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What’s Jamie Eating Today? #21 | Chocolate Celebration Cake

What’s Jamie Eating Today? #21 | Chocolate Celebration Cake

What’s up Food Tubers. I hope you’re really well. What a beautiful day is today. The Sun is out, and er, something beautiful’s just happened. Right here. Yeah. Oh yeah. Guys we are
cooking a new cake. A new formulation of beauty that’s gonna make people happy and
probably very full of calories. Yes it is, but it’s
an incredibly gorgeous recipe that I think you’re gonna love. This
my friends is the chocolate celebration cake. I wanted to take the birthday cake to the next level. So I’ve got a sponge here. It’s not sponge is based on a brownie but it’s not a brownie, it’s lighter, but
very, very delicious. Then the white stuff it’s not cream. It’s
based on a nougat which is kind of like a marshmallow. So that also terribly awesome and then
that yes you guessed it. That is Rice Krispies with a gorgeous chocolate sauce. So it’s naughty, naughty, naughty to the hill. I am here with none other than mister
Loftus and if you haven’t seen on FoodTube: The
Loftus Lens. Click right there and tell them what you
do on the channel. Well we show, we sort of do, we sort of demystify photography really. The stuff we do. Whether it’s portraits or food, we try and make it simple for everyone. Whether you’ve got a mobile phone. A little Instamatic. Or a big camera like this. How is it shooting this beautiful thing? This will make people happy, don’t you think Dave? It will. This will make people happy. Look at that! How can you deny that into
your life?! In moderation of course. Before the nutritionist Department have me killed. Erm, guys that’s what I’m eating today. A beautiful celebration cake. There you go. From me, David and the chocolate celebration cake, take care guys! Bye! It’s not my phone, so I’m going to plonk it! And that’s his phone. Hello, do you want your phone back? Thank you. Yes.

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  1. I am a bit bummed that there weren't a recipe but maybe I should put my skills to test and try to replicate this while waiting the Comfort Food cookbook to be released at my nearest book store 🙂

  2. Awww i just watched this on channel 4! I enjoyed watching you make that huge kebab please keep making more new recipes 🙂

  3. Looks wrong. Think JO has been taking Nigella pills – only she makes cakes by melting 10 Mars bars 2 blocks of sugar and 35 marsh mellows.

  4. Thumbs down on this one for 2 reasons. The cake looks like it's a heart attack waiting to happen and JO is for the first time
    coming across as "terribly terribly" "rar rar ya". 👎

  5. Looks like chocolate heaven! We love David – learned a lot from him and have used some of his techniques on our show. Heading to his channel now!

  6. OMG this cake is ridicky! Seems like there might be leftovers, so don't mind me if I just popover for a slice! 😃

  7. Hi Jamie! Great cake! Looking forward to bake it…I live in Mexico and it is not easy to find "self rising" flour", only regular flour, what can I do? Thank you so much!

  8. ARRR it dos-not make me happy as iam a diabetic. Is there such a thing as a sugar free cake for diabetics please ???

  9. Any chance you, or anyone for that matter, can upload the epic cheese toastie segment from Comfort Food? Have been dying to recreate it!

  10. I'm from Toronto and was just in Brighton….my whole highlight of my trip to Brighton was that I accidently stumbled onto your Cafe….next time I come to Brighton to visit my daughter at school I'm taking a cookery class.

  11. OMG !!!! That s seriously naughty , yummy , delicious , indulgent …..dare i say #SEXY #Cake !!! I will make that … Eric xx

  12. So I just made this cake for my dad's birthday and trust me, it is to die for!!! The cake is like a light but rich brownie and the nougat is like marshmallow fluff! Jamie Oliver, you're a legend 😉

  13. Please please can you do a classic moist chocolate cake! I can't bake but every recipe of yours Iv tried and they have turned out amazing! Haven't been able to master a good moist chocolate cake! With a gorgeous ganache. Would be much appreciated!! Xx

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