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Wedding Ring Trends for 2017

Wedding Ring Trends for 2017

Wedding ring trends for 2017 Shopping for your wedding ring is as important as your wedding day. It symbolises you and your partner’s lifetime love and dedication for one another. Let’s look at some of the famous wedding ring styles we’ve seen this 2017. Rose gold band: Rose gold jewellery has been taking the industry by a storm because of its unique combination of copper and gold that emits a youthful glow whatever the skin tone of the wearer is. That’s why these pieces are often found in every jewellery store, local or international. Vintage & antique wedding rings: From Victorian and Edwardian eras to art deco and retro wedding rings, anything vintage and antuique has made a roaring comeback, especially in the jewellery and fashion industry. The trademark classic and intricate design style showcases the craftsmanship of jewellers from the delicate diamond setting down to the varying wedding band finish. Coloured centre stones: If you’re not feeling classic white diamonds, then you can opt for something new like coloured centre and band stones, which are becoming more popular these days. Black diamond and opal are getting the most love from couples and jewellery collectors because of their unique appeal from ethereal to sophisticated touch. Stacked rings: For a customisable and bohemian look, many brides choose stacked wedding rings comprised of thin bands either plain with a single stone or paved with diamonds. Aside from the customisable look of stacked rings, each piece added can signify a couple’s milestone throughout the relationship. More custom jewellery in Sudney and other big cities offer this look to attract stylish couples. Pave setting: Stemming from the beloved eternity ring style, pave set wedding rings have a simple approach that omits the large centre stone but doesn’t ditch diamonds on the ring by setting tiny stones on the entire band. With so many diamond choices in Sydney, a pave setting can shine as beautiful and elegant as a solitaire wedding ring. Video: diamondjewelleriesforever
Images: Armans Fine Jewellery
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