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Will Eren Marry Mikasa in Anime? Will Levi Fall Next? | Attack on Titan Chapter 116 Prediction

Will Eren Marry Mikasa in Anime? Will Levi Fall Next? | Attack on Titan Chapter 116 Prediction

So what’s up guys Foxen here! Attack on Titan
chapter 116 almost there. Time for a quick prediction and hopes
video for the next chapter and by the way this will be a shorter video since
I’m traveling right now in Japan supposedly on vacation. Also if you do
enjoy these type of videos be sure I give a colossal and subscribe! So
let’s go ahead and get started your guys’s patreon and Twitter
questions will come later so first off let’s bring up Levi and by extension Hange
so in the last chapter we find out that Levi is still alive this case
missing two fingers at least just notice that this guy’s hand is most likely
busted he has that scarred up phase and potentially other body parts appears by
shrapnel the question is are there any other internal injuries normally you
could bet your ass off however this is a tacit einem where you got people flying
around on wires without any consequences now to mention Levon is this in hand
soldier think Captain America but plus plus but fortunately my should have this
other limitation which it’s just how many bodily fluids are inside of his
body I’ll talk about the rest off so how long has it been since a blast blew away
Levi’s away and then got found by Hein GA Fox group Thai Baht Hange where is
she about to go near the end of the last chapter Hange just grabbed Levi and
bolted into the river keep in mind that Hadji biased no transportation no
supplies very limited time and also there should be a limit to how far she
could carry Levites body by herself since she is Stovall not to mention the
fact that Levi is heavily injured assuming the above wouldn’t be any
problem at all kanji should have been able to build
some type of replacement vibranium claw or sword arm for Levi however because of
all those other issues that’s not currently an option
so right now hunter is gonna have to go to some type of Talon and maybe where
her story is located and since she’s knows where she’s at
however just given Levi’s condition that means both of these two will be out of
the story for a good chunk let’s say a week two weeks at the very minimum which
is why I’m wondering whether there’s gonna be a potential time-skip in other
words going a week or a month into the future next up let’s talk about the
Warriors first off Pieck. So last time Pieck freaking ambushed area and she
didn’t immediately shoot him in the head so that’s the main question why didn’t
Pieck shoot Eren’s brains and I picture there’s gonna be either a short
long conversation coming next chapter and for this this gives us various options.
here Pieck either eats Eren and gains four Titans which is on to say the least
possible scenario. Option two Eren eats Pieck and has one more titan into his
Titan collection. Next option Eren enters Pieck but doesn’t either or vice
versa Pieck somehow damages Eren but God knows why she will let him live
next option Pieck possibly turns to ever decide or Alize pretends to and then the
final option of course there could be some combination of all of the above
which results in Pieck managing to escape and then regroups with the other
warriors I got a feeling that something like this is gonna happen after some
short conversation I do expect this will give us some insight into whatever has
been planning all this time not to mention a gift Gabi even more
information about the whole situation who knows Pieck may even take Gabi and
then talk about the Warriors where is Reiner and the jaws Titan
previously he’s not Pieck within the walls either way then wall Sina or wall
rose meaning that if she’s back here in errors home talent he should have easily
met up with Reiner mr. John’s along the way in other words Reiner and the
Jonathan should be very very close by although if this isn’t the case the
water should be up to something something else far away and I know I
know at this point some of you will be screaming and hoping that they’re on
some rescue mission to help out Annie although this I highly doubt it assuming
the Warriors find out any location I’m not sure why they bother taking the risk
to get this +1 Titan on their side that’s been frozen for four years most
likely the female Titan wouldn’t be bad already and potentially even just go
rogue on her own and also just a really quick about an e since she’s technically
a warrior tech-talk e se llaman if at a companion is ending around chapter 138
chapter that goes by really just decreases her significance next up let’s
talk about rogue Eren what is this guy’s next move but of course I should
be setting up the closet I’d and rumbling or at least a demonstration
please please get that going when of hoping happens likes chapters that we
see some Marley advancing forces or some other war power approaching that’ll
definitely cause the Yeager brothers to speed up their schedule in the last
chapter before Pieck rudely interrupted everyone was having that conversation
with Gabi this right here was definitely showing some hints of errors true motive
unfortunately she interrupted so are you gonna possibly get this flashback to
Eren’s true motives I’m still waiting to get that Eren crew at flashback come
on this guy has to return something next I’m switching it up to the other
Yaeger brother what is Zeke’s next move and before them the thing is the clue
