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Woman Married Man 10 Years Younger (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Married Man 10 Years Younger (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hernandez v. Hernandez.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Hernandez, four years ago, you met
and then married your much younger but seemingly
perfect man. You say your estranged husband started denying you and your
now three-year-old daughter, Leighana, only after he found
another younger woman.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hernandez,
you claim that during
the marriage you often spent weeks at a time
on a fishing boat for work only to find out
upon returning home
that your wife had other men in and out
of your house while
you were at sea. You and your girlfriend are here to prove
Leighana is not yours,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so Ms. Hernandez… How is your husband’s
denial affecting you
and your daughter? It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard for me
to put my daughter
down to sleep, all she does is say
“Da-da, Da-da, Da-da,”
all day… JUDGE LAKE: How old is she? She’s three,
she’ll be four
in December. JUDGE LAKE: So she’s calling
for her daddy. KIMBERLY: Yes. All day, all the time. JUDGE LAKE:
But the man you believe is her biological father
is denying her? Yes. And so what are you
telling her? I don’t know
what to tell her,
Your Honor. Do you know that this
young child is calling out
for you, Mr. Hernandez? No, Your Honor. But you do not believe this is
your biological child? Yes, Your Honor. KIMBERLY: Look at her. Look at your
daughter. But you haven’t
been there in three years. All right, so pretty much,
this child is being at least emotionally abandoned.
There’s some need that she’s calling out for
and she’s getting no response. Yes, Your Honor. Now, in the court papers
you say you thought
you met the man of your dreams. He was a younger man
but you thought he was
the man of your dreams. How did you all even meet? I was at a friend
of mine’s house. Okay. He comes up
about an hour later walking up
to my friend’s house. Okay, so he came over
to your friend’s house? And you met him.
You all met. Did you immediately
hit it off? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Mr. Hernandez, you liked her,
she liked you, you all start a relationship. Yes. Later on, got married. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:All right.What?JORGE:Two years later.So you got married
two years later?
Yes.All right, so during
this time, you all
had a good relationship. How did it all go wrong? I kicked him out after
we had a big argument,
and then two days later, I told him that
I was pregnant
with my daughter. Mr. Hernandez,
what is your account? When we first got together,
before she got pregnant, before I found out
that she was pregnant, I was gone for two weeks. When I come back in,
I find out a week later, her family member tells me
that she’s pregnant. That’s not true. I was always out fishing and that’s when I found out
she was pregnant. JUDGE LAKE:
So when you were married, you still worked as
a commercial fisherman
and you wereout of town a lot.JORGE:Yes.Okay, so you work
in a different place, you come back.
What made you doubt?
What were you told? I was told that
her ex was in the bed. Someone told you
her ex was in your bed? JORGE: Yes. While you’re out fishing? Yes. Who told you that? A family member. A family member
of yours or hers? Mine. How would they know
who I had in my bed? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) They’ve seen him. Yeah, coming out
of the house because
you and him are friends. And you know
everything. That’s not her. Do you know that
he was at my house even when you were
there, too. I’m not talking about him. So now you believe that he is Leighana’s
biological father because you believe… Yes, Your Honor. …Ms. Hernandez was sleeping
with her ex while you were
out on this fishing boat. Yes. And she’s
even told me when we were separated
from the house that she had her ex
in the bed. Nope. That was a lie. She admitted she had
her ex in the bed? Yes, Your Honor. On the phone,
she told me that her ex
was in the bed. No. It is a lie. So why is your ex
even coming in and out
of the house, period, while
he’s at work? He goes there
to visit and talk
to my mother. I told my ex,
“Don’t come around.” I’ve been hearing that for
how many years? JORGE: Over five years? And so, at the point
you inform him you’re pregnant, you immediately don’t believe
this is your biological child,
Mr. Hernandez?Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So, then you admitthat this ex is coming
in and out of your house
frequently but you say
it’s to visit your mother? To visit my mother, yes. ‘Cause my mother
is like his mother. And my ex is young. You like ’em young, huh? KIMBERLY: Yes, I do. (LAUGHING IN AUDIENCE) Yes, I do. Okay. I know, that’s right,
say it loud and say it proud. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) As long as
they are of age. Listen… Wait,
when you tell him, was his initial reaction,
“Well, it’s not mine,
it’s your ex’s”? No, he was happy. Oh, really? He was happy. Were you happy when you
found out, Mr. Hernandez? JORGE:I was happy at first,
but then after the pregnancy,
at the hospital,
that is when…
JUDGE LAKE: After the birth
at the hospital? Yes, Your Honor. What happened
at the birth? Two family members
came to the hospital
and told me that’s not my kid. JUDGE LAKE:
Two family members of who? Her family members
or yours? Hers. Hers? Who? Your mother. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: Oh, wait… Because my mama
doesn’t like you. Okay, then. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So you get to the hospital to see the baby
you’ve been excited for and two family members
come up and tell you. “This is not your child”? Yes. This is news to me. You just finding
out today? KIMBERLY: Yes. No one in my family
have ever told me that
or came up to me and told me anything. What is interesting to me is in the court records, we have
the birth certificate.And on the birth certificateLeighana does not have
Mr. Hernandez’s last name.
