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Where Is The Cast of Married With Children Now?

Where Is The Cast of Married With Children Now?

Fox’s first primetime series, Married…with
Children, remains notable for both its risqué jokes and abrupt cancellation—as well as
delivering the fledgling FOX network a ratings hit. Have you wondered what the members of
the lovably low-class Bundy clan have been up to since they went off the air? Here’s
what they’re working on now. Ed O’Neill Since finding fame as curmudgeonly shoe salesman
Al Bundy, Ed O’Neill has had a pretty steady career. That isn’t to say he hasn’t suffered
through a few dry spells, though. O’Neill starred in a number of short-lived, obscure
projects after Married… with Children. Remember John from Cincinnati, Big Apple, or the 2003
relaunch of Dragnet? We don’t either. Things turned around in 2009, when he landed the
role of Jay Pritchett on ABC’s award-winning Modern Family. Aside from moving him into
a higher tax bracket in both his personal and fictional lives, this also means O’Neill
gets paid to pretend Sofia Vergara is his wife—a job most guys would do for free.
O’Neill has also found the time to earn a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu—not bad
for a guy who recently turned 70. Katey Sagal After ditching Peg Bundy’s giant red helmet
of hair, Sagal has worked pretty consistently. In addition to a long-running gig as the voice
of Leela on Matt Groening’s animated Futurama, Sagal starred in  8 Simple Rules. She then
went on to score a role on a little show about a group of motorcycle enthusiasts called Sons
of Anarchy. Sagal’s work as the vicious Anarchy matriarch Gemma Teller Morrow was a far cry
from her days as Peg; instead of scarfing down bonbons, she proved she was just as good
at kicking butt and taking names. Of course, the fact that she’s Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s
wife didn’t hurt her chances of nabbing the part, but she definitely made the most of
the opportunity. Sagal took home a Golden Globe and a Prism Award for the role, and
she only had to kill a few people to get there. Christina Applegate As lovable blonde bombshell Kelly Bundy, Applegate
was a fan favorite, but finding another hit series hasn’t been easy. Her first starring
sitcom role in NBC’s Jesse lasted only two seasons, and her next TV project, ABC’s Samantha
Who?, was canceled after two seasons as well. Her third shot at post-Married sitcom hit,
Up All Night, was also off the air after, you guessed it, two seasons. She’s continued
to work in film, co-starring in hits like The Sweetest Thing and the Anchorman movies,
but it hasn’t improved her television luck. All that professional turmoil is nothing compared
to the personal battle she faced in 1998, when Applegate discovered she had breast cancer.
Luckily, it was found in its early stages, and after a double mastectomy, she emerged
cancer free. David Faustino Bud Bundy proved to be the height of David
Faustino’s acting career. While he’s worked consistently, most of his gigs have been one-off
appearances, like his appearance in Entourage where he plays himself. On the other hand,
his voice acting career has been more prosperous. He’s lent his vocal talents to popular kid-focused
series like Winx Club and The Legend
of Korra. But the best thing about Faustino’s post-Married…with Children life, aside from
shedding that glorious mullet, is his ability to stay out of trouble. Unlike many former
child actors, Faustino hasn’t amassed a collection of mug shots. He does have one arrest for
marijuana possession in 2007, according to Fox News, but other than that, Faustino’s
been an angel. Maybe some of that good karma will pay off and his rumored Married…with
Children spinoff series will be a hit, unlike previous spin-off attempts. Amanda Bearse If it seems like Amanda Bearse, who played
Bundy neighbor Marcy Rhoades-D’arcy, disappeared from the TV, it’s because she pretty much
has. Since 2001, she’s only appeared in front of the camera only seven times. However, her
directing career’s taken off. She’s lent her camera talents to programs like Dharma & Greg,
MADtv, and the Rosie O’Donnell-produced The Big Gay Sketch Show. Off the set, Bearse revealed
some real-life animosity between her and her television adversary Ed O’Neill. When she
wed Carrie Schenken in 2010, O’Neill didn’t get an invite because Bearse feared he’d laugh
during the ceremony. After teasing her about her chicken legs for over a decade, what’d
he expect? Ted McGinley Known as much for his role on The Love Boat
as his work playing male bimbo Jefferson D’Arcy, Ted McGinley has worked consistently since
1997 without landing anything permanent. His most prominent role came courtesy of Hope
& Faith, which catapulted Kelly Ripa’s career…and no one else’s. In fact, many consider McGinley’s
series presence so lackluster that he’s been accused of carrying the “McGinley Curse,”
which claims that adding him to a show guarantees its cancellation. McGinley counters that accusation
by pointing out that many of the shows he’s appeared on lasted for several seasons after
he came aboard. We see your point, McGinley… but please, don’t audition for Game of Thrones. David Garrison Since gaining fame as Steve Rhodes, David
Garrison has continued to work in television from time to time, post-Married…with Children.
Garrison’s made dozens of one-off appearances on shows like Arliss, The West Wing, and The
Good Wife. However, his first love has always been the theater, to which he returned—and
it’s a good thing he did. In addition to appearing in Broadway productions of Bells Are Ringing
and The Visit, Garrison was part of the original cast of the hit Wicked, in which he played
the Wizard of Oz… and a very weird, off-Broadway Hannibal Lecter. Michael the dog Known to most as Buck, the Bundys’ self-preserving
Briard, Michael retired in 1995. As true fans know, Buck was replaced by Lucky, the Cocker
Spaniel possessed by Buck’s reincarnated spirit. Sadly, Michael actually died less than a year
after his final appearance in 1996, so he didn’t get to enjoy retirement for very long.
Michael was 92 in dog years when he passed. Even though that’s only 13 in human years,
it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he had a fuller life than most of us ever will… Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let
us know which TV show casts you’d like to catch up with…