younger when he came out of the Titan was this only a cosmetic difference or
did the 13 year timeline resent I mean just think back to the other Titan guys
in their final year they looked Oh Dan even Zeke look like that a few chapters
ago now this guy looks like he’s freaking ready to hit up the gym the
question now is how would this influence Zeke now now that he knows there’s more
to this Titan stuff than he previously realized is this potentially gonna
change the explan going forward at all I think the biggest key to this will be
revealed when the two Jaeger brothers finally meet up which hopefully begins
the next chapter somehow and then the final topic I’ll bring up is the server
core in jail can we get some meaningful update to all these guys army
are you ready to smash Eren again and this time go all out because not how
about you are you ready to go full Ackerman on Eren’s Titan ass cuz
remember you’re officially in humanity’s strongest soldier now even if you don’t
even know it for the stallion come on dude use your horse powers to
accidentally trample flock in the distance or how about using your horse
stirrers to break the bars and then for Conan hmm
don’t die dude or maybe you do want to to join potato girl Sasha well hello
there coming to you live from somewhere in Tokyo a huge thank you to all Paige
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supporters so check out the link down below alright so first patreon question
not from teeth Smith who’s cider so yaku point on always seems like he’s on
paradise sign but see just following yellow nose orders oh yeah Capone so I
think that’s just something that I’ve been bringing up in the past few videos
ever since this guy introduced he seemed very
very close to Yelena then suddenly when he and then the turn on Paradise Island
or was it the other way around either way oh yeah coupon supposedly said that
he didn’t know yellow nose true intentions then even gave that back
short forget linen supposedly being super anti moly then
switching signs going into this more passive position so really just based on
the history we do know both of these characters I’m really not buying what oh
yeah coupon is selling I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy’s just playing the
long con waiting it out in other words he’s just pretending to be captured
himself and potentially gather information for Yelena or for the other
area koltes guy is next question uh from Kashmir Fox are we gonna see a tiny
shift or transformation in Chapter 116 for this I’m assuming you’re really
referring to errors try Titan and yes I definitely hope we do what has actually
been a few chapters or I guess we did have the beast type of transformation
during the Lee mindfully if you could actually call that a fight more like a
levite beatdown so now Lana’s chapter you just have the
super double agent Pieck that ambushed Eren if anything this would be the
perfect time to showcase a new era new Titan
so whatever comes out of that discussion if Pieck doesn’t turn to Eren’s side she’s
gonna have to turn into a Titan shifter to forgive me escape the question then
becomes is she gonna find Eren potentially or just run away because if
she does engage Eren. Eren’s gonna have to transform so really just for that
reason alone I hope she does attack Eren come on I want to see your new
attack war hammer founding Titan I got a feeling there’s not gonna be any change
at all to how he looks visually next what you’re not from infamous Chi one of
the ours our Pieck shooting Eren in him doing something similar to where Reiner
did back in the return of Shiganshina arc actually there’s pretty interesting
that you do brightness up at this point in the attack on titan story we’ve
actually seen Titan shifters survive some crazy abuse on their Titan bodies
we do have that infamous example Reiner back in the day and then fairly recently
you have Zeke Yaeger sort of hiding all those down their spears super close up
the thing about your question is that for this to actually happen Pieck will
have to shoot Eren presumably either in the heart or brain which is actually
something I don’t really see happening I do think Pieck may shoot Eren maybe in
the font in the arm and some other non vital spot really just to get her point
across but I’m thinking she’s not gonna go in for the kill shot at least
with a bullet next question up from winter do you think we’ll we’ll see you
Levi has some type of vision like to seek that in the pants so for this
question I’m assuming you’re asking is regarding Levi’s and this guy is part a
comment which to have some connection to the Titans in other words M being some
enhanced Titan like human soldiers the question then becomes does he say I’m
also want to give the Ackermann these type of Titan night visions for the
Ackermann that presumably should be from past acumen soldiers for this for now
I’m gonna say no I’m really not sure how much more II say Emma wants to expand on
the Ackermann history this could be a way of doing it but I’m assuming he’s
gonna do it in different ways potentially not even give the full
answer by the end of the attack a time series for the acraman specifically
right now it does seem like they do function like Titans and then all of
them are connected in some way although right now one appearing is that
all ackerman are connected but only to the Ackermann themselves in other words