KIMBERLY:No, she does not.JUDGE LAKE:But you do.KIMBERLY:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:He does…But she doesn’t?When I was
in the hospital
after I had her he wanted me
to name her
his last name. I didn’t want to. Just in case, something like this happened
and he denied her. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) There you go. Now that’s a first. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You didn’t
give your childher father’s last name…Just in case!…he says, “I’m gonna deny her.
I don’t think this is
my biological child.” But if you’re saying
you have absolutely
no reason for him to deny her, why would you not give her
her father’s last name? I didn’t want it to. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But… Especially when
you have it. I didn’t have it
at the time. I had my maiden name.
We were not married. Okay, so it was before
you were married, and… But still… You want her
to have your
last name. I literally
argued with her
at the hospital. No, you didn’t. Then why was I gonna
sign the paperwork
to do it for you on the birth certificate,
and you said no? So Mr. Hernandez, you believe
she kept your name off
that birth certificate because she knew
you weren’t
the biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Why did you sign it
when you knew I had put her last name
as “Lamont”? You shouldn’t
have signed it. But Ms. Hernandez, now you’re proving his case. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You say you know
for certain this is his biological child. You’ve been in tears
because she calls out
for her daddy, calls out for her daddy, and he is not there. But you just stated
in this courtroom that you didn’t give her
his last name because, just in case, he decided to deny her. Then he said, “I argued
with you and I said I wanted
to sign that birth certificate “because I wanted her
to have my last name,” and now you tell him,
“Well, you shouldn’t
have signed it, then.”But he is denying her
because he has doubts.
He came to the hospital
and two of your
family members
told him he wasn’t
the father. That’s not true, though. How do you know
it’s not true?
Did they deny it? Did you confront them
and they denied it? I didn’t know
who it was. But if you don’t know
who it was, how do you
know it didn’t happen? I don’t know. I don’t know why
he’s denying her because she looks
exactly like him when she was a baby,and now she
looks like me.
JORGE:Do I have blue eyes,
blond hair, and I’m white?
No, Your Honor.
I am Hispanic. Black hair
and brown eyes. KIMBERLY: All that’s from me.
From my side. Where’s the blond hair? My mother had
light hair, my aunt
had light hair. Okay. And my family
has been white. Ms. Hernandez, look. Let me just
cut to the chase. KIMBERLY: Yes. This testimony
you are giving
right now is faulty. Right? It is not adding
up to me and I need answers. I need to understand
from you… Is there any other
possible father
for your daughter besides Mr. Hernandez? No. Why are all of
these variables surrounding this child’s birth so shaky? And you and your actions play into his doubt. Not to mention, the fact that you are
denying that he was told that this child was not his
by two of your family members and yet,
in the next breath admitting you don’t
know who said it, you never heard
they said it until this moment. How can you deny
that something happened that you didn’t
even know happened? If they would have went up
to him and told him this, then they would have came
back to me and told me
that they said it. But no one did. Okay, so your point is,
if your family had a doubt so much so that they’re gonna
walk to up him and say, “This is not your child,” you believe they
would have said to you, “This is not his child.” Yes, correct. JORGE: Your Honor… Or do you think they were just telling him
“This is not your child,” because you’ve admitted
that some of your family
members didn’t like him? No. No, Your Honor. Every time we argued,
she says that
I’m not the father. That’s a lie.
I never once said that. She is the witness.
She heard it on the phone, she’s seen it
on text messages. Ms. Sandoval,
what have you heard? I have heard and read messages from her
and heard herself say “You’re not the father.
