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Wedding Trends You Need To Know About In 2018

Every year, the wedding industry comes up
with ways to make each wedding an experience, not just an event. Modern-day brides and grooms are personalizing
their special day to reflect who they are as a couple — and in 2018, there are certainly
some new trends on the horizon, but also a few classics that are here to stay. If you’re a lover of colorful stationery and
intricate cake designs, this just might be the most epic year yet to tie the knot. Here are the wedding trends to watch for in
2018. Locally sourced flowers Recent floral trends have focused on show-stopping
blooms like garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus, flowers— but 2018 will see brides carrying
flowers from closer to home. Opting for locally-grown flowers is a highlight
for those eco-friendly couples, and budget-conscious brides will appreciate that in-season flowers
typically cost less than out-of-season ones. Messy bouquets If you hop onto Pinterest or any wedding website,
you’ll see that overflowing, cascading bouquets were incredibly popular in 2017 — and this
is one trend that’s not going anywhere. Lush bouquets that include both flowers and
textured greenery will reign in 2018, too. But since they’re such a show-stopper, be
sure to work with your florist so that your messy bouquet won’t clash with or snag on
your wedding gown. Informal invites Gone are the days when a wedding invitation
needed to be formal, minimalist, and stuffy. Now, the only rule is that there are no rules. Repurposed materials, watercolor illustrations,
colorful letterpress, even paperless invites — anything goes when it comes to invitations,
so feel free to get playful. A weekend itinerary Whether you’re getting married in your old
hometown or holding a destination wedding, guests who are traveling to attend your celebration
will appreciate some guidance about what to do when they get there… apart from the basics,
of course. “For you all you have to do are the three S’s – “Ah, the 3 S’s…” “Yeah, shower shave and show up” A list of local attractions, restaurants,
bars, and other nearby points of interest should be part of the package — or even
part of your invitation. Including an itinerary for your wedding weekend
can help set the tone for an exciting getaway that your guests will look forward to. It’s all about the buttercream Traditionally, wedding cakes have been made
with fondant — a solid, durable paste that makes a great base for intricate design and
decoration. But while fondant can be beautiful, many people
don’t love the taste: enter buttercream, which is soft, creamy, and delicious. With formal cakes losing popularity, the natural,
softer look of buttercream, often with flower garnishes, is on the rise. But if you still want fondant, don’t be discouraged:
you can always jazz up the inside of your cake with a unique, unexpected flavor. Cakes are going boho Classic cakes in pure white are so ten years
ago. In 2018, the on-trend wedding cake will be
all about patterns and designs: lacework, chevron — if bohemian details are part of
your overall wedding design, they’ll look great on your cake. And you don’t have to go big anymore, either;
a small, beautifully decorated cake for the couple will look great in photos, while a
corresponding sheet cake in the same flavors will keep your guests fed and happy. Dresses with details From capes to crepe to just one cap sleeve,
gowns in the coming year will be all about attention-grabbing details. A one-shoulder design creates a unique contemporary
twist on a traditional look, while unusual materials like crepe give you texture and
movement. And yes, capes are making a big comeback in
2018 — so if you’re thinking of a winter wedding, it’s one daring way to cover your
shoulders. Specialty foods Traditional dinners are still on the menu
in 2018, but trend-conscious couples will personalize their reception with food stations
that showcase their particular tastes. “Look at that f—— cookie!” From gourmet donuts to customized grilled
cheese sandwiches to, well, enormous f—— cookies, these popular additions to your wedding
menu give the whole event a flavor that’s truly you. Say goodbye to buffets While the wedding buffet is a fun, casual,
and cost-saving option, formal plated dinners are coming back strong in 2018. If the rest of the wedding trends this year
are about pushing boundaries and breaking rules, this is the one place you can’t go
wrong with timeless, traditional elegance. So it’s within your means, wow your guests
with table service— and cut costs elsewhere with farmhouse style seating and simple china
that puts all the focus on the food. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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