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  1. On topics that could be shallow & vain, Jackie quickly touches many deep & issues & bounces to the next topic. People who think they "Know It All" don't really know much, but Jackie is Intriguing because she Knows Alot.😉 There is so much value in Young Wise Women.

  2. I relate to many youths & Millennials who crave their parents support, but the parents were too busy manifesting their own thing to guide their children. Many parents can't guide their children if they lack education or experience. What's sad is when parents sidetrack their own goals to promote goals that their children claim, but don't have the ambition to manifest.

  3. i used to get a lot of comments like "when r u gonna get a boyfriend/fiance" and "so WHEN you get married…", then i came out as a whole-ass lesbian and POOF! all those comments disappeared! 🙂 gee 🙂 it's surprising how when it's gay 🙂 ppl don't want to think about marriage expectations 🙂

  4. The thing is I hate when you tell people how uninterested you’re in having kids and they say “ don’t say that, you’re young, you’ll definitely regret” and for me as someone who hates regrets I was like ok maybe I should wait until that age where “ I don’t regret” about my decisions.
    Honestly it’s worthy to listen to yourself before anyone else, not that you just want to oppose what they’re saying, but questioning yourself “ am I ready to take that path in life” I want to believe that life is bigger than a marriage or having kids.

  5. I love the one lash look, it says alot. I'm a fan of asymmetry… my life will not be symmetrical to the life other's want me to live <3

  6. I feel it’s super disrespectful when they ask me “when are y’all getting married” in front of him?! Why would you do that !!!?

  7. My bf and I have been together for three years and it’s always the question of when we’re getting married but we got together fresh out of high school and we’re in college and we work full time. We’re taking our time and exploring and enjoying life together, we know what we want but life may have other plans and we’re just going with the flow.

  8. I was married and divorced very young as well. Now, I do view it completely differently. It’s something I’m not as naive about now. It’s a business transaction. I don’t want it to change my relationship again. Never even thought about it until I had a child and I want to make sure she is protected and that my partner can make decisions for me if those situations ever come up.

  9. Omg I didn’t know you were married so young..I got married last year when I was 20 and I’m getting a divorce now at 21. Seeing you so happy now gives me so much hope! I’m ready to find myself

  10. wow thank you so much for this . You are like a big sister that i never had . I am 21 , im still trying to figure things out , and i have learned alot from this video . Thank you Jackie !

  11. Love love love this! I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now, and I already have people asking me if I'm getting married soon or having a baby. I'm 22, working towards a degree and am in NO WAY financially or mentally able to at this point. I'm not sure if I ever want to have a traditional family and that is completely fine, despite what everyone else says.

  12. I needed to hear this! Being Mexican we're expected to be married at a young age and have kids, and that is not in my timeline. I'm a very healthy loving relationship but it is so frustrating to have my mom ask me "when y'all getting married", "are you gonna have kids" "I want grandkids". And kids are so expensive. if I can't move out and live on my own I certainly cant raise kids.
    Deftly use your family as a cheat sheet and see what you can take from their past experience, to be successful in your own way. ❤

  13. Thanks for this video. I needed this. I’m still struggling with not taking into consideration what my grandmother wants for me. I don’t even know anymore what I’m passionate about. I’m working on finding myself and my purpose in life. Thanks 🙏🏽

  14. I think a lot of the people around me look at me weird because I’ve never tied my identity to wether or not I was married or had kids or how many kids I had and so many people think I’m a weirdo but now that I have one son people constantly ask when I’m going to have more and I’m like damn! I have one and I’m happy! I don’t have to have more it’s not my identity

  15. I believe that the world is so concerned and vocal abouy what we're doing with our bodies because we do birth the civilizations we live in. However I do noy believe that the believe the standards that have been put on us have been placed by egotistical and sick minded men. The ONLY man who has control over my body is God and I think that autonomy to make decisions he gave us was a beautiful thing because it allows us to experience life based on what we choose and either fall or thrive based on those decisions. Women have real power and it's amazing. 😩👏🏾

  16. Jackie your personality keeps me energized tired af and commenting in between doing my box braids on CA time and at this rate ima be up all night 🙃☠

  17. As we're headed into 2020 this video and talk really speaks to me. I think every now and then everyone needs that little reminder that you should live life in the moment rather than sit there trying to force yourself to check other people's boxes for you. You'll miss so many opportunities and lose so much of your own life if you're only paying attention to what makes someone else happy.

  18. I'm here from the channel As Told By Kenya after she introduced me to your content and work. Today on this video, I am even more content with my choice to press the purchase button on your pallette. But I do say I put this as a down on you releasing that purple pallette!

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