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Woman Believes Man’s Wife Is Getting In The Way Of Paternity Test (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Believes Man’s Wife Is Getting In The Way Of Paternity Test (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Percy Glen v. Gayle.
Thank you Jerome,
good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Percy, you’ve petitioned the court
for a paternity test. JUDGE LAKE: You’re here
to prove to Mr. Gayle
and his wife, that he is the father
of your 26-year-old daughter, Tedria Glen. Yes, Your Honor. You claim that you’ve spent
nearly $200,000 to raise your daughter
and he’s done nothing. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And now you feel
like he needs to pay. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Gayle, you claim, you weren’t there
for Ms. Glen, because you only found out,
she may be your child
when she was 15 years old. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And your
biggest fear is that your wife will
leave you if you’re
proven to be the father. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Percy… DEDRIA: Yes. …why do you think Mr. Gayle
is denying your daughter? Because of his wife. I don’t know why
she won’t let this man
be a man. And be with his children… Your Honor, my wife is… DEDRIA: …he needs to spend
time with his children. My wife doesn’t stop me
from seeing any of my kids. (SIGHS) Mr. Gayle,
that is so not true. Every time my daughter
calls him, it’s like, “Oh, I can’t
talk to you right now, “Tonya’s sitting right here.” ERNEST: Right. Because I don’t wanna
disrespect my wife. I mean, but that’s just… How would you
disrespect your wife? If I do that with my daughter, I can talk to her. This is your daughter! That, I knew that was
my daughter. It’s your daughter. I can talk, It’s your daughter. to her whenever
I please. Mr. Gayle, tell me,
were you all in
a committed relationship? It was committed,
we was seven years… Was no seven years… DEDRIA: How long
was it then? Like four or five years. DEDRIA: No, it wasn’t… When I got with her, she was 16 and I was 21. And then when I was 26
I was with my wife. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. When did you get married? What was the date that you
and Mrs. Gayle got married? I got married, February 23rd, 2002. Really? JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Tedria Glen. When is your birthday? October 9th, 1988. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Gayle,
you got married
in February of 2002, but how long were
you together before that? Fifteen years. Holla! Oh! So, if you were together
15 years, that would
put you… …way before…
You were together
with your wife, way before… Right, we broke up
a long time ago. (DEDRIA LAUGHS) We was still
sleeping together. ERNEST: We slept
together one time. We were sleeping together the whole time
you was with Tonya. No we weren’t. We slept
together one time, Your Honor. He’s still trying
to sleep with me. What? Whoa! Whoo! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) That’s cute. Um… DEDRIA: Don’t, don’t lie. Don’t lie! Don’t lie!
Don’t lie! Oh, my God… JUDGE LAKE: The bottom
line is… Do not lie! The bottom line is
sometime during
the relationship, whether you all were
off or on at the time, Ms. Glen was conceived, if you are her
biological father,
during that time. Well, she already had
somebody else tested. And they wasn’t the father. ERNEST: She said,
I’m the father, They wasn’t the father, so you was the other
possible father. But, if you had
somebody else tested, if I was the father,
you should just have
tested me first. Ms. Percy, that’s
a valid question. DEBRA: True, that’s true. If you really felt
he was the father, why wasn’t he
the first man tested? Because I didn’t wanna be
bothered with him. ERNEST: So, why you wanna be
bothering with me now? I don’t! Honestly, Your Honor… I don’t. Is you.