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  1. What would be awesome is when Modern Family eventually does their last episode, have the last scene be Ed O'Neill waking up in bed next to Katey Sagal, a la "Newhart". The double take by Ed would be worth it.

  2. It's funny I hated that show but the actors are all real great ,,,, but that show was a bad role model for American and a bad influence to our youth ,,, it ain't cool to be lazy sluty stupid looser people ,,, it was funny though,,, Peggy suagal was awesome on s,o,a, which was wow off the hook bad ass biker bull shit ,,, but again I saw every one of them ,, we need better tv ,,, like mash or cheers lol lol lol

  3. 4:29 actually playing married with children now complete series on dvd to bad there's no blue ray version.

  4. Katie will always be my favorite and I also like her on the son's of A. But as pegg, she was sexy.

  5. The ENTIRE CAST WERE GREAT…Ex Happy Days alumnus Ted was an excellent replacement as: Marcy's second hubby. Being a replacement is hard to pull off.. Many t.v. shows have c r app3d. out after a replacement of a cast member. Marcy's first and second husbands were both GREAT characters in their own unique ways…..BTW whatever happened to kid character SE7EN aka the Jar Jar Binx of the Married with Children???????……Now that character was a bad addition to this great show.,

  6. AL Bundy had a short stint as a sex symbol of the nineties, all the hot chicks just could not resist Mr. Empty Pants!!!

  7. So where is the funniest black guy??? Do you see this red flag how stupid and racist you Americans people are ??? Even the stupid dog got credit amazing racism don't exist in America anymore huh???

  8. Yes. There was many gun shooting going on in massage parlors…. And many girls already has been shots way before I showed up in New York China town…. Who has been gun shots, it is lot older than I was…. At least older than I was…. Because they all have been delivered some kind of addresses….

  9. Won't be anything like it again! It was actually a Very, Very Funny show! Glad it is in syndication and available on DVD!

  10. I know where they are. They are at their house watching this stupid video here, that you posted about them.

  11. The whole crowd of today could never handle this show. They’ve ruined everything. When I wear my no ma’am shirt, all I get is disgusting looks from fat vicious cunts. I miss Al and I wish I could channel him sometimes to put these land whales into place.

  12. Shows like this wont be made again. Everyone will try and sue for having there feelings hurt…Now ill be sued for saying the truth…Great show though it really was.

  13. See…they took Buck the dog off the show…..hell that probably stressed him to death…dogs got feelings too

  14. I love shows with no conscience, no plot and not having the need to offend anyone or any group that didn't get to be in it. God bless post-gay America !!

  15. As long as whiny, touchy feely, insecure late millenials and generation z kids on this planet exist,there will never be another hilarious sitcom like this!

  16. Great Show. Al must have been out of his mind though because I would have been tapping Peggy's ass Non-Stop. She was a hot piece of ass and still is.

  17. Dam right there’s a difference between domistic abusers and counseling you’re not anybody else but urself on this planet if you’re broke don’t come at me

  18. I take nothing away from him O'Neill is a great actor he has talent👍 I wonder whatever happened to the people and that classic show Welcome Back Kotter it would be nice to know👍

  19. They completely left out Christina Applegate in don't tell Mom the babysitters dead… One of the best movies ever lol she also appearing in bad mom's as the stuck up snood president of the PTA

  20. Ty fałszywy prorok też al możesz by.ć tylko dużo ludi się tobą zaintersuje i masz we fi i wszystko wszyscy sprawdzą to jest proste jak pierdolldkwodwd

  21. You missed "Dead to Me" which starts Christina Applegate where she turns in a fantastic performance. Great show so far.

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