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What Makes Our Marriage Work?

What Makes Our Marriage Work?

what’s up everybody I am back guys now
every time I say what’s up what’s up everybody I need a new like what’s up everybody
whoa what’s up everybody why are we not doing the
what’s up everybody it’s gonna like people at home deserve like the
consistency that they’ve come to expect with all do you want what’s up everybody
as your intro or can I now get her to mix it up hey what’s up everybody I am
here with my very favorite person ever on the whole world in the planet on the
earth on the whole always he’s back everyone it is the one the only Israel
Houghton and hoping that would be me that’s it right there one guys we’re
actually gonna tell you laugh you want people to cheer so far today we are
going to discuss the roles that we play in our marriage which I’m actually super
excited about because I never thought about this before I which I think most
people don’t really think about like what role do I play what role do you
play pretty sure it’s gonna be about a one-minute segment because it’s like
she’s the bomb oh that’s so I trade the role of yes babe that’s not say that
okay we’re gonna get into this in just a little bit – Joking – I’m giving a shout-out
to audible who sponsored this video super excited about this we’re huge fans
of audible it’s actually an app that you can have on all your devices that allows
you to listen to audiobooks and any kind of audio entertainment I know that we’re
huge fans of reading and a lot of times I’ll read and listen at the same there’s
something about like concrete you feel like you like absorb I feel like I get
it better yeah my recommendations for books are always like biographies I
think there’s nothing like reading a story that you know one actually really
took place like for me I’m always fascinated like this really happened
hearing somebody narrate their own story in their own voice and hearing them tell
the story to there’s nothing like it so my recommendation for a book would
definitely be my voice by Angie Martinez which we
actually listen to together her incredible book what would be your
recommendation line would be the alchemist so i love the book you
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Things Adrienne – 500 – 500 something that you always say to me that i
absolutely love and it is do you love love love it i love love love this when
he says that we are our favorite love story ever we are I love that so let’s
get into that right now the roles that we play in our marriage now I’m not
gonna lie I actually don’t know what this is about to be about check think is
gonna make this so much more honest and so much more interesting
so slash scary here we go I think that we’re definitely more of a modern
progressive couple in a lot of ways obviously we have a blended family
that’s one way both professionals both professionals although I believe that
there are a lot of things about us that are very traditional I would say I don’t
like to put us in a box so I have this theory about marriage I’ve been thinking
about these things a lot lately I read this amazing article actually it was by
Vanessa Williams in Glamour magazine where she talked about her three
marriages and what she learned from being married three times and I just
found it fascinating so I read that and there was something that I took away
from that that I really loved and one of the things was expectations and how you
think something is supposed to be there’s actually what ruins us the most
in life this is supposed to be this way and then when it isn’t that way you’re
like then it’s ruined I think there’s something really beautiful too
surrendering to your marriage because it’s not always gonna be the way you
planned it to be and there’s nothing like just surrendering to the journey
and loving every moment of it as opposed to like it was supposed to be this way
like I was supposed to marry a man that ever been married before have never had
children before and that can ruin you the most and life
you get what I mean so I don’t like to put us in a box where it’s like we’re
traditional and then the day that we’re not doing something traditional it’s
like well that’s not how it’s supposed to be he’s supposed to be in charge or
I’m supposed to be in charge no some days he’s in charge some days I’m in
charge and that’s okay okay really really really really real
the manager business savvy person that handles business 100% is Israel with
Lana yeah so I’m gonna explain that one with me I am actually and my mom I don’t
enjoy discussing money I hate it no I hate I hate discussing money I hate
discussing the business side of things I’m a very creative person so I can come
up with the concepts Israel actually negotiates a lot of my deals along with
Lana so you handle a lot of my business which
I don’t think people know I actually love that yeah cuz we’re both very
creative yeah and if I ever have to discuss business for my behalf it
doesn’t go as well if I’m discussing business free for you yeah it goes
really well yeah I feel like I can negotiate well and hard on your being
yeah I’ll get on calls for him and I’ll fight for him I look absolutely not he
needs this anything like marketing marketing and those kinds of things yeah
for sure because I actually don’t like talking about that kind of state you
don’t care about marketing branding I never had to be on social media I
wouldn’t now so so she helps that yeah I feel like I’m answering your question
this way our roles tend to strengthen each other’s I won’t I don’t want to say
weaknesses but are ya know what my weakness is definitely like I should
never say this out loud but I’m Here I am putting it on YouTube I would work
for free cuz I actually genuinely love what I do for a living
the views expressed by Adrienne Houghton on this program do not necessarily
represent the views of her marriage she’s not gonna won’t be like absolutely
how no you need to get your money not gonna happen
we both if we’re honest can struggle on spending because we’d like to show our
families a great time I like to show my family agree
he likes to buy clothing oh let’s be honest this is an honest we don’t have
this in in common we love creating memories and experiences and he likes to
have really great output I’ll do like looking for the experience my husband
loves to shop me and Lana will look over my expenses and we’ll be like what the
