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Why Did a Gay Mormon Man Marry a Woman?

Why Did a Gay Mormon Man Marry a Woman?

this one recently did aid profile on
haiti a mormon man who has decided to live his life as a straight guy now these are your
closet his wife knows he’s gay he completely admits that he’s attracted to
men as opposed to women but he says that he loves this way
happily and that he’s not trying to force other people to live their lives the way he is now let’s watch at the video quickly and
then i’ll give you some of the squads hyatt genuinely love my wife networking failed defense anti-government opposite where your typical mormon family and we have three dea five daughters
anis six the vest for and testing is to the
mormon faith is such a huge preferably car writing about for prayer mr heston mormonism is incredibly important as a part of my life basic family father they have for this day thank you for our family remained in this case they had amma and and dot t_ so one thing that mister meraz different
than most is the fact that i am homosexual directors and marijuana recruiters are
one of her remarks it’s up to ten interesting story to say
the least but he says you know if you’re gay i mean their
proms and consulate in your life in either way so he really wanted to have children he
really wanted to stay true to his religion which is part of the reason why
he made his decision to marry a woman i’d just give you some more context into
what he’s going to i just find this entire case was really interesting that scan you know or what how do you feel when
you walk into a room of naked people naked men naked women what are you
attracted to he says the following i’ve never found a question the cuts in
the heart of the matter more effectively sellick everyone in this room took off
their clothes would you be turned on by the girls are
the guys might answer which i didn’t say out loud was unquestionably the guys and
it was unquestionably not the girls and that’s still is my cancer it’s really
not very complicated yes it is because it was especially in junior high school
management telling that to say that they still there is still the case disease involved
date reinstitute became a scintilla where
style being right now that might well he realized he was gay and he is likely why
aren’t i find myself attracted to girls what’s
going on at this so i think redwood completed by this that the first i think
it’s at also there’s a properly and in some ways business they said we say narrowed more recharge character is
everything don’t worry about being gay it does be more women go then become married in
and have this awesome lovely life begins level two great included in that awesome
lovely life is what he describes as a active robust sex life he has a slight he has a history so now uh… the second part though is that i
loved his honesty right it’s the so the fact that i can
stand is when the market’s partners of the world are
like women what what i’m told this trip and and the but interlude maybe will be
a little over a remarks fiber but larry pratt and i didn’t have a nor have i
ever been gate several times the male bathroom in use a kid and all their portugal
progressive entry now he’s not saying that he’s like
identity but i chose to do this and then at that point you you have to respect his decision to say
okay that’s which incident well i think you have to respect the decision that i’ve grown up makes
about how to lead to his own near and he’s not trying to convert
other people with a very careful in fact he urges in the blog posts that he wrote darker ran he says if you happen to me and let that
guy actually have those quotes because i think um… they were very powerful
political poorly gets about one action one and i mention what you said about
the sex life you know it’s how do you have sex with
someone that you’re not attracted to you any kind clarifies that for the readers
he says i will get into boring details of the
research here but basically when sex is done right and deepest level it’s about intimacy
the circumstances of our marriage allowed us to build a sexual
relationship that is based on everything partnership want in their sex life
intimacy communication genuine love and affection this has resulted in us having
a better sex life than most people i personally know most of whom are
straight to thinks about that number one in other
words i close my eyes and think about annual and focus on satellite read that
and i know i know that he doesn’t mean it that way but you want to be attracted to your
partner you want the last thing i know that last fades uh… in a marriage regardless of
whether or not you’re talking to the person well-liked as a one man to know that my
husband never really found the attractive and kind of forced himself to
be with me because he wanted kids and he wanted to stay tuned as we went in i wouldn’t be feeling that way and i’m not just his wife alice her
decision and you know they’re not trying to convert and there are a lot about and
how do you know she’s not closing her eyes and think about bob dole the production facilities as well is
that and but if they’re talking about it and
they’re honest about in their community i don’t have it sounds like that works
for them kuwait edge of the good part says is that they found the bond in
their connected to each other and they love each other and they clearly loved
their kids the kids here as happily is that overwhelmingly
oppressive lee religious home can be seen that that that that that seem
incredibly happy but but they’re here i don’t know what
example of an answer so i always but let me see which wells yeah it’s not in
terms of that you know this being used as propaganda acting up to see the
following uh… at one eighteen very clear that
what happened across that brings me profound drawing and that is the right path for me idoney
endorse this as the only path for somebody who is gay and religious i will
never ever judge somebody else’s path is being incorrect and i know many people
who have chosen different paths than myself if you know unless somebody who
is gay and l d s are christian your job is to love and nothing more let go of your impulse to correct them
