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Why I Chose OCC | Orange Coast College Global Engagement Center

Why I Chose OCC | Orange Coast College Global Engagement Center

Why did I choose OCC Coming out of high
school I really have no idea which career path I wanted to follow and OCC
really gave me the chance to explore new classes and different possibilities I
have a diverse background and I needed to be in an environment where I could
surround myself with different people from different countries that experience
different cultures I wasn’t sure what I want to be in the future but OCC
has just a lot of classes that I can take and then experience myself and see
what’s one I like the most I chose OCC because I had three friends
that they study here before and they recommended me here because they told me
like it’s a very good program in academics and it’s like a very good
area OCC has really a strong academic base and wonderful faculty and wonderful
students here it prepares in a lot of ways students to the environment of a
four-year institution I feel like it might be a good way to stall it here and
then I can go ahead transfer to a really good University OCC has a very
high transfer rate was very good for supporting me to achieve my goal to
get into UC systems the transfer rate is really high in Orange County which is
number one the academics is very good so it’s a very good Community College to
transfer this year I’m transferring to UC San Diego I didn’t know what my major was
and it’s a very good cost benefit OCC was really really financially supporting
when you attend Community College the tuition is not as high as the tuition
in University so for the first two years you can save a lot of money OCC is a
good campus and actually a safe environment and really close to the
beach a lot of student clubs and super super international student friendly I
think the social life is very good I’ve made
a lot of friends and met many interesting new people both in my
classes and through different on-campus activities that I have participated in
the first thing I joined is ASOCC which is student government so I get to
volunteer in college life and then I get to be part of the advocacy community
I was a student senator making decisions about the budget making decisions about
policies that impact students I got a chance to attend a lot of student clubs
and that way I made a lot of good friends I think this is a perfect place
where you can expand your relationship with people and at the same time don’t
get stressed out too much with school work since the beaches right there
having the support of the global engagement center and having the support
of the employees in the Orange Coast College really helped me and supported
me to go through my college experience OCC will support you in many different
ways and all the cultural diversity we have will also change your perspective
over everything Welcome to OCC

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