hell is Israel ordering on Amazon what is your upset what are you guys done
that’s not fashion I know but in general it’s the other day a package came with
not one not two not three no there were eight nail scrubbers for your nail I
don’t know I thought was probably not done on purpose I think I thought I was
ordering two and instead I ordered two packs of four okay yeah and we’re gonna
come back up yeah no they were 89 cents to money management those are long
answer to he will answer he will handle that stuff I’m more creative make sure
that we don’t go broke Thanks I always joke around that my husband makes sure
that everything gets done in the house I never have to do anything in the house
because my husband makes sure that he cannot handyman I am handy with hiring
the right man he will make sure it gets done no it’s gonna get done but he is
not doing any of it yeah you don’t do it you know why I don’t do any of it I feel
like I never know is it I feel like there’s a few things I do around the
house I get no love for them like white I get no thanks for I don’t know I can’t
think of them currently I set the thermostats okay the one thing
Israel does very well no matter where he is in the world he could be in Nigeria
which he is quite often in Nigeria yes and literally on the other side of the
world I will text message Israel from the sofa on the third floor can you
please pull my phone out and go by the way it’s right there I can get up and do
it but you say you like it that I love you I like being needed
yeah that’s fine so yes I handle everything around the house I make sure
it gets done I don’t necessarily swing a hammer
to do it this is where the crickets so ok bed-making
we sent you to make the bed together he likes to make the bed together we’re
gonna win extra points I’ll make the bed like she’ll get in the shower and she’ll
come out and bet is made to be like babe you made the bed I’m like there’s a high
chance of action that day strong chance of that strong chance you’re saying
there’s a chance so you’re saying there’s a chance yeah
there’s always there’s actually everyday a chance come on go laundry I don’t
really mess with that because I I feel like honestly I do the laundry I
actually watched his drawers and all that good stuff I actually like that but
I’ve been doing that even we were in our in the apartment by the Grove I actually
used to love doing Israel’s laundry and I actually take great pleasure in doing
laundry and I also take great pleasure in doing dishes but it’s awesome there
are beautiful me it’s also being married to somebody slightly OCD like you yeah
she wants things a certain way yeah the house is never a medicine the part of
our house that gets like destroyed because it’s our closet that’s from
packing unpacking and that will likely doubt into our bathroom a bit I think
when we build our next house we’re gonna build like a room like a like a hidden
room off the closet that literally is just open the door and we’ll sort that
out later and the closet stays nice and then a great idea was Alana like that
yeah we’re gonna do it yeah Israel is absolutely I actually was just telling
you this other day so Israel wrote a list of things that he loves about me
and and Israel cried writing that list and then I cried reading that list he
has asked me to return the favor I think what I wrote back was like I love so
many things about you but take me all day to write them and then you’re like
well then take a day and write them one of them currently that I was just
telling you yesterday you are one of the most
comforting nurturing you make everyone feel safe and you give the best hugs in
the whole world and I’ve never felt more safe with anybody like you have
something like something about your spirit makes people feel like safe and
okay and I just love that about you so I’m not gonna bawl this isn’t you
Leyna just did my makeup Israel thinks about oh I can’t do this without okay he
thinks about people he thinks about people he’s super kind to people he’s
beyond generous to people and he’s the one that taught me if you think of
somebody don’t just think about it and tell me but tell them like you’ll text
message people like I was just thinking about you I want you to know you’re
loved and like you just so nice like that
so he’s super kind thoughtful and he’s very nurturing like no one makes me feel
better in the world like just the best I’m intentional about it yeah you’re
like you make people feel better well I’m not trying to make people feel bad
I’m trying to always make you feel good yeah but like anybody that loves you
that’s in contact with you like let’s be honest all of your friends that they’re
going through a hard time whom do they call I tend to get that call yeah he has
a like a hotline going on in this phone and I get annoyed cuz I’m like he’s been
on the phone for two hours who listens to someone for two whole hours yeah me
but that’s only because I’m sick twice oh yeah that’s true and I think he just
wants me to like be his little sexy years so works out in his favor and I
enjoy being a sexy nurse to the phenomenal outfit so I like taking care
of you and I think you are caught you are like a busybody
which we’re very opposite I’m not a very social person Israel is very social and
you like getting up and like doing stuff and like going out I’m a homebody
so I actually kind of this is terrible to say I like it when he’s a little bit
sick like if he has a cold and then like I can force him to stay in bed with me
all day and I take care of him he is so not a hypochondriac where like he Loki
could be dying and he thinks he’s fine versus nothing could be wrong with me
and I think I’m dying so I
panic about like medical things way before he does he’s like you’re fine
this and there’s no more nurturing kicks in and I go yeah you soothe me you don’t
have cancer it’s okay thank God mosquito bite by the way anytime I’ve ever had a
panic attack literally what we do I get it he’ll tell me we’re getting in bed
right now and Israel will like cocoon me and it’ll go away show them how you do
it you’ll like literally like by the way we sleep like that way babe that’s that
just became a panties sure we sleep like this and we actually say the fact that
we’re both you don’t mind me saying you sure we’re both no yeah both petite
people little people who are bodies wrap I don’t think you could say little