they have this type of branching thing like a tree except that is completely
separated from the actual Titan shifters and the other L deems next you know from
sparked a cake D ding Mikasa Armin Konya and John was escaped something seems off
with that wall that John was looking at so these known the Surry core has been
deep in jail for a few chapters now the thing about this is that they do have
armor with them in other words right now they should be held somewhere deep
underground just to avoid any unnecessary Titan transformation so
while there is a chance these guys could probably escape whatever is behind the
walnut the stallion is looking at most likely it’s just a bunch of wall or more
stone since they should be underground so I’m still gonna go with my previous
idea that I mentioned that at some point the Jaeger brothers are gonna meet in
error by himself is gonna bring up the Surrey Court so they could watch his
little demonstration but who knows maybe the other words like Ryanair and the
John’s Titan will help these guys escape maybe they’re that desperate next
question up from valcrist deep thing rhino is shop this chapter so the next
chapter should have a very huge highlight on Pieck at that point I’m
pretty sure she’s gonna have a reference to what the other words are doing at the
very show them in one pan or two it’ll be really interesting if Pieck somehow
calls Reiner and then Reiner shows up also in disguise as one of the guard
soldiers who knows potentially you’re gonna have all the Titus in one room
that’ll be Pieck the jaws Titan armored Titan versus Eren in some small
location last question up from distract enemies its how you gonna make some body
parts for Levi we could call him the full metal Titan
wouldn’t that be the full metal Ackerman though if there weren’t any other issues
Hange would normally be able to make some extra body part or some metal
attachment for Levi unfortunately she’s not really in the position to do so
right now so unless serve some time skip maybe two weeks or a month which will
give Levi some time to recover fully or mostly and hide you some time to
actually build the frickin arm or middle attachment there may just not be any
time I know it’s potentially leave I may just duct tape this vibranium blade onto
his hand and use that next up getting into the Twitter questions
be sure to follow me on Twitter and tweet me a question for a chance for me
to answer your question to get a guarantee question in please do become a
patreon supporter link down below first Twitter question up from Johnny take
over I send a theory that Armand will be the one who get any out of the crystal
because he has a colossal tiny dam burst memories maybe he’ll be able to
communicate with her or give her some type of signal if he were to touch it do
you think this is possible so far this I’m pretty sure I’ve also
brought this up and it’s more like an idea or prediction or hope rather than a
theory also for the other thing you imagine when we already see Norman touch
the crystal so honestly at this point I think Armand has had plenty of time to
actually execute this plan if you could call it that I’m still gonna go with my
other idea that most likely if Annie does get out of the crystal it’ll have
some involvement from hitch that’s where water actually calls any to awaken I’m
gonna bet on either Eren or the jaws Titan the curse you’re not from drawer
the destro one do you think that Zeke’s cute the nature plan will come up
between Eren and Pieck for this it really depends on whether Eren wants to
actually be truthful with Pieck and also how long their conversation will be
right before Pieck showed up it looks like Eren was gonna drop some truths
for information to key a be so it really comes down to whether Eren wants to
convince Pieck over to his side Eren could go ahead and tell her what Zeke’s
true plan is then inform Pieck of some type of version of what his plan is
actually going to be in other words something that only differs from what
Zeke has been planning next or not from vibe Honda do you think the words might
be planning a Teemo with the Scouts Warren J under preventive rumbling and
maybe Pieck is just a distraction forever so they could easily complete their plan
and if they do so then they find Annie too. So for this question you’re
actually assuming that the warrior’s plan is to rescue the scams which I’m pretty
sure the scouts and orders teaming up in some fashion is a high possibility
although Pieck doing this just so the worst could rescue the scams for this
does Pieck or the Warriors even know about the Scout situation
I mean Pieck was playing sky and she’s now this under covered soldiers so
perhaps the thing about this is I’m not sure why the warriors would bother
wasting any time on the scallops if they could just take out Eren right here for
Pieck I mean forget about trying to talk to Eren
after she shanked the other guards she should instantly shot Eren in the
furqan head mechs we’re not from Anki do you think the Ackermann path is
connected to the founding titan path so this is actually something I brought up
a little bit earlier specifically about the Ackermann path right I’m thinking
that that’s separated from the failing Titan path another person when the
Eckerman were created that really just created their own line. Next question from
honey-lemon why do you think Gabi keeps freezing in front of Eren I heard a
theory that she might be an acraman and therefore freezes and from the fountain