Ya’ll doing it. I’m not doing this. Then why are you here? TEDRIA: Can I say something? Yes, yes, yes,
absolutely Ms. Glen… Okay, when I was 19 years old. I didn’t even
wanna be here. I asked my brother
for Mr. Gayle’s number. When I asked my brother
for Mr. Gayle’s number, I called Mr. Gayle, and I initiated
a paternity test. I said, “You know,
I’ve been hearing all my life “that you’ve been my dad
and I look just like you. “Me and my brother
just look alike.” And, you know,
I’ve been hearing
all these rumors, but it’s like, at that time,
I felt like I was old enough
to find out for myself. So, when I called Mr. Gayle,
he was like, well, “Uh, I understand that
you wanna find out
who your dad is, “but you’re gonna have to
pay for the paternity test.” TONYA: Oh, my God! I didn’t, Your Honor. Which… Which… I would’ve been
fine with that. When I asked her, I said,
“Tell your mother, “and see if your mother
can go half with me,
on a paternity test.” Her mother never
got back to me. Never said anything. That was after the fact. That was just recently. That was just recently,
this past year. No, no, no. When he was like, “Oh,
you need to find out,
where you really come from.” Like as if I’m a charity case. DEDRIA: She’s not. Don’t come back like…
Ain’t nobody think
you are no charity case. For you to be like…
For you to say that… That’s your problem.
You did that. Ms. Percy, when you
got pregnant
did you say to Mr. Gayle, “I’m pregnant and I think
it’s your child”? No, I didn’t. JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t
tell him a thing? DEDRIA: No. My daughter was two,
this man came to my house, and my brother… We kept looking at Tedria…
We all kept looking
at Tedria, like,“She looking different,
she looking like
this man here,”
and I’m like…
He looked at her, and he was like,
“Oh, is that my daughter?” And I told him, I didn’t
say yes and I did not say no. I told him,
it’s a possibility. The first time I heard
of Tedria being mine, when she was 15
her mother called me… Oh, my God! I was there walking the street
in Long Beach and she said… Oh, my God! “You know,
Tedria is your baby.” And I laughed.
I thought she was playing. When my wife came home
I told her about the joke, my wife was serious,
so I stopped smiling. Oh, my God, that’s a lie. That’s the first time I knew. That’s such a lie. He knew way before
she was 15. Never. Knock it off! Yeah, you knock it off! You knock it off,
and let this man be
a father to his kids. That’s my husband.
I can say what I want to say. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You knock it off! This is my hus. I don’t care,
I don’t want your husband. That’s your problem. Chill out, baby. This is a game for you! This doesn’t help Tedria. No, it doesn’t. Hold on! Before you go off, Ms. Percy, this is what I am…
I’m thinking about you. It’s about me knowing
if this man is my daddy. DEDRIA: Yeah, that’s it. We’ve been talking
for this past year, and when I say,
when we be on the phone
it’s all laughs and giggles, and we talk like this
was meant to happen. TEDRIA: It’s come a time
to where every time
I get on the phone, she’s like, “Oh,
you’re on the phone
with your little friend.” Like as if I’m nothing. I’m somebody! I may not have had
a father but I’m somebody. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) TEDRIA: I don’t have
no problem with her. She’s laughing and giggling
like it’s a joke! And it’s not a joke!
(THUMPING FIST) Your kids grew up
with their father, I didn’t! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) She didn’t! Don’t be mad at me,
be mad at your mama! TEDRIA: Don’t sit here and act
like it’s my mama’s fault because I didn’t have a daddy
whether I was 15, whether I was two,
whether I was two months. You should have been
a woman and said, TEDRIA: “This girl don’t need
to grow up without a father.” JUDGE LAKE: All right,
all right, Ms. Gayle,
I wanna hear from you, ma’am. People have had a lot
to say about you today. TONYA: Yeah, I’m a villain. And, what I’m trying
to understand is, is your marriage on the line
depending on the results
of this test? It has been a problem. You know, during
our marriage, because he stepped out
and you know, he did… DEDRIA: She’s against him now. It’s not your turn,