people if that be long oh okay we’re both we’re both short guys this just
point blank period we’re shorties and so we actually your appetite for a man I am
thank you for for AB kind shot I’m pretty sure I control the remote and
it’s not even a control thing she just doesn’t care that much unless she wants
to watch a specific thing and then the reason why she’s fine with me having the
remote is because she has her phone which is one of my poor working through
it we’re working through it guys but I’m like why are we watching this show
together while you are scrolling through women different from men can multitask I
can’t hear what’s going on on the screen absorb all the information of this show
while also perusing great fashion bloggers on Instagram lies lies all lies
now I’m gonna tell you why lies I’ll tell you why I’m gonna you know what I’m
gonna tell you about yourself tell me let me let me handle it about yourself
inevitably used to be like wait why did she just go into the house wait what
just happened and I’m like babe have you been watching the show you
would know she went into the house like 14 minutes but crazy enough we just
started watching the show that I really do like and recently I watched an
episode without him and he is not happy that I’m offended by it we’re gonna work
through that as well I think the bar and the kitchen are two separate things
in charge in the kitchen tell the truth people think that I’m the boss just
because of how I in the kitchen choose the block I say what is that called I
speak more aggressively so they assume that I’m the boss and a lot of things he
just speaks in like a more laid-back tone so they don’t say I can borrow a
boss like so you run the bar I don’t touch that bar at all yeah
the bar is kind of legendary here at our house and I’ve run he’s more of a
collector which is more the collector than a drinker I don’t drink that said
the kitchen is in charge the kitchen but more importantly guys something to
understand she is the boss like please don’t get that at all twisted or
mistaken she’s the boss I like it when you’re the boss okay well
I mean but that’s pride for another show and probably late night really
I actually feel we’re both your alpha and we’re just part of our marriage and
what we love about it is navigating who’s taking the lead at this moment
who’s taking the lead at this moment yeah there are moments where you’ll be
like I got my god yeah yeah and I’m like okay and I actually really like that and
there been other moments what should be I mean like man like I don’t want a guy
that’s just gonna be like I do everything she says that would be wildly
unattractive to me yeah he won’t he doesn’t the drugs are crazy that I won’t
argue back it takes a lot for me to to push back on something and I think that
that is not because he doesn’t get annoyed I think that’s about just being
honest so I’m a very honest person and I think sometimes the healthiest thing for
a marriage is to just say what you think how you feel get it out the way and we
can move on so I will I will instigate him telling me how he really feels I’m
very sarcastic because I know that about myself I know that words can cut and so
I don’t want to say something don’t cut me no no I don’t read something in the
moment that I’m going to later have to go hey I I should have said so I tend to
go I tend to go I attend the chill and process while you’re going and another
thing and the next time that you know what you don’t know but there is some
neck popping from time to time right yeah I don’t believe a lot gets done
when two people are going at we don’t do that the best time to get something
accomplished with your man by the way ladies
right after really great sex really oh yeah you don’t know this no I mean I’m
not trying to manipulate you so the in emulation the guy is like I don’t think
about the fact of like well now that was amazing so I want to let you know
something I don’t like I don’t mean it that way but about ruining a moment but
okay but the moment is what I’m talking about you can find a moment of tension
and try and accomplish something you can find a moment where tension has been
released I can’t this is ridiculous and you did it and you can make progress
this is a pg-13 show pg-13 is a gutter which one is the good this is peachy hey
you why is that I used to call him Ricky romance cuz this guy over here whoa he’d
be romantic anyway he is extremely romantic well it depends cuz honestly no
I make romantic moments happen and then I don’t know how to act in them like I
get orders I’ll be like hi babe this is for you like advices like if I do all
the candles listen what who’s the more snuggly I’m definitely the more snuggly
grab you and hold you for no reason right yeah but now thoughtful and
romantic and like making moments happen and and make again you love making
experiences I’ll come home from a long trip and come home to like amazing fives
yeah usually I will literally put candles going all up the steps of
fireplaces on ladies still be your man’s fantasy I’m just saying I will be
dressed up by the staircase like a glass of wine like yeah I will still just very
romantic that way yeah I can do romantic but like you’re like poetic just walk up
to me and you’re like you just love me this would but I am the queen of putting
a head on the shoulder which could tell the people I feel about that
that’s my favorite thing one of my favorite things in life is when she puts
her head on my shoulder like that again we’re perfect we’ll be a church will be
on a plane it doesn’t matter and and she’ll just put her head on my shoulder
I think it’s a great thing my favorite memories in life is at our wedding like
listening to the preacher speak and she put her head on my shoulder which was
really cool I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that at a wedding you’re comfy it’s
one of my favorite things ever use a cozy place for me so guys I’m gonna stay
right here cuz this is my comfy happy place on his shoulder but again thank
you so much to audible the sponsor at this video and for all of you guys
watching let me know in the comments below what role do you play in your
relationship do we feel that they needs to be roles there’s a whole at the
conversation that needs to happen here anyway I love you guys I’ll see you next
week mmm ah comment below subscribe subscribe yeah

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