Titan since they were originally programmed to obey the king and she
doesn’t have a host and it’s working on her so far this if this is actually a
theory I really don’t buy this at all one bit for one I really don’t think
they say Emma’s gonna randomly make someone in ackerman a secret Ackerman
and then there’s the other thing is in Gabi related to freaking Reiner brochure
that Reiner isn’t any Ackerman at all but to answer the first thing why does
got to keep on freezing up I mean she’s like a little twelve-year-old in front
of potentially the biggest threat in human existence at least right now her
reaction is completely normal keep in mind that Gabby did witness the
attack on Marley which had Eren as the main attacker so why does Gabby keep on
freezing up in front of Eren she’s just freaking scared out of her ass Mexico
she’s not from Uchiha do you think this will be the last arc
or a tacit ID and we’ll be continuing if continuing how would you like the story
to proceed so for this I don’t think this is the last arc they officially
announce that this is the final arc of attack untainted
the only question that remains is how exactly long will this arc be right now
it’s really looking like chapter 1 30 is a good stopping point
in other words counting this coming up chapter that’s 15 chapters left so could
you say I’m a potentially extend that I mean you say am I in the past
has mentioned that some events of the story he thought would take a chapter or
two he actually extended that a pretty sure he was referring through the stuff
packet Marley sat down the day it really just comes down to how long he say mom
wants to make this will they continue to take his time or does he just want to be
done with it which at this point I don’t blame him
next question uh from K attack on Titan is in his last arc so do you think when
it ends all questions we have about attack on Titan world would have been
answered so furthest I think it’s actually
something I have indirectly answered in the past by the time the attack at Ida
story is over I think we’re gonna get a lot of answers to some of the questions
we’ve been having at the same time I don’t think it’s AMS gonna completely
100% answer everything and other were some things will be lie there left vague
it really just left for the fans to interpret who knows the stuff about the
Ackermann may be one of those things or some other stuff like the Titan memory
stuff next question are from Ellis Burks do you believe in the Titan ability to
influence the past Eren Kruger linked with Mikasa and Armin if so do you reckon it could play a huge part in the next chapter say if
Eren decides to change his agreement with Zeke so while they’re Titans have
the power to influence the past I think in some forms this has been already
confirmed within the attack entire story the question that remains is to what
extent I mean can Eren now as the founding Thailand just sinews memories
to the path but actually contacting is younger self or even the original you
mirror I gotta believe there’s gonna be some restrictions to that otherwise it
really just becomes this Diane gate situation
oh this horrible situation happened why not just send your members to the past
and reset everything and try again who knows potentially when the Jaeger
brothers do meat instead of Eren’s trying to start the rumbling Eren is
instead gonna stand his memories to the Past that would be a nice surprise
next for sure from meas fangirl now this might be kind of far-fetched but what if
Pieck wants to know where Annie is this could be how Annie comes back into the
story alright so in any question so for this you already know my stands that I
do believe somehow hitch is gonna play a huge part in this specifically about
Pieck and the words wanting to know where any is so far you’ve really haven’t seen
Pieck have any strong connection with Annie and all of this really goes back
to some of the stuff I mentioned earlier which is why what the Warriors want to
potentially get this plus one Titan that may not even be bad already their main
priority should be to take out air not to try to find any that could come
after the big threat is resolved but actually depending on how long their
conversation is I want to be surprised at Pieck actually did ask somewhere in
there the location of Annie not as a main topic but just a throwaway question
micro she heard from Kevin do you think that one Eren and Zeke meeting we saw in
the previous chapter was it I mean Eren said he and Zeke talked and that seek me
so much and after his talk he knew Armand was saying Annie and his stuff on
Mikasa that one meeting couldn’t have been it right so far this I do believe
there should have been more I mean Eren was stationed at Marley for what a few
months during that time he could have visited the hospital multiple times or
who knows just keep on sending letters back and forth the other thing you
should consider about Eren is also the possibility that this guy is just either
lying or he somehow got access to the previous Titan memories and all the
stuff you mentioned about Zeke was actually not stuff he found out from him
but from the past Titan memories next question are from JJ’s with all the
changes in differences between the anime and manga is it possible to have
something like a ship become true in one but not the other like Eren emic honest
I’m not having one moment like a kiss or whatever in the manga but one gets added
somewhere in the anime so for this I don’t think something that drastic would