you already talked, sweetie,
relax yourself. Let her have her chance
to speak, Ms. Percy. JUDGE LAKE: Let her speak. You know he did
do what he did. TEDRIA: Okay, but ya’ll
wasn’t married. Not your turn, sweetie. TEDRIA: But, ya’ll
wasn’t married. You’re right about that
but he was my man. Okay, learn something. Okay, what happened. After Ernest learned
that there’s a possibility
that could be his child… You know, he kind of denied it
for a minute, because, he knows, I’m not
playing a game. Yeah. TONYA: So, he went
back and forth, and I said, “You know,
tell me the truth, “because this is getting
ready to be a problem.” (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) TONYA: You know, he
went on and said, “Okay, “I did it.” So I said, “Okay, “you was there, so there’s
a great possibility “that you could be
her father.” TONYA: Because you was there. So why didn’t you
take the paternity test? How do you know what
I said, you don’t
live at my house. But look how
long it took. If he found out
when she was 15… You’re killing me
on about how long it took. We’re here because
you weren’t careful. TONYA: So don’t come
and go there… Don’t talk about me. No, I was careful. (INDISTINCT ARGUING) No, you worry
about your husband that wasn’t careful. He wasn’t either. You do, in fact, believe
there’s a possibility that Ms. Glen could be
your husband’s child? Because he was there. When you look at her
do you see a resemblance? Could you show her
the picture? She know, um… She trying to be funny. I have evidence, Your Honor. I don’t know. She looks
like her mother to me. Jerome, will you hand me
Ms. Glen’s evidence, please? She looks like her mother
to me, but that doesn’t mean
that’s not her father. The first piece of evidence,is a picture of you?TEDRIA:Me and Mr. Gayle.JUDGE LAKE:And, that’s
Mr. Gayle…
TEDRIA:Yep.…as children?Yep.And, you say there is
a definite resemblance? TEDRIA: Yep. TEDRIA: My nose, my lips,
where my mouth is,
my teeth,my eyebrows, my eyes…The way… Everything.And then now, this
is a more recent photo
of you now. TEDRIA: Yep. And you still feel like
you see a resemblance? Yep. Mr. Gayle, do you see
a resemblance? All I can see
is the DNA test. Whoa! Whoa!
That’s how you feel? When I sent him this picture
you said I look like you! Listen to what I’m saying. That’s crazy! That’s crazy, man!
Ya’ll are posers, I’m done. It don’t matter to me. Don’t worry about that. Even if it is, I’m just gonna leave
your life alone. Even if you are my daddy,
I’m gonna leave you alone. ERNEST: Okay. That’s why he doesn’t
have a relationship with my other son, because… Your other son? (ALL ARGUING) JUDGE LAKE: All right,
all right. I wanna know this,
do you really doubt that she’s your child,
or are you just fearful… ERNEST: There’s doubt. …of the effect it will have
on your marriage? No, I just know I was there. So I have to come get tested,
I cannot… I’m not
gonna just say… Claim a child,
and I don’t know if
she’s truly mine. ERNEST: I wasn’t with her. So, I don’t know
who she been with. Ms. Glen, why is this
so important to you today? Honestly, because… One, I grew up all my life
without a dad. I’ve had a stepfather,
he’s been there through
ups and downs, through thick and thin
and it’s just like,
when I see him, it’s like, I see me, and this
is the honest to God truth. And then on… I don’t know
if it’s a self-conscious thing or me hearing everybody
saying, “Oh, you look
just like Mr. Gayle.” “Oh, you and Ernest,
look alike.” My brother… And I don’t know
where I came from,
besides my mama. My mama always told me,
“I’m your mama, he ain’t
your daddy.” I was, I was there. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I took care all four of my children,
by myself. TEDRIA: I just want a father. And honestly, all these years, regardless of the situation
between Tonya and my mother, that’s between them, which is
all understandable, DEDRIA: I don’t have
nothing against this woman. But at the same time, it’s like, through everything
that I’ve heard,
it’s like I’m the problem. It’s like, I’m the one… DEDRIA:
But you’re not, Tedria. I know that.
I know that, but, if it’s not her
it’s somebody else, making me feel like
I’m not nothing. (SOBS) I belong here.
