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Veere Di Wedding Trailer | Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker, Shikha Talsania| June 1

[First frame] What? You slept with him. I’m pretty sure he never
even cleared high school. Ohh, I see… So now one needs
a degree to screw you. “Elders have always said, Munni.” “Showing off is wrong, Munni.” “Be careful,
you’ll set the stage on fire.” I haven’t had sex in a year. Oh, God. Why don’t you get
a f***ing job, Sakshi? And who will make your Rajma-rice
every day, you NRI C*** No matter how educated you are.
Graduation…post graduation But you’ve achieved nothing
until you are a f#@*ing wife. KalindiPuri, will you marry me? Baby, I’ll be right back. F*** Rishab, Why!? Why are you doing this? Wow… Congratulations.
Finally our veer’s getting married So cute. She will look like
a fairy princess in this. I am Mrs. Malhotra. Hi, baby. Kalindi. Yes, aunty. We need the ring back. He’ll put it back on again
at the Sangeet function. Aunty. Save me, okay,
when I end up murdering everyone. We decided not more than 200 guests. Are you high on weed? We’re going to drink
like animals tonight. Go, runto your mom. Actually… marry your mom. Bloody mother-lover. You crazy b**** Are we getting married
for us or for these people? This non stop list of strange rules…
what the f*** is happening, yaar. All these new rules, relationships… Who to call what and when… Its so exhausting man. You’re not the first girl
in this world who is getting married. But I am definitely the first
to do it without my f***ing friends. Your entire group is crazy. One ran away from
home to get married. Another one’s on the
verge of getting divorced. Now, the third one
cancelled her own wedding. Please stop bitching
about my friends. “Brothers,
we’ll walk a new path together” “Brothers,
we’ll make a new life together.” Guess what an orgasm
is called in Hindi, ladies. Extreme pleasure. Extreme WHAT!? Pleasure, baby…

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