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Turn a Silver Quarter into a Ring or Jewelry

Turn a Silver Quarter into a Ring or Jewelry

So silver quarters are usually made in the
year 1964 or before. You can tell if it’s a silver quarter or
not by if there’s any dual tone on the quarter. You can see this one’s silver and copper. That just means that this one is not a silver
quarter. Silver quarters are much more pliable. Also as a side note, these ridges were implemented
to make sure that no one would shave little bits off of the silver quarter and keep them. So here’s the quarter after about 3 hours
of pounding or so. The best way that I’ve found to do it is
to just place it on a mouse pad, just like this, and then take a spoon….I’ll show
you how to do that….just take a spoon and tap it. Just like that. So it’s not too hard and not too soft and
after about 3 hours or so you get to about this level. So now we’re going to take some drill bits
and we’re going to take out the center of it and make it into a ring. Okay so right now we have a little hole in
there, just kind of like a little pilot hole. We just used just your normal metal bit. So now we’re going to take a bigger bit
and go through that hole again and make it so we don’t have to file down as much once
we get the edge. So we started with a bigger bit but it was
grabbing it and spinning it around. If we had a pair of pliers it would make this
a lot easier…a pair of pliers that wouldn’t damage the sides. Because if you grab it…when we first started
doing this we grabbed the sides and you can see it kind of nicks it right there. So we’re trying to avoid holding onto it
with pliers as much as possible. But hopefully with the smaller bit we can
get it without having it spin too much. Not going to happen. Alright, I’ve drilled it with a half inch
and this is what it’s looking like. Pretty good hole in there. Just get a file and just file it down. Something like this tool where it’s a little
bit wider. Just put the ring on it and then just rub
up and down and it will sand off. Alright, what you’ll do it you’ll put
it over a bit like this and then smack it with a hammer so it rounds out. Stainless steel like this and pound it around
and it should go smooth on the inside.

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  1. I bet if you grabbed it with a pair of pliers wrapped in electrical tape, it would reduce the damage. Just my $0.02! I'm definitely going to try this out!

  2. Melt it down and make a cast for it your wasting silver when you do it that way

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