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  2. Jealousy is in everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, whether if you are a woman or a man or what race you are. It's not just Filipina women. I've met and dealt with women of different races that are crazy jealous with their partners. It could be that their spouses or boyfriends are giving them reasons to feel that way.

  3. ginoo ko ang mga amo.kasukaon ko nimu dae….imung baba murag pirme naay hotdog nga itom ..yaya ra ka dae.mga ongoy jud mu..hilas pag bisaya inatay ka

  4. Filipina women BY FAT are one of the most jealous women and rightfully so! They adore & serve "head to toe" their men, they'll take care of you breakfast is served every morning along with the newspaper along with a bath towel for your bath at the ready then take care of your as her husband. BUT Filipina women will OWN YOU and there's no going around this! You married her!? You also married her whole family! So guys, better thread well around Filipina women!

  5. Hey Yuri why are you talking shut about pilipina have you know what your policies to why don't you protect your own country your fucking horn ass

  6. If you have a good Filipina and she is not using you to get out of the Philippines and I'm speaking out of experience. You should make her feel secure and loved by your words and most of all your actions. You have to realize that alot of Filipino men are not very responsible and they often cheat on there wives. So you can't blame them for being jealous! You men out there look after your Filipina sweetheart. And from my experience they make awesome wifes as long as you have the right one. And the woman are amazing lovers😎

  7. yeah common as hell the jerry springer thing there. but what happens when they encounter a samoan guy who doesnt play games? make sure that what your jealous about is real! lol

  8. Hiyang2hiya aq sa video mo don bout sa filipina trending kna te galing mong mg.english😂bago ka mgpost ng video ayusin mo muna kilay mo don tabingi eh😝

  9. Yes you live in jerry springers world. Hahahaaa… I am full blooded filipina but never get jealous. You know why?… Because my husband knows how he told me how beautiful I am and he is always their help me some choirs and a lot of things. I guess it depends on their family values. My friends are not like that. A lot of other race are like that too. Anyhow, I agree with the competition.

  10. This is the trashy Filipina who have a lot jealousy in her blood….Get a decent job lady & stop talking shit about other beautiful Filipinas than you, most of them comes here in the US as Nurses & Doctors what about you.? You just came here with your F** p*ssy with dirty mouth & mentality- Is that your all that you can bring on the table…? To pollute other people's mind against other Filipinas…Guess what, if you're probably not making some amount from your blog then I can bet you,You will leave your husband for another guy who have money because you can't have a life without somebody to F*** you & at the same time put foody in your dirty mouth….You're thankful that you're like a tiny mosquito on top of a big Caribou/carabao….Don't be so arrogant so that you can get more blessings. You don't have to put other people's down just to be on the spotlight (as you may think)

  11. It's the opposite. After the Filipina will be brought to the US, American men will be the one who will get jealous. There's divorce, and there are more choices for American men. So, I don't agree with that statement. It's happening only in the Philippines before they are brought to the USA.

  12. I dated a Filipina for quite a long time. She was just an awesome person! But she had a slightly different version of this. She never got mad at _me_, but would get lethally mad at other women for even talking to me. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but she would stalk my Facebook page, and would click through to ascertain where each "Like" came from. If it was a reasonably attractive female, she would immediately message that person and find out what the hellll was going on. Even the times where i actually did get a little interested in another girl and would text/call back and forth, Little Miss Sexy would immediately contact that girl and tell her to stay t.f. away or else!! I mean she was fully prepared to break kneecaps, although weighing 90# I'm not sure she could have swung a baseball bat hard enough to do it. To me, she was the sweetest girl I ever dated and ridiculously attractive. Can't remember why I broke up with her but anyhow the title of this video totally reminded me of that!!!

  13. After 8 years i tapped out couldn't take it anymore all tagalog all day filipino everything. hated having to sit in the corner with the other white guy….. no infidelity no fighting no jealousy. just her way every day. F that.

  14. Only place a black man can get a Asian Girl… Philippines….. I’m happy for him he gave her better life for sure !

  15. If Philipino girl isn’t gonna buy me my first meal….. then she is dirty tying get some money ……… she buy you plate of food, she adores you and respects you. So yea date her… that’s girl that doesn’t care for money.

  16. Well people different but jealousy is not ride of it unless you know both of you well know how to contented… Iys opinion only not and avid fan. Ciao

  17. Bruce , it is just like stealing items, if you have bread and I don't, I am going to try and steal your bread! Filipinas don't want Bruce, they want what Bruce can provide.