or control that were propelled and down the path you think is right for them do
what you need to do to move past that involves do not condemned the choices
your loved ones make so you gotta do you still questionnaire
him credit for that that outlook is a good guy at bowling debate i think are having
internally in my head is whether any of it is wrong buddy type i think he is morrissey right really he doubts the
decision you want to make you want to have kids get free beautiful kids you
know he believes is religion is not my cup of tea but he cares about a deeply
i’m sure he does love his wife you know and in she might be his best
friend the subway celebrity dot he’s not asking very important critical questions
that anybody who’s emotionally honest reelection leon assassins idle ultimately i cannot believe this guy’s want him to be happy and i
want to family to be happy hope that goes without saying and i love that he made a point to say
don’t tried changed knew that this is a cessation he talked
about the mormon church the doctor the mormon church is true one of the key
doctors as the barrett freedom and a woman is ordained of god at the family
of central the creators pan for the eternal destiny of his children but that’s alright it might not know we
got a use for that but we’re not mormons so if i got it said but what he’s done
here is saying look if you’re trapped in this religious theocracy the denial you
are part of it is he’s found a way he is found one of six women in the
country god bless and will be like elmer a gay guy newsies my friend but that’s not what that is not what
ninety-nine point nine percent of the people in the world are looking for and by the way you could also have a
family while you’re getting you can deduct this amount that’s where i a and
again and so in that sense it also you know by saying that there were met
with the doctor deciding as a doctor that is bigoted against gay people that that’s the most important part in
that’s the thing we can ever get really quite thereon because it’s on the one hand this is an
respect my rosewood is on the other hand they don’t respect at day people’s
identity and and how they wanna live their life and also keep in mind that
he’s putting himself in a really difficult situation because the mormon
church still rejects an engaging or rejected i know i act that the defense is pastor
and maybe even the mormon church this is what is your uh… and they said it was
correct that there are members of the women church there are two are
supportive of him that will tell him looking day is not a synonym itself date passed on to say and do not
hesitate to use videos propaganda his immediate seem like the verdict today it’s ok you can make the choice to have
a straight line if you don’t well then it’s your fault but he still
deals of criticism within the church members are like your day cell revived so there’s that
feeling is that this happened over gay people if the dollar there’s the dahmer
mormons in this case around him and then there’s the slightly less dumb ones who say it’s okay to be given to cattle that’s the same sort of hideous hateful
oppressive ideology portraying thousands and hundreds of
thousands of gay kids across this country but is that body as you know
it’s a fun to be gay just don’t act on your both primal sexually insane and the other thing that i can’t bear
about this guy end this idea is that he mentions here any he says we have
several reasons for opening about this part of our lives first and foremost my
clinical work is a fair sticking in the direction of helping clients who struggle reconcile their sexual
orientation with their religion dot over right up to not there has to get out don’t see the
sky unqualified is a dangerous dangerous dangerous guy no one should go see this
guy for help you or would you like this we do not talk to other people about
making this choice ever ever ever any point doesn’t see my
he doesn’t seem like he’s trying to have forced people or convince people to live
the airline is one of these are probably energy isn’t that what is done that have
overlooked is a very advance one manages son that and it explain call it a mistake as he looks
like the early stages in america as a therapist as a fair birthdate but so we might have
my conclusion on this is that what if we’re just look at it in a bomb just hit
right al the reality is is probably bisexual right he says no but he says no but i mean i’m my guess
is on the specter was on a black-and-white issue of the spectrum is
probably twenty percent trade in eighty percent damning it bc
can soldier on in the inner cities and the
woman who is clearly very very close to write et cetera so and i wouldn’t judge
in that state government’s reliable okay but within the context as bad as
pointing out of the larger three the whole point of this paper is to say
if you’re gay it is a choice look at this guy’s see he made the choice that straight even though he deals k so
you can do the same thing in fact he’d give me therapy on how to do the savings
so surprised that you really feel president sexually spin you cook with a
straight white stuff and if you don’t you’re doing i think
that this will be you know those as propaganda by conservatives but considering the fact that it here on the
h one which is not an anti-gay network and they don’t have that type of agenda i don’t think that that’s what they’re
point was i think they’re pointless hey this is really interesting it’s
gonna get instant replay let’s talk about his story i don’t think that they
intend to use it as propaganda but i do agree that conservatives will
use that as propaganda so that’s dangerous i don’t know i know that i’m
not putting intense but v_h_-one before so it is i’d be really surprise it was a
basis somewhere by the mormon church i’d just don’t want this guy seeing other people have a clinical
environ like corrupt hardware store go through withdrawal we don’t do
anything else

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  1. As a gay man I have no problem with this guy. However, there has to be a well of harmful internalized homophobia that this guy tries to keep under control. I hope that this kind of learned self hate is brought to light in this series.

