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  1. Obama you will be missed by all Americans, the way you laugh, the way you talk, your shows moments and everything
    And welcome to the Russian president of the USA.
    I hope Trump will work well as he supposes to do (not as I think of)

  2. Bye Obama……😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  4. Fare well Obama, I'm gonna miss you, despite your lazy presidency. And what were the whispering in each others' wifes' ears?

  5. Revealed by the Lord that Obama is the son of perdition who the devil will fully possess .and who passed into law through obamacare the medical RFID chip slash mark of the beast that changes the human DNA and sentence someone to Hell for willfully receiving. Believe the Gospel, repent by asking the Lord to forgive you, and begin seeking the Lord along with reading the bible that will strengthen you.

  6. Obama inherited a mess from bush that's true but Obama didn't do much he was just a puppet to George soros and co and elite corporate AMERICA , trump is his own man self funded trump is a businessman its what is needed

  7. what a contrast between two presidents, or even people for that matter, Obama by far on a better level.
    Its like an astrounat being replace by an orangután with a wig, sad.

  8. yes! trump is in! let the war begin.. race wars.. goverment wars.. police vs citizens.. homosexuals vs trump.. women vs trump.. the world vs america.. let the games begin!

  9. Les amerloques adorent les cérémonies cucul la praline pour les départs des présidents. Mais peu importe, ils sont tous aussi responsables les uns des autres de la destinée de leur pays qu'ils mènent tous au désastre.

  10. Obama is a globaliste .A neo-liberal!A warrior!
    Obama, return your peace prize! You are a hypocrite!
    I hate you!
    Greetings from France

  11. Michelle Obama's face throughout the whole inauguration ceremony showed nothing but misery and the final moment she had to be a true American Patriot to show united support towards this country healing was not given for the sake of our country. Michelle could have made a tremendous impact on the Black community and the women in our country by embracing President Trump this day by simply, smiling during his inauguration speech and accepting his hug before she boarded the helicopter… instead she made it painfully obvious that she doesn't want to help this country be united.. she doesn't want this country to start healing.. her demeanor reminded me of a pouting child… holding her hands straight down like a child does when their parent is trying to hug them when they are upset… refusing to take this opportunity to show support and acceptance and embrace the warm goodbye President Trump was giving her shows her true colors… it is truly pathetic, she is a disgrace to all of the former First Ladies of our country. Good riddance!

  12. Michelle Obama looks so tired. Just so much energy that went into keeping a straight face and controlling herself i think.

  13. At 1:10, the body langue of Trump towards Obama tells you he hasn't been around too many great men. Something I noticed. It tells you all about Donald Trump. Let's all hope the best for all Americans. Brace yourselves for the next four years of drastic backward turns and things we have never seen before.

  14. I can see Barack and Michelle Obama getting one last look at there surroundings. #Imgonnamissthemsomuch😭😭😭

  15. Yeah, you STEP into that copter. Nobody's gonna miss you and your ape wife. We've got a real president now, someone who will actually stand up for our country.

  16. I'm in denial He's still my President he's just on vacation see you when you get back President Obama. As far as the other guy 😒😒😒😒

  17. ear Hillary, the orgasm of a multi tide binomial square leads to inefficiency of micro organisms causing sex in the worms. The dehydration leads to urinary infections like Donald Trump and AIDS may come from Bill Clinton. The astronomical unit for lies is 300,000 km from the moon to the Hillary's orgasm stories. Oxygen molecules tend to be smaller in size causing the troubles like onomatopoeia.

  18. The evil sick, twisted most destructive people on Earth say farewell!
    Hopefully the Obama family die in agony. Sick evil horrible creatures!
    Obama is not an American!!!

  19. the day obama stopped being president was a very sad day for terrorists, thieves and crooks all over the world. who will protect them now?

  20. If anyone was to categorize by job description the Trumps and the Obamas in, class, intelligence and moral values, Trump would be Obama's shoe shine boy, and Melania would be Michelle's chamber maid. Sorry but truth be told.

  21. Welp as 70% of this country expected, 2 years later trump has gotten nothing done, golfs every single weekend, and has been a failure as president in every possible way. Country is a fucking cess pool right now because of him.

  22. As a liberal that was a sad day to watch . As a conservative , it was a hopeful day
    All depends what your perspective is

  23. 0:46 Who else noticed how Trump roughly pulled Melania's hand, and dragged her with him. While Obama and Michelle's moment looks more gentle and full of love for not only eachother, but for their country that they once looked after so dearly.

  24. What a sad day and l voted for Trump reluctantly. Tired of the white guy's scandals, ineptitude, & broken promises. The bought & paid for third lady is embarrassing & l didn't know l elected the dumb as a brick daughter & son-in-law. Just because you don't like a story doesn't make it fake news.

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  26. Looking at the Obama's getting on that chopper. We went from well spoken, well educated, sophisticated, genuinely good people too two pair of tremendously shitty low life idiots.

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