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USCIS -NPS Naturalization Ceremony Snapchat Story

USCIS -NPS Naturalization Ceremony Snapchat Story

Hi, thanks for watching this video. This particular clip talks about USCIS Naturalization
ceremony. Today, we’re at the WW2 Memorial for a special
naturalization ceremony. Here’s a panoramic view of the Lincoln Memorial
and the reflecting pool in the background. A park ranger stands at the podium. This is the first-ever naturalization ceremony
at the WWII Memorial. The US flag flies in the background. Getting started soon. An uncle sam rubber duckie watches the ceremony. Here we go. The Superintendent of the National Mall stands
at the podium to kick off the ceremony. 40 individuals from 33 different countries
wait to take the oath today. The anthem is sang as everyone stands in respect. A marine stands in salute as the anthem is
sang. Candidates stand as their countries of origin
are called by the speaker. The candidates take the oath at the memorial. The crowd cheers and welcomes 40 new Americans
as the ceremony concludes 100 ceremonies take place today in different
national parks. USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez stands at the
podium to greet the new citizens. The crowd welcomes General John Paxton as
he makes his way to the podium to deliver the keynote speech. Certificates are handed out by the speakers
to the new citizens much like a graduation. The ceremony concludes as the crowd sings
happy birthday to the National Park Service, which turns 100 years old. That’s all. Thanks for watching. If you want more behind-the-scenes looks at
our national monuments and museums, historical fun facts, and even the occasional helpful
hint in real time, make sure to follow us on Snapchat. Search for USAGov or use this Snapcode.

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