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Trouble In Paradise Married To Medicine – Full Opening (Season 6, Episode 10) | Bravo

Trouble In Paradise Married To Medicine – Full Opening (Season 6, Episode 10) | Bravo

eviously on… – Technically, our first
vacation as a couple was Cabo. – Yeah, but we was a
couple that was not married. That was us having sex
before marriage. I’m sorry, Avery
and Ashton. – So Miss Quad, how
are you? – Of course, I filed
for divorce. I’m no loner wearing
my ring. I have relocated. – This bitch, Mariah,
she said my husband was cheating
on me. That ain’t true! I told her she was a low
down dirty bitch. – You went back to your
old pattern. – I just can’t stand a liar.
– How you feeling? – It feels like searing. Like, you know how you
burn yourself? It feels like that. – Contessa says she’s
doing good. – It’s been like three
weeks. – Maybe she just don’t want
to be around Toya. – Well, if that’s the case,
bye bitch. I decided to plan this couple’s
trip because you suck at it. – What you gonna do about Quad,
who’s not coming as a couple? – There are gonna be some
times that’s gonna make her feel probably
alone. ♪ Now paging
Dr. Jackie ♪ ♪ Dr. Simone ♪ ♪ Dr. Heavenly ♪ ♪ Dr. Contessa ♪ ♪ Toya ♪ ♪ Quad ♪ ♪ Mariah ♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪ We work them ♪ – Are you ready to go to
school tomorrow? – Yes. – I want you to be in big boy
mode tomorrow, you understand? – Yeah. – ‘Cause all you did
was fall off your bike and bust your head. – I never knew that you
had to cut it and the stem and– – Thought you just all
just throw it in the vase, right? – That’s how they put it
in the store when you get it. – You just never pay
attention. ♪♪♪♪♪ – Don’t try it, don’t
try it. Who are you hiding
from? Hey, my baby girl! Hey, my baby girl! Hey! How are you? – Good.
– Can I get a hug today? Thank you. How are you? – Good. – Now, question
for you. Has your mommy been
eating right? She did? Oh my
goodness. – And chips. – This year in my
practice, I actually have cut
back a little bit. All right, let me check
you first. – It tickles! – And now, Curtis
and I spend more time doing things
together. – You know what you’re
doing with that, huh? – Yes, honey. My daddy taught me how
to clean a car. I’m seeing less patients,
but I’m spending more time with each
patient. Now, we’ve got to feel the
top of the stomach, you feel it? – Mm-hmm.
– Perfect! Don’t do the baby like
that, Taylor! Don’t treat– Let me see, she said. She said “Taylor hurt me!” I’m in a better
place. Now, wipe the gel off
her stomach. I’m spending time with the
man that I love. I’m spending time with
friends that I adore. Give me a big hug
before I go. It’s peaceful for me. – Bye.
– See ya! ♪♪♪♪♪ [doorbell] – Contessa, how
are you? And I got all of this
stuff for you! How are you? – Girl, you are just–
– How are you feeling? – You a ray of sunshine,
oh my god. – You walking like
you’re cripple, girl. – Shut up.
– What’s going on? – Shut up! – The hell wrong
with you? – You bought me a baby
blanket? – I didn’t know what
to get. Look, I got you– – This is perfect.
– A massager. – This surgery, the
hardest thing for me is just to realize
my limitations. – And this is for your neck
’cause I know you know– – Yeah, ’cause I have to
lay on my back. Picking up my kids. Wait baby, let
me see. Let me tell you–
Oh! I’m not able to do
it right now. You are a beautiful
person. – Just a lot of little
things that– – Heavenly.
– You’re laying around, so. – I can’t wait to get back
to my normal self. – What’s going on? I ain’t seen you
since FitNi! – I know, baby,
I know. Life is boring for me
right now, I ain’t working, I ain’t got nothing but
my babies. – Well, you look good! – Thank you so much,
you think so? – For real? – Mm-hmm. – Can you see the
difference? – I can see something.
– A little bit? So, what cup is
that, a B? – I think it’s gonna
be a full B or a small C. – I don’t understand why
somebody would go through getting a
Double Mastectomy and getting reconstructive
surgery and getting the same
regular ass breasts. It’s just like getting a
damn ass job and coming out with
no ass. That’s not what
you do. Men like breasts. ♪♪♪♪♪ [doorbell] – I like the doorbell. – Oh! Look at you looking
all cute! – Am I giving you
Boy George? – I don’t know what the
sassy asymmetric is giving me. Boy George isn’t really
coming to mind right now. – This is my costume wig. – I know. Come on in,
honey. Have a seat,
Mariah. – Oh, I have a place
setting. – Yeah.
– Oh! – Yeah, and
everything– – Did you cook for
me too? – I did. The last couple of years,
I’ve just not been a player in the
kitchen. – You need any help? – No, I got it. You just relax,
I want to serve you. Mainly because I
don’t cook, I pick up and serve. – I’m going to definitely
enjoy it. – Girl! Girl what is up with
the tea? What the tea?
What’s the tea? What’s going on? – Answering someone
else’s door! – This woman can’t even
really walk. – Look how pretty
you look. – How are you?
– Ain’t she cute? – I ain’t gonna squish
you, no just head to head. We can do Eskimo kiss
if you like? – What’s that?
– No, Eskimo is nose. – Oh! It’s just so nice. Heavenly and then Quad
checks on me? I’m like overwhelmed,
you know, ’cause you know who a friend is
when you’re in need and they come and
see about you. So did y’all go to
Mariah’s party? How was it yesterday? – Child, no I ain’t go. – It just hit me, you
file for divorce and you’re preparing for
a Black Love Party. I just can’t go, I’m just
like I can’t– – Oh, give me a hug! Oh, poor– Oh no,
baby! – She’s gonna have a damn
Black Love Party ’cause this bitch having
a divorce. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean
to call you a bitch. Queen, ’cause this queen
having a divorce, you’re gonna have a party
celebrating Black Love? What kind of sh–
is that?

