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What is East Forest Ceremony?

What is East Forest Ceremony?

[music playing] So East Forest Ceremony is a bit about
combining meditation and combining concert. So what makes the ceremony
different is that it’s done in the round typically, I come out and play
in the middle of the room instead of up on the proscenium or a stage. So we’re
breaking down that that fourth wall. We’re breaking down that separation
between the performer and the listener. So we’re co-creating this experience
together. East Forest music began in the ceremony space and it was about some
pretty deep sound healing stuff and taking people on a journey. And it was
done in small groups and in private places all around the country. And it
grew over time into something that was a bit more traditional in the sense that I
was doing concerts and public events and festivals and it’s hit me at some point
that I really wanted to go back to those roots and bring those original ceremony
aspects back into this concert experience and so I wanted to combine
the two and that’s what East Forest Ceremony is. When you walk in it’s
instantly the set in the setting of the space you’re already on your way, you’re
already in the journey, and so we’re really looking to make a holistic
experience that’s not just about the concert and the sound but it’s also
about how you feel how the room smells how you look the journal we give you to
write down your thoughts that come up and help you guide yourself through some
small simple guided meditations. Those small events those small rituals
actually combined into something much larger and more powerful that makes the
entire event much more of a inner journey and hopefully a life-changing
experience. Having my eyes closed and seeing the light just enhancing
everything there was like laser lights up above. I loved
using all of the senses like sound and scent. It just it grounds you into where
you’re at. It grounds you into your heart and it gives you a whole kind
of clarity that that wasn’t there before. Meditation is kind of a difficult thing
for me. I’m not very good at meditating. I find it really challenging to kind of
find stillness and deep dive within and this experience really kind of allowed
me the freedom to dive in word and I think the elements that were there
present with the music and the group cohesiveness really enabled me and
enhanced my experience to actually dive deep into my meditation. It’s not
everyday you can lie down in an environment like this and be able to get
a personal concert and a meditation journey. Definitely really cool thing I’d
love to do again.

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