  18. Ya ,we can't deny that jealous is on our way ,will am just got married last August 2,2018 to a block man from the North Carolina he is a pastor,we just meet last July 29,2018 and he proposed me same date sad to say he going back to North Carolina for work last August 4,2018 .even we married already am totally jealous I don't why ,this is not happening to me before coz I have 3 kids but I not married to the Father of my kids. One thing why mostly philippina jealous for me , distance,time,and those x .maybe also the culture ,coz we know her in the Philippines if we talking about those x girlfriend or x boyfriend that we have before her in Philippines we stop communicated those x we have but some of the country if they talking about x it they still friends ….I trust my husband , that why am still learning the culture not to be jealous ,coz am greafull coz he married me. ..that the reality

  19. I've just started dating a filipina and she can be jealous, nothing too wild, but I remember she has mentioned a couple of people in her life who have been cheated on, so I just didn't realise it was a bit of a cultural issue. Makes a bit more sense now, and now I know a bit more about it, it helps me to understand it, thanks for the video, it's really helpful.

  20. do Philippines girls love black guys coz I m dating a Philippine girl sometimes I feel like she just using me or maybe she wants me just because of my money I don't know so please can you like give me when it comes these girl

  21. This is so true. My wife’s best friend tried to steal me away from my wife. She wanted to meet with me secretly and I told my wife. She was shocked and she has never talked to her friend again.

    My wife told me from the very beginning when her aunt set us up to meet, that she was a very jealous woman because of how two men had treated her. She is much better now. It did take doing exactly what you said Bruce and Yuri to win her confidence in me and my total love for her. I love my wife with all of my heart and I feel blessed to have her in my life! Thanks for this wonderful topic to discuss! Love you two very much!

  22. 🤣🤣🤣a lot of comments here are funny jealousy has nothing to with nationality ,women in general are insecure whether they are the most beautiful or not ,others are just expressive of their jealousy ,others they just keep it to themselves that's why men should always reassure their partners that they are loved not only by saying it but also by showing it & also a lot of filipinas have been cheated on by their ex's filipino bf so bad experience is one of the factors

  23. Competition mentality , not satisfied to them self and what they have can’t caused of negative Jealousy …. its mostly happened in different countries not only in the Philippines 🇵🇭… mostly women….. o

  24. 2yrs vloger walang subscribers paano te sama kc ugali mo.mga content mo basura katulad ng pagkatao mo.makarma karin ulol ka.akala mo gwapo yang asawa mong negro ewwww.mukhang iwan katulad mo mukhang eskwater….go to hell yuri you are idiot you are stupid you are disgusting Filipina.nakakahiya ka.ayusin mo muna English mo bago ka pumona sa iba.

  25. Why is jealouy such a big issue with some people ? My filipina is very jealous, and that actually flatters me. It tells me she loves me and is vested in me. I also hear people say " Don't ever discuss your past relationships " When I started the relationship with my Filipina, I wanted to know about her past relationships….it helps me understand who she is and why, and what not to say or do. WE have a VERY strong relationship and love each other immensely.

  26. I can only tell you my personal experience…. I did Talk to several Filipinos on a dating site….. Never promised anybody anything… Yes I did you live messenger a few times with the few of them…. Then I met a wonderful Filipina… That I want to meet in person… And I did go to the Philippines to see her… For a month…. One of the previous filipinas… Happens to know her family… It is very jealous… The I want to see one of her family's friend… Bruce will understand this one…. One of them is acting very much like a snake in the grass… And keep on reappearing in all parts of my… Social media… Through many of her family members…. I believe I have stopped at all.. But now God only knows.. Remember this all happened the Philippines… Yes I will Expat shortly in the Philippines… This My 2nd time being nowIn the Philippines…. This is not my 1st time believing overseas… Or outside the USA… For long periods of time..

  27. Thanks guys for your videos, they are truly amazing and informative. How do I get to contact you? Any email address or website, I have a question that is bothering me.

  28. This is the big problem of my husband with me😅😅😅 im so moody and always jealous, but still i really trust amd love my husband so much,i dont want him with someone else cox i want to takecare of him ., coz more of pinay really want money only

  29. Bruce, always bear in mind that the girls in the Philippines are basically, POOR! They will steal your everything if you are not in the family. But you know this.

  30. Jealousy is usually the result of low self esteem, lack of self confidence, or an inferiority complex! And as strange as it may sound that can be a good thing, because self pride is not a good thing, it leads to thinking that you are better than everyone else and is a main cause of a break-up or divorce! God said we are to be humble and not to think too much of ourselves!

    You mind your own business and reassure one another as God said a man should love and cherish his wife and a wife should honor and obey her husband, and God hates divorce and adulterers! If you both serve God then there are no worries!

  31. Every time she makes jealous comments I'd tell her you are God's perfect gift to me and I am not going to break your heart of make God angry, you are stuck with me forever!

  32. The question regarding jealousy is universal among men and women regardless of nationality or ethic background.

    Jealousy is an evil spirit that attaches itself to a willing participant.

