorry but 3K is way to much to pay for a wedding dress.

  3. Back in 1977 when I got married my mom and dad could not buy my dress so it all was up to me. Because my husband to be was getting married in a church I needed a dress. Money was tight and I kept looking around. Dress shops was too expensive so one day my mom received a JC Penney catalog in the mail. I got married in October but the catalog came in April. Well I got a beautiful wedding dress and the veil for 118.00 .

  4. $20 at most. If you spend more you're an idiot and your land will be taken and you children will be sold as slaves. Chodes. I'm fucking pissed

  5. My dress and alterations cost $417. I got so many compliments and felt gorgeous. I also enjoyed dinner and dancing comfortably. 😉

  6. I spent $35 on mine 🤷 ladies….save that money and buy a house or put it towards your honeymoon! Just saying.

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