actually happen for the anime version. I mean right now we do know that Isayama is
working very closely with the attack on Titan studio in the production of the
attack on Titan anime so if you think about it if something drastic like that
were to happen they would have to get the okay from each I am which I’m really
not sure he wanted a drastic of a difference for the anime version
honestly the biggest change I could see for the anime version would be maybe
Eren hugging Mikasa or them holding hands or something small like that of
course this is assuming something way later like towards the end of the attack
of an anime send us say you know what recently Eren
did to Mikasa. On the flip side this question actually made me think back to
the ending of the attack a Titan in season 2 if he actually compared to the
manga to the anime version if the anime version they made it pretty clear that
Mikasa was going in for the kiss in their final death situation so who knows
maybe you can have something like that next question up from creation who’s
most likely to get killed off next kanji for the drastic scene and harboring Levi
due to injuries vlog by Eren for betraying him we know he’s gonna do it
Connie blinded by rage of losing so for this let me actually first bring
up Levi if in the next chapter we don’t get some drastic blunt loss death for
Levi I don’t think he’s gonna get killed off until maybe the end of the season
for Hange I’m actually now thinking she’s gonna make it till the very end
I mean Hajis already lost an eye she’s losing people left and right and
potentially they do still need this commander figure at the very end that
really only leaves lankan Kony and to be honest it really seems like 50/50 on who
died is next but I think the possibility is pretty high on both these two mechs
return our firm bassier could pixies be on Marlin cuz when Zeke shrieked
everyone felt that except for him for Pixies I thought specifically for him he
was one of the main ones that felt it I mean he would be one of the main canvas
to frickin drink the wine I don’t know am I wrong on this or am i recalling it
incorrectly next I should know from Pikachu polka do you think he say him I
might bring back Levi as a Titan shifter or will he just live him out of
the finale so so much as I do want an acumen to be injected with some Titan
juices I don’t see Levi becoming a Titan shifter maybe potentially among its
Titan as to whether he’s gonna be left out of the finale I mean so far he say
I’m not gonna have a Tyson size balls to kill Levi off so I’m thinking this guy
is gonna make a return for the finale potentially due to his injuries and be
taken out I suspect you’re not from OpCo now that we have more context who do you
think is a real father to a notorious baby probably Eren yeah so really based
on what we know so far it most likely is Eren I know they mentioned the thing
about that farmer guy potentially being the father but that was really from the
higher up military guys one with drunk so yeah put the chances of Eren being the
father had passed 50% next Archer know from random Andy Fenn what is the
possibility that Annie won’t get eaten even before she meets her father and
reckon saw if he is alive so we actually have seen that Annie’s father was alive
I’m pretty sure that he didn’t die in the attack on Marley
otherwise Isayama would have emphasized that but yeah the whole concept of Annie
age is dying before she even meets her father
this is Attack on Titan and sounds like a very Isayama thing to do so that’s
Annie actually survives this whole thing until the very end or unless her father
magically shows up on Island I don’t see these two meeting up final question up
from Simon about you Mary gathering all nine Titans in the chapter 115
discussion got me thinking if you watch North our ship Twitter you might
remember Cobb Booya could we see you more pure like
hungry I did and trying to gather only entitlements so yes I have seen people
bring up this Naruto situation that once all the night Titans are appearing the
original yumiya could resurface in some way I think I even talked about this in
past three videos the thing about this is that since Naruto has done that and
especially since the Horta has done it I really hope he same has noted that and
does not do anything like that I mean right now we’re getting all the
comparisons to code gears and some full metal alchemist comparisons if I’m
Gillian – I really don’t think we need a Tiger fighter to be compared to another
anime ending so no hopefully that does not happen anyway now to wrap everything
up if you do enjoy this videos do give a Colossal thumbs up and post down below if
you did make it to the very end I also do consider becoming a patreon supporter
I’m now doing this full-time so I do need more support from you guys go ahead
and post any predictions or hopes you have for the next attack on titan
chapter and i’ll see you guys later

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  28. Hey I have to seen aot since s3 and I'm trying to catch up but I'm just wanted to know is eren the bad guy now?

  29. So pieke shot eren in the head and people said eren dead i was like hes not dead he has 4 motherfucken titan powers do u kno how fast he will heal

  30. Just ship erin x mikasa I don't want levi x mikasa he is too older than her. He is like 34years and poor Mikasa is below 20

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