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Wedding Highlights Yellow Gold Farm in Albany, Oregon

Marriage is promised between two people
who love each other. Two people who trust that love. To honor one another as
individuals and who wished to spend the rest of their lives together. Love is kind. Patient mine and
everything yes everything works out in time. I Jordan take you Brittany to be my
wife. I will share my life with yours. build our dreams together. Support you
through times of trouble and rejoice with you in times of happiness. I promise
to give you respect, love and loyalty. This commitment is made in love. Kept in faith.
Lived in hope and made new everyday of out lives. And if you cry I’ll cry with you. And if you laugh, well, I’ll laugh too. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do. Do you take Jordan into
your loving family? Do you promise to respect him, laugh at his jokes, listen to
him when he tells you to clean your room? To accept him and enjoy in your mother’s life
for all the years ahead? Yes. Fall from the sky. I look around. You catch my eye. a hundred hearts Are dancing in the sea and here you are. A strong marriage also nurtures each of
you as separate individuals and allows you to maintain your unique identity and
grow in your own way through the years ahead. I am free. You may know kiss your bride. A hundred hearts dancing in the sea and here you are with me.

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