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Vote “No” to Marriage Equality

Vote “No” to Marriage Equality

If you’re anything like me, then I imagine your news feed
is being bombarded by messages with why you should vote
“Yes” for gay marriage. That’s why we thought it’s important
to present a balance of arguments. Here’s a bunch of reasons
why you should vote… No. Marriage is clearly defined
within Australian law as between a man and a woman. And it’s important that we
preserve this definition rather than say, preserving, like,
I don’t know… the Great Barrier Reef. You can’t just redefine a word. It would be not very nice, would it? It would be quite silly if people
had to go and re-learn the new definition of some word
that they’ve been using for ages. That would be awful. Vote “No” because who knows
what’s going to happen. Like you could make a choice and it’s kind of like
the butterfly effect, it could set off a chain reaction of
events that could lead to anything. For example, I could drop this pen… and then… You have to vote “No” because
first you allow gay marriage, and then next people want
to marry cats and dogs and go polygamous
and polyamorous and then society’s
very foundations crumble. You know, just because that hasn’t
happened in… Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands,
New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK, USA
or Uruguay… Doesn’t mean it won’t happen here. As a right wing conservative
you should vote “No”, because that’s the default opinion
of a ring wing conservative. And having these default opinions
saves us the time and effort of thinking about a given issue
on it’s own merit. This whole political correctness
thing’s gone far enough. Everyone telling you you can’t
say this, you can’t do that. We’ve got to fight back by saying,
“No – you can’t get married,
you can’t do that.” If gay marriage becomes legal, businesses who deny their services
to gay couples might be discriminated against
for their discriminatory policies. In fact, prejudice against bigots could increase
all round the country. Imagine a dystopian future in which
bigots are so discriminated against they’re not even allowed
to marry other bigots for fear of raising bigot children. Wouldn’t that be unfair? Because children need
a mum and a dad. It doesn’t matter
what the mum’s like, what the dad’s like,
how much they hate each other, how much they resent the children,
how much meth they smoke. Yeah, what’s really important it that
one has a penis and one has a vagina. Vote “No” because
the “fair go” has got to go, and give way to the “fair no”. In fairness it’s not a hard no,
it’s a fair no. You had a go, good on ya.
But no. It’s one thing for lesbians
to have sex in a porno that I’m jacking off to, it’s another thing for them to do so
within the sanctity of marriage. Quite frankly it’s immoral. If the gay people can get married then what’s the point
of being straight? You may as well just be gay….. Vote “No”, because the Bible
clearly states that homosexuality is unnatural. Yeah, you know the bible? The… The one with the flat earth
and the talking donkey, talking bush…
talking snake… resurrection…
walking on water… evil periods…
sea parting… … woman turning into
a pillar of salt… … giant people-eating fish… …marrying your rapist… … families populating entire cities
through two generations of incest… … walls falling to the power
of trumpets… … dude get’s a haircut, and he’s no longer the
strongest man in the world… …stopping the sun to win a war… …rib woman…
throwing babies at walls… …where a dude put two
of every animal on a boat to escape a giant flood
when everyone else on earth died… …where plants grow
before sunlight… …where the Tower of Babel
was built so high it nearly touched Heaven and God
just flicked everyone off the top and scattered them around the world and that’s why we have people
who speak different languages… …an angel of death killing
every first-born baby in Egypt… says that homosexuality
is unnatural, so… Yeah. So there you have it. All the reasons why you should
vote “No” in the plebiscite. Because hearing a balance of
arguments is way more important than whether or not any of
those arguments make sense. Totally.

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  1. (I just found this channel) Although the voting was ages ago in Australia, when I saw this video I was like: “I have lost my respect for this channel.” But I watched it and realised it was comedy. I feel stupid.

  2. Whenever I hear homophobic people talk about this stuff I'm just like…HOW IS THIS EFFECTING YOU BRO?!?!?

  3. Clicked on this video thinking I was dealing with homophobes

    Clicked the like button realising I was dealing with awesome comedians

  4. I clicked on this knowing it was going to be a troll and it would pretty much list why all the vote no reasons are dumb and I am thoroughly impressed

  5. Quick statement Australia doesn’t have Democrats and Republicans we have Labor, Liberals and the green. Labor = the work force, Liberal = the rich and green = plants and animals

  6. People who are attracted to cars, balloons, etc: aye, weird but go for it:)

  7. Evil periods. 😂😂😂😂😂 So true So true. I'm definitely a Christrian but I'm not against gay married. Well done guys. This has gotten me laughing cause it's so bloody true. All your darn reason to vote no. Are really stupid. So glad I voted yes.

  8. I guess a lot of people just read the title and start commenting before they watch the video.

    Or way too many people don’t get satire.

    Or bigots have got so bigotty that even when you’re taking the piss out of them, people think you’re just a bigot.