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  1. Dr’s using microwaves😂 food is medicine but these ladies don’t cook, or address food for healing. let alone eat organic. All that money and access to knowledge, what a shame. Even Contessa who has been under the knife gets brought a bunch of products not healing food. I’ve been wondering if Contessa’s condition would bring about the conversation of preventative healing based on food.

  2. Did Heavenly say..Why the Hell Go Through A Double Mastectomy and getting the same OLE REGULAR BREAST🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Heavenly Can Make you feel Good then Throw You Square Against The "DUMB" Wall🤣🤣

  3. …I swear I was a Toya fan…but she is being a complete JERK towards Contessa this season. Maybe it's the editing???🤔🤔 . I love seeing Dr.Jackie interact with kids…wish she could have had a baby like she wanted.

  4. Good for you Dr. Jackie! I’m really happy to see you in that place. Everything broke apart to come back together even better.

  5. I would have brought a friend for Quad asked a guy friend of mine to the family or the other ladies and men do they know a guy to come on trip, that I do with my friends who single or they meet a guy on the island once we get there.

  6. Oh ok now I see why Dr Heavenly and Quad at Dr. Contessa house. I knew Dr Heavenly was going to start talking here dirty South mouth lol bringing gifts of offering to Dr Contessa but still a little devil

  7. Quad looked so bangin' in that red & blue dress she wore when she visited Contessa. Like her or hate her….Quad is like Marlo Hampton; she always looks good.

  8. Housewives have non Housewives why can't married to medicine be that way. Quad brings a lot of drama for the show. I think she should stay. All the ladies are a fit.

  9. bbbuuuuut somebody help make this make sense. she can't go to a black love party buuuut you can go on "couples" retreat/trip. What's the difference. Quad make sense when you talk please.

  10. They are jealous of Mariah she makes more money than they do in the show because it was her idea and she didn't sell the show to VH1 smart lady oh yeah she's a produces two

  11. Heavenly has some unresolved issued that she is taking out on Mariah. Every chance she gets she speaks ill of her to the other ladies creating a negative and toxic environment. Or she just mad that Quad and Mariah are trying to repair their friendship.

  12. I know I am in the minority, but I enjoy Heavenly on the show. She is entertaining and will often engage the mouth before the brain, such as her comments after Dr Contessa 's mastectomy. She balances out the sophisticated Jackie, straightforward Contessa and "head in the clouds" Toya.

  13. Very good 👏👏 dr. Jackie that's all your husband wanted was your time an attention see the difference it makes your alot happier and so is he ❤


  15. Havary is a fowl mouth trouble making suppose to be professional whom is just the opposite maybe she is sucking to much pen–s she is jealous of Mirah. Dr Jackie has the same birth month and day as me DPitts. Being that professionals R expected to act and perform at a high class level much is expected of persons presenting themselves on TV. I have a question why did Dr Haverdy tell the group what the Dr with the breast amputation was thinking about Toya accidental brush. Only a Shit stirrer would stup so low. DP

  16. Heavenly and that lady with the breast implants are boring and I think Heavenly wouldn't have anything to talk about if she didn't start shit with Mariah because she say something to Mariah if she breath to hard.

  17. Why would you plan a couple's trip and one of your sister's is going through a divorce? C'mon?!

  18. These people make good money ( I suppose) to act a fool! What is the price of selling your soul going for these days? Sheesh…

  19. All of fake and Heavenly Kimes is living a real doctor life and she's going to jail and fake as hell find y'all own success and stop stealing TV is on thing but lieing to us about your your office and life is another thing I hope they all get in trouble fake and lies and y'all called this realistically to fuck that but the truth will come out especially Heavely Kimes the truth will come out y'all are not professional at all I know the real Heavely Kimes is out of the country boy when she comes back it's on people take thier fake life to whole different level stay on TV but not her real life

  20. I love Quad. If you've never been in the middle of a divorce or had your best friend turn on you, you don't understand that her emotions may be all over the place. She's alone and still trying to make a good life for herself.

  21. Doc heavenly has a of telling the truth to hurt others.. Disregarding their feelings… Sometimes it's funny and a mix of sacarsim involved….

  22. Jackie always remindes me of the kinda of doctor I wanna be someday… Her personality👌… She is soulful… But u would rather not wanna to her get mad… Then u know u did something wrong… Terribly wrong!

  23. I was in school to be a radiologist recently but I put that on hold and Switch my major to education and I’ll be graduating soon . BUT this show makes me so thirsty and excited to get back into medicine. I literally watch this show and just feel inspired to see so many accomplished and successful BLACK women. ❤️❤️🤞🏾 no matter what We feel about the show itself I watch this show with my inspirations open and just feel so good to watch them live comfortable and accomplished.
    Now to Mariah 🤣🤣🤣 leave Dr. Contessa alone with her IBTC ! she like them like that 🤣😩

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