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Watson Engagement Advisor

Watson Engagement Advisor

today customers increasingly want the ability to serve themselves particularly the younger generation technology like the ATM and online airline check-in demonstrate that often the best and quickest service is automated but sometimes self-service doesn’t work as well as it should and customer satisfaction and loyalty has decreased as a result it’s time for digital self service to move to the next level what if there was a way to implement the knowledge and expertise of your very best customer service agents in every interaction IBM Watson engagement advisor does just that but what makes Watson different let’s watch as Brad requests an auto insurance quote brad is trying to log into his insurance account but he’s having issues with his password he turns to a virtual agent for help since Watson can integrate multiple systems into business processes gratz password is seamlessly reset while he’s engaged with a virtual agent Brad decides to ask about an insurance quote as a part of the process Watson asks have you had any previous criminal convictions Brad asks do parking tickets cap with Watson’s natural language processing it uses advanced algorithms to understand and to break down the question Watson then returns the appropriate response from its knowledge Watson’s corpus or knowledge database contains thousands of documents that Watson is ingested and been trained on from HTML pages to marketing materials and faq documents as updated versions of these documents are released the corpus is updated so Watson will continue to have the most current information ensuring the most relevant and timely answers every time response parking tickets do not count allowing Brad to continue the quote process with ease delivering a satisfactory and fulfilling customer experience with Watson’s capabilities customers are less likely to abandon the process and frustration now employees are free to focus their time on more complex business needs while Watson deals with commonplace customer concerns and with Watson scalability it can grow with your company while reducing costs let I BM Watson engagement advisor elevate your digital self service to a place where consumers can have the rich and satisfying customer experience they deserve you

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