Sign over the rights
for the child.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) KIMBERLY: No. JORGE: And the other day… I did not say that. Before all this happened, she calls me and tells me
to sign over the rights. No, I asked you. Full name, to her. So wait, now wait. Your child is calling out
for her daddy and you
say this is her daddy but you call him and tell him
to sign over his rights? JORGE: And she sent
the text messages. He has not
his daughter or done anything
to be in her life since… Then how come… But he’s on
the birth certificate. KIMBERLY: Yes. So he is
the legal father. Yes. So you can get
child support. He’s on child support
since February, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I haven’t gotten a dime. All right, well,
he gonna have to
start paying. KIMBERLY: Yes, he is. When I got you a job… You did not
get me a job. Where? I got you a job
and you work one day and you quit. That’s bull. I had the job
for her… No, he didn’t. She worked one day
as a cashier and she quit. That’s bull. ‘Cause she said she
didn’t have money
for the… So your feeling,
Mr. Hernandez, is that
she was really just with you for you to provide
for her. Yes, Your Honor. And she wasn’t willing to help support or earn
financially in the relationship. Yes, Your Honor. So you also believe
that’s why she’s saying
you’re the biological father because she knows
you’re a provider. Yes. She knows
I’m making money. I’m working right now.
I’m supporting
my daughter and me. So I need your help. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s be clear. If you sign that
birth certificate you do, for the past
three years, you’ve had
a legal obligation to take care
of Leighana. I don’t care if you
think she’s yours, she might be yours,
she might not be yours… Once you execute
that birth certificate
and you acknowledge paternity you are legally responsible. So these arrears
that have incurred, they are yours.
They are your
responsibility. This courtroom is about
making sure that Leighana knows who her
biological father is and making sure
she’s able to be taken care of and provided for. That’s what
it’s about. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And I want you
to understand that. No matter what this result
is today, you’re still
on that birth certificate. Mr. Hernandez,
do you want to be
this child’s father or not? What are your hopes? JORGE: No, Your Honor. The reason being
is ’cause too many stories
that I’ve been hearing is that she’s been
with her ex and I’m just tired of it. Ms. Hernandez,
what are your hopes? I want him
to be in her life and support her
financially. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Mr. Hernandez, if you
find out that you are
her biological father, will you be in her life? If she is, then yes.
I will be. JUDGE LAKE: All right. I’m ready
to get the results. Jerome… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results
were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows… In the case of
Hernandez v. Hernandez,
when it comes to
three-year-old Leighana Lamont, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Hernandez, you… Are the father. Told you! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You are the father. I can see that
made you emotional. Do you feel a level
of remorse and regret because you’ve pretty much
missed three years of her life? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Right. KIMBERLY: She’s talking. She knows
her colors. You never called me. I’m not calling you? JUDGE LAKE:
No, we’re not doing this. What you’re not
gonna do is do this. Because the problem is
is that in the moment when he
finally saw your daughter as his child, his immediate reaction
was a level of emotion. I asked him, are you feeling
a level of regret
for not being there? He answered
affirmatively, yes. And you could just
not allow him the moment to take it in,
to soak it in, because it needed
to be about you. So now… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) He is understanding,
in this moment,
the mistake he has made. But you have got to
understand in this moment what you have
contributed to this. Because if you really
want him to be
a part of her life, you gotta make room
for him to do that. I do. Right? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Listen… And part of making
room for that,
Ms. Hernandez, is also taking
a pause sometimes. Right? Part of advocating and protecting
your daughter
means sometimes making room so that
her father can be
a part of her life without always
having to hear
your mouth. Right? (APPLAUDING) Now back to you,
Mr. Hernandez. It’s time for you
to make up for lost time. You’ve got your…
Is this your
girlfriend? Yes, Your Honor. Yes. Right, so you all
are in a relationship
but now you need to make some time to
focus on the relationship
with your daughter. Part of co-parenting
is understanding that
you gotta love your child more than you
can’t stand your ex. That’s it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Because you all
aren’t getting together,
aren’t getting along too well and he did this
and she did this,
and he did this and Leighana and I
don’t want to hear it. We have counseling
and resources for you both. I want you to take advantage
of it. I want you
to talk through it. I want you to figure out
how to start co-parenting. I want you to work out
a schedule, you’re already
on the birth certificate. You need
to start paying. You’re out on that
fishing boat, you catch
some extra fish for your child. Okay? Yes, Your Honor. All right. I wish you
the best of luck,
court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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