  2. There is one problem with this video, and that is that you haven't taken romantic attraction into consideration.

    He might be homoSEXUAL, but that doesn't mean he can FALL IN LOVE with men only. For exemple; he might be biromantic.

    You can have a loving relationship with someone you love that you're not sexually attracted too; Asexual people is a perfect example.

    Otherwise, great video ^u^

  3. Can you picture this guy doing therapy, telling every gay kid that comes to him to just marry a woman and bury their head in the sand? Fucked up.

  4. What bullshit. People through around terms like gay bisexual etc why is this guy with her. There is only one sexuality. Fluid.

  5. Ok, Ben sort of swung me too. I'm perfectly fine with gays getting into a straight marriage if the couple makes that choice on their own. But if he's a therapist, counseling people who desperately want to reconcile their sexual identity with their religion…that might get into muddy waters. The client will see that he's gay, Mormon, and happy in a marriage with a woman, and will want to try it out for him/herself.

  6. Because when he was young he was made to be ashamed of himself so to hide he gave into pressure and was stupid just as I was. I will never make that mistake again!!

  7. A lot of women in this world are single and there are a lot of men living alone. I live along and I don´t need sex. I am happy with my life. Who cares about me? so, the most important thing is to be happy.

  8. Talk about hate… who's hating who now? And who are you to judge his decision or my decision, or the decision of hundreds of men who do not want AND CHOOSE not to have sex with men? You're nobody to pass such judgment!

  9. I'm a lesbian…but growing up in religion has socially conditioned me to hate myself for crushes on them. That's why I can't stand it. People should be able to love who they wish, and whoever wants to stop that is an idiot.

  10. His original statement was SO defensive. He IS gay and he IS married to a woman and they TOTALLY have a great sex life!!!!!!

  11. maaybe, this guy was just anxious about being rejected from his family and friends, who're also cult members. i understand this, but still? is he really happy while having sex with a girl? i don't think so, mayb, he should leave his faith, divirce and have a happy live with a man and his children (who says, they can't live with him after his divorce?)

  12. It must be super painful for that guy. but while I may disagree with him I'll die defending his right to say and think the way he wants even though I disagree. and Frankly its not impossible for a gay man to love and respect his wife, she just may be the exception to the rule

  13. here is a video about married gay man,,just type MARRIED GAY CAN GET ATTRACTION FOR HIS WIFE' it is very usefulll video

  14. Cynk is totally right. You have to respect the CHOICES ppl make about their sex life. So if someone CHOOSES to be gay let them it's their choice. lol

  15. There you go the ABC of how to give yourself severe mental health illness and potentially destroy people's lives, step by step. A perfect guide …

  16. But also is that really fair to his,wife? in her mind how could she like she's enough knowing he prefers men?

  17. Muslims are more devout than christians. I am not saying this as a taunt, I am simply stating it as what I interpret as fact. Christianity went through a reform which gave room to secular ideologies. I am grateful for this, since I don't approve of any of the Abrahemitic religions.

  18. I don't think this has ever been used as propaganda in the Mormon church publicly, at least to my knowledge. But I do know that it does get used by some people. My own mother uses it to continually tell me the church's stance on being gay. So thank goodness the church doesn't use it, although I highly doubt they will, but it really IS scary that so many other people use this ONE guy's experience to generalize a whole community and what "should be done" to "fix it"

  19. Having been a mormon for many, many years I can tell ya this ain't some innocent story about a gay dude and his family. Mormons run a tight ship and this is about marketing. Anything public with mormons is always about marketing. Always an agenda always a motive to promote.