  33. that's crazy I have never met a filipina woman before to ne honest im kinda curious what it is like

  34. My Filipina girlfriend likes to make me jealous. She said it’s common in the culture to make their guy jealous so he gets mad. It shows he loves her? Anyone else experience this? She posts sexy bikini pics on fb, or try other things like not tell me what she’s up to. We are in a LDR. Curious to hear other’s thoughts thanks

  35. This is really fascinating. In my culture, cheating is seen like drunk driving: if somebody is doing it, the social circle around them lowers their opinion about that person’s self-control and slowly treats them like a loose cannon. when my culture discovers a person being really adulterous: they lose a lot of friends. People really fear the label ‘cheater’ where I’m from. Point is: i had no idea Filipino jealousy was this way, and it makes total sense!!

  36. Yes it happened to me also bro, I was dating this pinay and we had a group chat most of the girls would try to come off as friends want in private they will let me know that they really want me so when everything hit the fan I was the blame for breaking up friendships with the friends

  37. This is what i always say to my boyfriend, i don't know maybe he was just too liberated coz he lives in florida. He is black too, big fan here

  38. Stop explaining Yuri your name stand for pulubi in Tagalog 🤣😭😰😂😩 nilalait mo kapwa pinay mo Sa isang Video mo you’re so stupid and ugly face ! 😭😩 proud ka nakapag asawa ka ng Negro eh patas kayo Negra ka nman ! The way you pronounce Yuri you’re abnormal person you have no right to explain squatter attitude! Bunganga mo amoy Imburnal! 😰😭😂🤣😩 pa English English ka pa ? Wla ka nmang pinag aralan Manang ! Laitin mo pa kapwa pinay pg uwi mo Sa pinas daming sasampal sayo tang ina mo ! 😭🤣😂😩😳 naiinggit ka Lang Sa ibang pinay nakapag asawa ng Puti at bata na Foreigner Ikaw kawawa kasi negro napangasawa mo ! Bagay nman kayo parehas kayo Ma itim wag kang sobrang mangarap mukha kang buwaya! 😂🤣😭😩😳

  39. It is easier to have empathy when you have some idea what's going on in her head… Thanks for the insight!

  40. I learnt something here. That you can actually support a woman who feels this way. Normally I'm too busy defending myself.

  41. Yes perhaps for some yes but my jealousy comes from your my 4 time divorcee husband who has wandering eyes 😂. He will turn his neck to any woman like its a disease and that makes me real insecure coz no matter how i dress and carry myself haha he's just a dog.

  42. Thank you. I have met a wonderful Filipina woman and am learning Hiligaynon. I am so grateful. She is extremely jealous. This is helpful. Many blessings to both of you.

  43. As my last Filipina Girlfriend used to commonly say – " It's not that I don't trust you, I don't trust other Filipina Women". I must admit, that even when we were out together, Filipina Girls would approach me and give me paper with their names and numbers on them right in front of my Girlfriend!!! Even though I did nothing to encourage these situations, I would end up receiving my Girlfriend's "Jealousy" later. it's all about the "Competition" because Pinay women are probably the most competitive women around. Also, direct opportunity to encounter Western Men face to face is actually quite limited. Online is online but Face to face is Paramount for opportunity.

  44. Thank you for your video. I have learnt a lot from listening to you both. Thank you again. i would love to find a Filipina wife.

  45. Hey guys. I’m a huge fan of your videos. They helped me out a lot. My fiancé and I are going The the process now of getting the K-1. Oh I definitely get the jealousy thing. When I visited her family in Wason, every Filipina I encountered would try to flirt with me. It was crazy and she would get so mad at them. Obviously I only had eyes for my babe but I could feel how badly she’d feel if a younger pina came near and tried to flirt with me. She’d later on even ask me why would I want to date her when she was so “fat” and had a child. It got really bad when a Japanese woman who was on vacation happened to go to the same beach as us and she had all the guys there drooling over her. But I didn’t look at her at all, put my arm around my babe, kissed her cheek and said “I prefer my filopina”. She always so hard on herself and I don’t know why. She’s beautiful, kind, strong, was a marine for God’s sake and she traveled the world. And yet she thinks I’m too good for her? She’s so much braver than me, and so hard working. It breaks my heart to think she could ever think of herself as less. As I told her. “Yeah those other girls liked me. So what. They like my skin. They don’t like me. Most of them wouldn’t stay with me knowing I’m poor and disabled. And most of them have never done what you have. And none of them are you babe”. I love her so much and she loves me. But I can see that jealousy for sure. Just wish she didn’t put herself down so much.

  46. Im Filipina (but raised in Australia) and have been surrounded by extreme jealousy from other women to the point of years of stalking and attacks. I for one, do WHAT I MUST to protect what’s mine, lolz. I think it’s a problem with all women, to be honest, no matter what ethnicity.

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