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  1. I have seen their webiste (its actually Alibaba), i have heard abut many scammers, this one howeer can be good. Maybe i will order a sample

  2. I would like to order from China weeding and evening dresses, does your heps in quality checks and shipping? I am from Norway. I will send you on prv.

  3. Hi, Matt. Could you share some experience how to find buyers from United States? I have a friend who is a supplier in China who wants to work with me, but I don't know how to wholesale in US/

  4. Sorry to hear that! I wonder if I should start a company just to offer investigation service for people who want to check if their suppliers are scammers or not.

  5. .I use to shop online from a company in China called Sissi Bridal.   I purchased two beautiful gowns from them.  They were helpful, reliable, honest and easy to communicate with and free shipping to Canada.  Unfortunately I can no longer find them online so I'm searching for another company and I found this video by accident so am very interested and look forward to visiting your web page.

  6. I'm interested in starting my own bridal business. I'm looking for a company with many years and experience with videos not just pictures. My WhatsApp is 786-368-6852. thank you.

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