  20. At least he's honest about it with the wife. It's too bad the Mormon leaders aren't openly honest or he'd know all those "anti mormon" sites are just stating true history and he could know that his faith is based on half truths and lies. (As are all religions)

  21. Wait….so he's sucking D*ck with the same mouth he's kissing his wife with. While also being penitrated by some man, after he got done penitrating his wife!?
    Oh well. ..I guess his wife has excepted that he's a bisexual.
    Personally speaking, I wouldn't be able to handle all that!
    This woman has no problem sharing her husband with a man who's probably giving him more pleasure, than she ever could!…Lol

  22. I'll say this last point. While I love, and fight for my fellow citizens whom are gay. ..I really find it hard to accept bisexuals! These are people whom have no legion with either. They screw anything they find attractive! They seem to be so self absorbed! Like is all about their pleasure in life!
    This is just a personal opion in my idea of the Bi community .

  23. what conflicts me is that i don't know if this is truly HIS choice, or if it's the result of internalized homophobia. as a fellow gay person who grew up mormon (and loved the church deeply until i learned more about its history), i could very easily see the latter being the case

  24. As long as he DOESN'T feel the need to go outside of the marriage to fulfill his needs…. 'Cause whether with a man OR woman, CHEATING IS CHEATING!!!

  25. I have a friend who is a lesbian who is married to a man. In her case, she simply fell head over heels in love with a man and found herself sexually attracted to him AFTER she fell in love with him. She finds no other men sexually attractive, period.

    So it is possible for someone to fall in love with and marry someone of a sex different from the one they are attracted to in general (and no, that doesn't make them bisexual). It's all about truly being deeply in love with a person's soul and not their body.

    Edited to add that my friend is atheist, as is her husband.

  26. He's not saying it's a choice to be gay, he is saying it's a choice to live a straight life, most of the time. Some people are forced into it by the people around them.

  27. So is it similar to when an asexual person marries another? And they don't feel sexually attracted, but do romantically, but do sex for the benefit of their partner/abstain depending on the circumstances?

  28. They're now getting divorced and said in a blog: "… the post in which we sincerely apologize to every member of the LGBTQIA community."

  29. when Mormons say that they dont believe in gay marriage its not bigotry its just their believe its not a sin to be gay its just not apart of their religion to preform gay marriage thats it

  30. Fast forward to 2018 and Josh has both gotten a divorce and left the Mormon church. He’s still involved with his ex-wife and kids on a regular basis, but they decided that they both deserve better relationships.

  31. It's entirely possible that he fancies his wife. She might be the only woman on the planet who could appeal to him.

  32. I don't see the problem with it. That's his choice, it is his life. Y'all libs and conservatives are always trying to tell everyone what to do and frankly it's ridiculous

  33. Do they really believe in this stupidity? Your sexuality is determined by which pheromones you were attracted to. The Book of Mormon was put underneath a tree as a Prank. There is no such thing as love in a cult.

  34. Well, Elder McKinley, I think it's okay that you're having gay thoughts, just so long as you never act upon them.

  35. You know when you're in trouble when the only reaction to this news story is to start singing
    'Turn It Off'.

  36. It is weird but the guy is honest with his wife.. And the wife accepted it.. You got to give them credit for that!!

  37. When a person can sexually function either with a man or a woman; that person is bisexual. At the end is up to their own decision. And we should mind our own business. Like everyone is perfect right? pleaase.

  38. He's attracted to guys but he values his wife and children. He loves them. He loves his wife as a person, he isn't attracted to her.

  39. Wow, bonanza for the woman. She gets a thoughtful husband and a gay best friend, all in one. He probably even keeps the house better than she does.

  40. its all her problem i have 0 mercy for her .She marries a man who openly admits i am a homosexual lmao so she marries him .No the mormon church doesnt heal anything ,but Jesus foes

  41. another example od liberals who do not practice liberty -airheads who feel freedom of speech is only for them!

  42. I think that's very sad all religions say it's not right to be gay but how can you be true to yourself and understand yourself for who you are in love who you are being with somebody and loving somebody is what we're on Earth to enjoy each other's company so Mormons don't always have it all right

  43. I am Mormon and I feel sorry for that guy there's so many reasons why people commit suicide being Mormon and that is one of them they have the highest rating in Utah so sad man-made rules

  44. I don't f****n get it Leave the guy alone if he wants to live with his wife and loves her who are we to judge. This show is too Pro gay and Anti-Freedom.

  45. Religion, or not; how many people don't live this way, even today. they are out there, like it or not.
    I feel that this is complicated, to say the least. and, it's so very easy, to be bigoted against him; because his religion is an easy target for many; myself, very much included. the perception can change radically, for many; f it was primarily about sexuality; in this case, it's not…

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