  9. Came here ready to hear you out and end up just dismissing it a few hours later. Pleasantly surprised

  10. You forgot God hardening the heart of the Pharoah, and then punishing him for having a hardened heart.

  11. There is no such thing as gay marriage. “Marriage” by definition is a covenant between a MAN and a WOMAN. A man and a man or a woman and a woman can’t be bound by marriage. It’s against God’s design and it’s against God’s law.

  12. Fine. I admit it. I thought that this was actually going to be a sensible video actually stating reasons to vote no. Should have guessed it was another vote "yes" video.

  13. Your Religious Beliefs should have NO IMPACT ON OTHERS you IGNORANT ASSHOLES!!!!!! The gods never told anyone that they hate gay People why because NOBODY on this Earth has EVER Spoken to the gods. The guys who wrote the Bible just assumed that the gods would agree with Their Warped Logic. The Bible States in the Old Testament that the Earth is Flat and Does NOT MOVE so what the Maker of Heaven and Earth in the Old Testament Did not know the Earth is Round and Revolve around the Sun!!! The Bible wants you to be Blind Followers and NOT Question anything because it is a CULT you Brainless IDIOTS!!! Go Crawl back Under your Rock you Oppressed Closest Cases and Suck each other Off in Secret! Only Miserable ASSHOLES like Yourselves would want to SHIT on Someone Else's Happiness. What are you Protecting, Your Right to make other People Equally as Miserable as YOURSELVES. Why don't the Two of you take a Bath Together and Drop a Toaster in your Tub you Self Hating Dickless ASSHOLES!!!

  14. "What's really important is that one has a penis and one has a vagina."

    So me as a trans guy could marry a cis guy and it would be okay? :/ (Btw I know the video is satire)

  15. You guys had to take a dump on Christianity didn't you? If you don't agree with it just leave it alone.

  16. the funny thing is that every point that they have said in jest has actually happened now in the UK and US also i would like to point out that if this was aimed at a muslim who has the same beliefs as christians that they would be hung drawn and quarted by the media. just food for thought

  17. You can’t just redefine a word it’ll be not very foolish would it, it be quiet if people had to go and relearn the definition of some word that they’ve been using for ages, that’ll be great.

  18. These comments are so funny omg how can you compare gay marriage to marrying your rapist??? Why are we comparing people in consensual relationships to pedophiles and rapists???

  19. Why No ??? Would u listen to your religion instead of what u child want ?? The next generation will open mind just shut up because if u not respect gay people = u r not respect to disable people or black peoples just think about those kind of thing before most people even hate black people and call people born without leg or …. as a freak

  20. i was gonna consider clicking dislike and then realized you were taking the piss out of dumb fuck right wingers

  21. I am Fira777 on YouTube. Same sex marriage (same gender marriage) is not immoral nor dangerous nor both just like any North American arachnid (eight legged creature) that is not an arizona bark scorpion is not an arachnid that its venom is strong enough to kill me the absolute (unrestricted) first time its venom is injected into me likewise same sex marriage is not dangerous nor immoral nor both.

  22. My 5yo son came home from his first lesson in the safe schools program and he seemed confused, what he said to me almost broke my heart, he said "daddy, is my wee wee gay or is my bum gay?"

  23. I disliked right when he said marriage was between a man and a woman, but soon I realised it was a joke and I wish I could like this a million times.

  24. Just throwin a comment out there, to all the poofs… does it feel with shit on ur dick ? Hope u all contract AIDS 😂

  25. Ohmygod this is brilliant. Thought I'd watch this to inform myself about the fears and bullshit arguments some other arsehole had come up with to frighten people into voting no. This was not quite what I expected but so much easier to listen to. Thanks, all of this is so true and bloody hilarious! Hope people get the message.
    By the way, the part of the Bible that is most important to christians is not the old testament with all its horrible stories of a revengeful warlord god. It is the new testament where lesson number one is LOVE. None of the evangelists mention Jesus ever saying anything about homosexuality, his message was all about the importance of love and it was repeated over and over again. Loving and caring for every living being was to him infinitely more important than the old laws of the Thora. So if any self-proclaimed christians read this: please don't ever argue with "christian values" to reject the love between two people. It makes me angry because I am a christian too and I don't want to apologize to other sane people around me for my belief in the christian god of love just because some biggots abuse this religion to hurt those around them. Jesus definitely would not have accepted such hateful behaviour. Just read the bible. 😉

  26. I came here ready to put my liberal views in homophobic heads, and instead, I got a great way to fall asleep and a video to send to everyone I know. Thanks, Australia!

  27. Wasn't Jesus made up from a cult inside of ancient Rome. Fuck off. Gay marriage is different from animal marriage. Political correctness is stupid but not allowing gays equal rights is wrong. Children don't need a mom and a dad. If you don't want gay marriage then so be it. Idc but if your gonna spread a false idea then fuck off. This isn't directed towards the people who made the vid. Just homophobes in general

  28. So many people forgetting about the silent majority and thinking everyone agreed to this. It was nearly 50/50 and some people think it was rigged. There were instances where postal workers would throw out no votes.

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