I’ve done… I’ve graduated high school
without a father, I’m in college,
I have four children, my kids don’t even know him. Whether he’s not
my dad or not. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) TEDRIA: This past year… This past year, I have grown
so much love for him, even when I was a child,
I would walk around,
my mom would say, “Oh, TEDRIA: “Mr. Gayle is coming
over…” To see my brother. And when he would come over
I would get excited, like as if he were
coming for me… DEDRIA: Like, if he was
coming for her. Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Mr. Gayle is coming… My brother. I have a son by him. JUDGE LAKE: But wait,
why wouldn’t he be coming
to see the both of you? ‘Cause I never knew. DEDRIA: He knew… ERNEST: ‘Cause I never knew. DEDRIA: He knew. If she’s my daughter,
then I can take on that role. Tonya runs your life, right? She runs it, whatever
Tonya says, goes. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on! TONYA: Ernest’s son stayed with us
for four years straight. DEDRIA: Excuse me? BOTH: Four years straight. Oh yeah, ’cause
he wouldn’t bring him
back home. Knock it off. I didn’t even know
he lived there. Four years straight. Okay, that’s fine though, that’s his son, he can
live with him for four years. Exactly! JUDGE LAKE: Okay. At the same time… He had clothes, I fed him
like he was mine. At the same time… I dressed him
like he was mine… JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
So family, family. Family, I’ve heard enough. We’re not going anywhere,
we’re not getting anywhere. We’re not getting anywhere. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) We’re not. JUDGE LAKE: We’re not
getting anywhere. This is the part
I’ve been waiting for. Ms. Percy, I am gonna
go to the results now. ERNEST: Hmm, thank you Lord. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE: I think
it’s time… Now, just to be clear,
you said during that time you had been intimate
with two men. And one has already
been tested. And the test proved
that he was not… Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: …Ms. Glen’s
father. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Gayle, is the other possible father. DEDRIA: Yes. The only other
possible father. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. This is crazy. You told me, you’re
gonna love me regardless… ERNEST: I did. You told me that you was gonna
be there… I did. I did say that. And then you’re gonna
brush your hand off at me
like I’m nothing? (CLICKS TONGUE) That’s bull… Ladies… Ladies and gentlemen,
if you would
like to take a seat… Ya’ll have done
too much to me and mine… If you would like to
take a seat for the reading
of the results, you’re more than welcome. I’m gonna sit down. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) In the case of,
Percy Glen v. Gayle.
JUDGE LAKE: When it comes to
26-year-old Tedria Glen, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Gayle, you are not her father. Hear me, boo, holler
at your girl, lets rock. ERNEST: What you talking? (CRYING) TONYA: Don’t cry. ERNEST: Yeah. I’m glad. ERNEST: Yeah. You glad. DEDRIA: Yes, I am. I’ve always been glad,
that’s why you never knew it. You thought, you was gonna
make me pay up. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Gayle. Mr. Gayle and Ms. Percy, I can’t hear anymore
of this. (TEDRIA CRYING) (GRUNTS) I wanted him
to be my daddy! Why though? ERNEST: Lord have mercy,
Lord have mercy! He don’t care.
He doesn’t care. (CRYING) I want to go hug her. You know. And tell her
it’s gonna be all right. ERNEST: I hate to hear
her crying like that. So do I. (GRUNTS) Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
this has been
an emotional day. Uh, we’re gonna take
a short break.
Court is in recess. JUDGE LAKE: I know,
that’s not what you
wanted to hear today, what you don’t know… He probably would’ve
left the courtroom. (SNIFFLES) The first thing he said was, “I feel really bad.” (CRYING) He says and he asked could he come give you a hug. (TEDRIA BAWLING) And I just told
him to give you a moment. TEDRIA: Now they can live
happily ever after. I don’t ever have to
worry about me. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
tell you something. Let me tell you something. One thing that
I know for certain… (SNIFFLES) …is, their actions have
no bearing on you, your life, your destiny, or your purpose. JUDGE LAKE: I watched you
stand out there,
and express yourself, your hopes, your
your fears, everything, and that took
a level of strength,
that quite frankly, Mr. Gayle and his
wife didn’t have today. And you know what? If you gotta cry for the next two weeks
to get it out, you just
do that. JUDGE LAKE: Look at me. You pick up the pieces, you put one foot
in front of the other… (SNIFFLES) …and you just
keep on stepping. (CRYING) JUDGE LAKE: I’m so sorry! Let me give you a hug. (SIGHS) (CRYING) I’m sorry. (CONTINUES CRYING)

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